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    There are many types of delivery services in Hampshire, bordered by Sussex and containing the city of Southampton, making it difficult to know where to begin. However, posting a parcel needn’t be a stressful and confusing process. Whether you are a commercial client who needs to rely upon a fast and efficient Hampshire delivery service, or a domestic customer wishing to send a parcel to a relative overseas, our price comparison will help you to easily find cheap delivery services to Hampshire, making Parcel Delivery the best place to go for courier comparisons.

    To help you prepare your parcel for delivery and to have the best chances of obtaining cheap delivery to Hampshire, we have put together a step by step guide to get you started:

    1. Efficiently package your items

    Begin preparing your parcel for delivery by efficiently packing your items. Individually wrap your items in protective packaging to prevent damage to them in transit. For valuable or fragile items use plastic bubble wrap before placing the items in a brand new cardboard box. Avoid reusing cardboard boxes as these are liable to damage during transit. Most cardboard boxes will have details of the maximum load on the outside to help you select the right box for your parcel. Place the items in the cardboard box and use polystyrene chips or scrunched up newspaper to secure the items in place and prevent movement during the delivery process. Always use parcel tape instead of domestic sellotape to seal the box shut.

    2. Accurately measure your parcel

    Once you have carefully packaged your items, you will need to measure the parcel. To help us find the most affordable Hampshire delivery service available, you must provide accurate measurements of the weight and dimensions of your entire parcel. Failing to do so may result in unexpected costs later on in the delivery process. If you are in doubt as to the exact measurements of your parcel, it is best to be generous with your allowances.

    If you are a commercial client wishing to send an invoice in your parcel, it is a good idea to attach the pro-forma to the outside of the box. Should customs need to inspect your parcel they can first check the pro-forma, potentially avoiding unnecessary disruption to your delivery.

    3. Choose your delivery service

    You are now ready to decide which Hampshire delivery service you wish to use. There are several factors that will determine the type of delivery service suitable for your parcel, including: the size of your parcel, the destination you are sending it to, whether you require any additional security for the items, and how long you have to send it.

    4. Create your posting label

    Once you have decided which cheap courier to Hampshire you wish to use, you can book and pay for your delivery, before printing your postage label. It is advisable to create two copies of your printing label, one for the outside of the box and an additional copy to place inside. If the copy on the outside of the box becomes illegible during the delivery process, a courier will be able to locate the destination address using the copy enclosed. If you do not have access to a printer, simply write the postage information on the side of the box using a marker pen.

    5. Send your parcel

    Your parcel is now ready for delivery. Your next step will depend upon the delivery process you have selected. You may need to wait for your local courier in Hampshire to come and collect your parcel, or take it to your nearest drop off point. There are plenty of drop off points which are easily accessible throughout Hampshire, and our couriers are available to collect your parcel at a time that is convenient to you. Once your parcel is on its way you will be able to keep up to date with the progress of the delivery using the tracking reference number provided, whether that be to local towns such as Alton or Southsea, or far-away counties such as Manchester.

    Parcel Delivery to Hampshire

    The cost you can expect to pay for cheap shipping to Hampshire will vary depending upon various factors, including: the size and value of the items you wish to post, the security required to cover the items for loss or damage, the destination address of the delivery, and the time frame you have to send it.

    Next day delivery

    If you need your Hampshire parcel delivery sooner rather than later, you should opt for next day delivery. This Hampshire parcel delivery service will ensure that your parcel arrives the following day. This service will cost more than a standard delivery but will ensure that some unusual items arrive promptly and in good condition.

    International delivery

    If you are looking to send a parcel to Hampshire then ignore the international delivery service, however, if you are looking to send to an overseas destination you will need to use an international delivery service in Hampshire. Before sending items outside the UK, you must check the local regulations of the destination country. Some items are restricted and prohibited from being sent to some international countries, so make sure you check this before deciding to send your parcel to avoid disappointment. The cost and process for cheap parcel delivery to Hampshire to another an international location may differ from country to country, but we will endeavour to find the most affordable and cost-effective method available to you.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to Hampshire

    If you are looking to send an unusual item, it could be difficult to package amongst your parcel delivery in Hampshire. We have listed some useful information regarding obtaining cheap delivery to Hampshire below to help get you started:

    Laptops and other electronic goods: To prepare electronic items for delivery, start by dismantling any removable parts such as USBs and power cables. Next, wrap each item individually in plastic bubble wrap or similar protective packaging. Place the items in a strong cardboard box and use polystyrene chips to prevent the items from moving during the delivery process.

    Before choosing to post electronic items, check whether or not the items are listed as restricted or prohibited. If you wish to send the items overseas, first make sure the destination country will accept the goods on arrival.

    Perishable food items/baked goods: Sending perishable food items such as baked goods can be a stressful process. You want to ensure the items arrive as fresh as the day they were made, so you should select a next day delivery service in Hampshire. Make sure the courier service you have selected will accept the items for delivery, some couriers will not accept perishable food items for delivery whilst others may choose to do so on a no-compensation basis. To prepare baked goods for delivery, wrap the items in cling film before placing them inside a sturdy cardboard box. Use additional protective packaging to prevent the items from moving around the box.

    Prohibited items are ones which couriers will not accept for delivery. Some examples include: animals, animal skins, ivory and fur, explosives and fireworks, currency of any kind – negotiable items such as stamps, payment cards and scratch cards.

    Restricted items are ones which couriers will accept to deliver on a no compensation basis. Examples of restricted items include: paintings and artwork, jewellery and watches, furniture and electrical goods.

    Finding a cheap parcel delivery to Hampshire is easier than ever with help from Parcel Delivery. We ensure that all of the information that you need to source a cheap courier to Hampshire is available. With some of the top cheap courier services to Hampshire on the market available, there are a great number of considerations that you will need to ensure that you have in mind before you send a parcel to Hampshire. All of these are listed above, so make sure that you take a read through our guide to find out more about cheap courier services to Hampshire. Use our online comparison tool to book cheap shipping to Hampshire today.