How Will Technology Influence The Way We Send And Receive Parcels?

As technology continues to expand, its implementation within the parcel delivery process is becoming increasingly evident. Whether it is in the form of advanced tracking for your parcel or the collection of personal data and its management, courier services are beginning to embrace and challenge the use of new technologies – making parcel delivery better for you! Here, we’re taking a closer look at how technology is influencing the way we send and receive parcels.

Enhanced Tracking With Couriers

Technology has allowed for a minute-by-minute tracking, enabling the customer to identify exactly where their parcel is at every stage in the parcel delivery process. Not only is this highly beneficial for the customer, but it also enables businesses to identify the whereabouts of any parcel, which can help track down those that have been delayed. What’s more, by putting the customer’s mind at ease, it’s more likely that the customer will make another purchase via the courier service used. This can help ensure the business continues to thrive.


Technology has also helped to make the parcel delivery process far more efficient. With the inclusion of robots within the sorting houses and forklifts to help aid the warehouse staff the process is much more effective and can be completed in half the time. Not only does this help save time,  but it can contribute towards earning a higher profit too as less time is spent completing each order.

Cost Effective

Today, the parcel delivery process is more cost-effective than ever. With technology such as parcel scales providing a more accurate quote, couriers can ensure that they are making the most out of each delivery. This is important as it could lead to customers being under or overcharged or could have a profound effect on the operation of the business.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to making the process more cost-effective, technology can also help to make the process more environmentally friendly. Vans can be fitted with more cost-efficient engines helping to keep down the cost of fuel and helping to reduce the businesses overhead costs. This is therefore beneficial to the parcel delivery service as a whole as it helps to reduce the impact that they are having on the environment.

Advancements In Delivery Types

Technology is also helping to ensure that you have a multitude of delivery options to choose from. With many courier services already offering you next day and same day delivery, technology is allowing for experimentation to make the process even faster. In recent years, technology has allowed companies such as Amazon to delivery new delivery processes such as utilising the drone, which has the potential to eliminate the need for delivery drivers and dramatically reduce the risk of human error. However, this is only in the development stage and, as technology continues to expand, there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon.

Technology and its inclusion in the parcel delivery process are only helping to expand and create more opportunities, as well as improving the process as a whole. For more information on different parcel delivery options available to you refer to our Parcel Delivery homepage.