Send a Parcel to New Zealand

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    Sharing the same sovereign is just one part of the deep relationship between the UK and New Zealand. This goes back centuries, with immigration having a steady flow over many years. This has led to countless families and friends sharing links across the eleven thousand miles between the two countries.

    This means there are many parcels and consignments of British made goods shipping every day. It’s tempting to choose the most obvious parcel to New Zealand from the UK service. It may also be the most expensive. So, if you’re asking, “how can I find a cheap courier New Zealand service that’s good?”, this guide is for you. It includes tips on how to prepare items for UK to New Zealand parcel delivery. We can achieve this thanks to the latest technology and our partnerships with leading couriers. Finding cheap courier New Zealand services couldn’t be easier. This is despite the country location being 18,388 KM away. This is very close in the Pacific Islands to Australia, Fiji and Tonga.

    In little time, you can get your New Zealand delivery details sorted to suit your needs. All whilst keeping a highly affordable price. With the correct information, our online quick quote system matches companies to you. They all specialize in sending a parcel to New Zealand from the UK.

    It all starts here in the UK of course. Our experienced courier service to New Zealand offers you a convenient drop-off point near your UK address. This is a place to take your small or large parcel to New Zealand, ready for transport onward. However, some companies include door-to-door collection and delivery in their price. This allows for a very convenient courier service to New Zealand.

    You can pick a slot that suits you. Your parcel is then collected by a courier to New Zealand from the UK. Whether you live in a house in Hampshire, an apartment in Ambleside or a mansion in Mansfield. The same applies to workplaces. A courier service to New Zealand can be collected from your office, shop, factory or warehouse. Even the same day you book your New Zealand delivery, if you need a quick turnaround.

    Parcel Delivery UK to New Zealand

    Once your large or small parcel to New Zealand has been collected or dropped off, the item(s) you’re sending will be tracked. This is by our experienced couriers every step of the way.

    You’ll receive quotes from our instant comparison tool when searching for the cheapest parcel delivery to New Zealand. These will include the services of trained personnel based in New Zealand too. These are couriers with the same high customer care standards as their UK counterparts. However, they will also have local knowledge of New Zealand’s varied terrain.

    There is no address they can’t reach. From Kaitaia on North Island to Oban on Stewart Island. As well as to all the homes, sheep farms and businesses on the mainland in between. There’ll be a courier for your parcel delivery UK to New Zealand. Do you need commercial goods delivering to a company in Christchurch, or a shop in Wellington? That can be facilitated quickly and efficiently too!

    The same care can be applied to a Christmas present to Queenstown or family photos on their way to Auckland. So, whatever you need to send a parcel UK to New Zealand, you can trust our couriers.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To New Zealand

    The price to send a parcel by courier to New Zealand is influenced by the weight and size of your parcel. Also, how quickly you want it to arrive. Delivery by air costs more than shipping by sea.

    Nevertheless, the handy comparison tool we provide can find you a price that includes any bolt-on services you might need. This may include, for example, extra insurance for any valuable parcel contents. Alternatively, you may want to have a traceable signature system for your cheap parcel delivery to New Zealand. This can show the exact time your parcel arrived and who took receipt of it when you send a parcel to New Zealand.

    Here’s a handy tip; if you opt for signed delivery, give the recipient an estimate of delivery. This can make the delivery more streamlined and help your courier keep up their record of being on time.

    Do you need a price for multiple or regular parcel delivery UK to New Zealand? It’s possible to find preferential rates for this too, with our easy online system.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To New Zealand

    Using our quick system to find the cheapest parcel delivery to New Zealand from the UK is just part of the process. You’ll need to get your item(s) ready for the journey. Just a few simple steps can give your parcel to New Zealand the best chance of arriving undamaged and without delay.

    How Do You Send Goods or Gifts to New Zealand in the Safest Way?

    When you send a parcel via cheap courier to New Zealand, it’s important to double-check the address details. It may sound like common sense, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to leave off a crucial piece of information. This can cause a delay due to misspelling. That’s why you should always use the four-digit postcode. This helps to identify specific locations within New Zealand.

    As a good illustration of how important this is, there is a Main Street in Queenstown, Napier and Hamilton. Even the most efficient and technologically advanced parcel delivery service can struggle to find this New Zealand address if unclear. The postcode is the key to doing so. Add the address to your parcel delivery to New Zealand clearly, in a way that won’t smudge or rip off.

    If you’re sending clothes or other soft items to New Zealand, it’s possible to wrap them in multiple layers of strong plastic. This needs to be done tightly, in such a way that the covering can’t snag. However, most items for parcel to New Zealand delivery should be placed in an appropriately sized cardboard container. This should be a strong box or tube, that can stand up to the journey. Don’t be tempted to reduce costs by squeezing items or placing an item in a tight space. This can put too much pressure on the box seams.

    The box should have sufficient room for your items and some lightweight packaging materials around the sides. Pay particular attention to placing filling between items that may rub or bang together too. If some edges or protrusions are exposed, give them some extra padding.

    What Materials Are Best to Use When You Send a Parcel to New Zealand?

    Foam beads and peanuts, as well as bubble wrap, are light and were created just for this. However, for a more environmentally friendly or cheaper option, you could use shredded newspaper; not scrunched as this can be ineffectual. Popcorn can also make a good filler for smaller boxes as an alternative. Having your box full adds more resilience to the parcel from the outside too. It’s less likely for it to be dented or distorted during cheap courier to New Zealand.

    Seal your parcel or package properly with good quality tape and give it one last check. This is to check for any trailing pieces of tape or vulnerable loose areas.

    Many people find it handy to reuse boxes and cardboard tubes that have already protected a delivery of items. However, you should always remove or cover anything that identifies the previous delivery. This is to avoid any confusion. With the address carefully affixed, your New Zealand parcel delivery is ready to go.

    Using our comparison tool, you can be assured not only of cheap courier to New Zealand, but also excellent customer service. By using Parcel Delivery today, your gift, goods or personal items can be on their way to New Zealand in no time. Leaving you with peace of mind of its safe arrival. For more information, please browse the website or contact us directly.