Fastway Parcel Delivery

Fastway parcels offer a courier service backed with the latest technology and parcel tracking facilities. Get a Fastway quote today!

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    Fastway are a franchise led courier network that operate in Ireland. Fastway parcel delivery prides itself on a cost-effective and reliable service. The company continues to invest in the latest computer technology and offers online parcel track and trace services. The company aims to be the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. They are a courier which we are proud to work with. At Parcel Delivery, we only advertise businesses which we know will provide our customers with a reliable and cost-effective service, and Fastway really step up to the mark.

    The company was established in New Zealand in 1983 and has grown globally through franchising to now operate in five countries around the world: New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Ireland and Northern Ireland. There are currently 250 franchise businesses across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    Fastway parcel delivery service now works with over 95,000 customers across the globe from small start-up, home-based businesses to large corporations. Current customers include everything from online retailers such as Littlewoods to electrical suppliers and wine merchants.

    How Fastway Parcel Delivery Works

    If you are a business looking for a reliable and timely service, it is possible to arrange designated pickup times with Fastway parcel delivery. This means you can save time by arranging for collections each day without having to remember to book them. This easy to use system is designed to free up more of your business’ time so you can focus on your customers. Your local courier will get to know you and your business, making the service efficient and reliable.

    If you are only looking for occasional deliveries, Fastway parcel delivery service offers a service known as Parcel Connect. This is ideal for a one off delivery, or if you only plan on sending less than 5 parcels per week. With this service you can arrange a pick up from any address or drop the parcel in to a number of in store pick up points. There is no need for a printer as they will attach their own label and the couriers can collect a parcel up to 30kg, which provides great ease and flexibility.

    Fastway couriers’ labelling systems enables businesses to keep the sending of a parcel completely paper-free, to save you time and money. If you are sending a large volume of parcels they also offer an electronic freight system.

    If you miss a parcel pick up slot you can contact your local Fastway couriers to arrange for a collection in the next delivery cycle. Fastway couriers run to a strict timetable, so in most cases are unable to nip back and collect a parcel.

    Fastway parcels offer a fantastic online track and trace facility, which starts as soon as a parcel is collected and finishes upon the upload of a delivery signature. If the intended recipient isn’t available, businesses have the choice of either leaving a calling card or authorising for the delivery to take place without a signature. The couriers use hand held scanners so that the parcel can be easily scanned at key points throughout the journey. All you need to track your parcel is your tracking number; it only takes a couple of minutes.

    Fastway parcel delivery can carry parcels up to a maximum weight of 30kg and a maximum length of 2m in Ireland and 1.5m when shipping over to mainland UK. The total size for shipments must be below 3 metres, you should measure the thickest width section and the height.

    Fastway do not carry any goods which could be considered dangerous, these include anything which is flammable, explosive, volatile or offensive. Fastway can accept perishable goods although it will be at the sender’s own risk as no insurance is included.

    All parcels sent through a Fastway parcel delivery service have limited liability coverage at no extra cost, although there are some conditions which apply. All Fastway parcels customers are able to claim the net cost to purchase or repair any items which have been lost or damaged while in the Fastway delivery network, this is up to a value of £1,500. There are a number of items which Fastway are unable to insure, these include: livestock, plants, second-hand car parts, perishables, cash, credit or debit cards, jewellery, tobacco products and any items which are irreplaceable.

    Why Choose Fastway Parcel Delivery?

    Fastway parcel delivery know the importance of getting to know their customers’ business, in order to provide a unique tailored service. They try to enhance the service the businesses provide by offering a great experience to your end customer and excellent capabilities.

    Through courier franchises, the individual business owners are provided with local knowledge at both delivery and pickups, which often gives their customers an unrivalled service. It is the franchise partners which give Fastway their greatest point of difference. The individual businesses are the foundation of every Fastway parcel delivery service – they employ talented people who care about their customers. It is because of this local knowledge and customer service that the business is going from strength to strength.

    All staff are provided with strict company training to ensure that they offer an excellent service to both the parcel senders and the end recipients. All staff are security checked and will arrive wearing a full corporate uniform, they will also display security photograph verification so that you know they are from Fastway parcels. It is important to be safe and professional, which is why all Fastway couriers and other employees are fully insured and the vehicles they drive are fully branded, clean and regularly serviced. Fastway ensure all employees are fully trained in parcel handling procedures to reduce the chance of any damage. If you do need to contact the courier to check a parcel’s status, they all carry mobile phones along with GPRS hand held scanners to ensure that the online tracking is up to date.

    The company have received a number of awards which recognise the service they provide to their customers and the delivery industry as a whole. The collection includes: Franchise of the Year and also the Best Business Growth Award. Both of these awards have been won numerous times, which shows the company’s commitment to growth and long-lasting business relationships.

    Fastway Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

    The company pride themselves on not keeping any potential charges hidden as they know how unexpected these can be to a business. They try to provide a budget priced service to help businesses improve their bottom line. Extras are included which many other couriers would charge for, such as no re-delivery fees, which in many cases could start to accumulate, especially when delivering to residential customers.

    Fastway try to ensure their pricing is as simple to understand as possible. There are no multiple weight breaks or complicated calculations and the pricing is designed to be completely transparent.

    Delivery prices start from around £15.00 and all collections take place between the convenient business hours of 9.00am and 5.30pm. A parcel delivery will take between 1 and 3 working days depending on whether the delivery is for either Ireland of mainland UK. Any orders placed with Fastway after 6pm will be collected 2 working days later, no collections are made on weekends and bank holidays.