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    As one of the biggest shipping ports in the UK, Southampton is known for its parcel delivery. With cruise ships docking here and people visiting for holidays there are a number of local businesses. These businesses rely on Southampton couriers to deliver their parcels on time.

    In addition, there are multiple institutes in the area that rely on these delivery Southampton options. In addition to ports, there is an extensive rail and road network. This is great for parcel delivery as parcels can be delivered quickly.

    When sending a parcel, the cost is important. Not only can this stretch the budget, but the weight and size of the parcel can cause it to rise. To prevent the price rising too much you can limit the amount of free space. By leaving a 2 mm gap between the item and the edges of the box, you are limiting the amount of moment. Furthermore, you are leaving enough space to add inner packaging. Opting for bubble wrap and packing peanuts can fill this gap without adding additional weight.

    The weight of your parcel should be calculated in advance. If the package is light enough, you can use kitchen scales to calculate it. If the parcel is heavier, bathroom scales can be used to weight it. This can then be imputed online to ensure you get an accurate quote.

    When it comes to delivery options, there is a number that you can choose from. If you are looking to send an item quickly you may want to opt for a same day courier Southampton service. This will deliver your item on time without damage.

    Parcel Delivery To Southampton

    If your business is looking to send a parcel quickly as same day courier Southampton service may be needed. This will have your item delivered in a few hours. This is a popular choice for those with high- value items as they can be monitored at all times. But with a number of companies offering courier Southampton services, finding the right price is difficult.

    Therefore, comparing the prices of these courier Southampton services is advised as you will not be paying more. If Southampton couriers are too expensive, there is also the option of standard parcel delivery Southampton has to offer. When choosing standard delivery, it is important to consider the time scale. If you are limited on time a courier service Southampton delivery is advised, as this is faster. However, leaving yourself enough time for standard delivery will help to cut costs. With a number of delivery companies providing parcel delivery Southampton at affordable prices, finding the right price is difficult. Comparing prices from a number of couriers is important as this will ensure you are not overpaying.

    There are also a number of ports in this area allowing for international shipments. If you are planning on using this service, it will need to be organized in advance. If you are sending heavier items, then a pallet delivery will be needed to withstand the weight. This can then be shipped internationally with minimal damage.

    Useful Information To Know Before Sending A Parcel To Southampton

    Restricted And Prohibited Items

    When organizing your parcel delivery Southampton option, consider restricted & prohibited Items. These are items that couriers will not send or are only allowed to send a limited supply. Though there is a set list that couriers follow, there may be additional items added.

    Therefore, you should check this before to make sure your chosen courier service Southampton can send your item.

    When you have chosen your final delivery Southampton option, you should then begin to prepare the item for postage. When finding a box to place your item in, it is important it is new. A new box will be strong enough to hold the product and prevent damage.

    The item should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed within the box. If you are sending multiple items in one box, wrap them separately. When wrapped, you should then add additional packaging such as peanuts and air pockets. This will reduce the effect of any impact and prevent the box from breaking.

    Then it is important that you seal the box. Though Sellotape may work, depending on the weight of the parcel, packing tape is ideal. Packing tape can come in a number of thicknesses and can be used to form a waterproof seal. This should be applied to the seams both top and bottom of the box to ensure it cannot open during delivery. This tape can also be added to the corners to strengthen the box.

    In addition to traditional packing tape, there is the option of using fragile packing tape. This will indicate to the courier Southampton service to handle the item with care.

    This is placed on electrical products and glass as they need to be handled with care.

    When the item is packaged, you should then place the delivery address on the top. For a business, you will need to supply an invoice to the customer. This can be added to the top of the box in a plastic envelope. If you are sending a parcel to a loved one, the address should be on the top of the box. This should be in permanent marker to ensure it can be seen. This will then seep into the box and prevent it from running in wet weather.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we deliver you the best quotes for delivery Southampton services on offer. All you have to do is provide us with the weight and size of your parcel, and we will handle the rest. No matter the distance or delivery type, we will find you the best possible price every time.