Send a parcel to Sussex

Do you have a parcel that you need to send to Sussex? We can help at Parcel Delivery.


    When sending a parcel from your home, in Sussex you want to be sure it is in safe hands. This is where a number of Sussex courier services come in. With local knowledge of the area, they can have your parcel delivered as quickly as possible. Whether this is for a customer or a loved one a courier service West Sussex is one you can rely on.

    Wherever your parcel is heading to, it is important that your Sussex courier is a reliable one. With the reputation of your business relying on this, this will keep your customers happy. Though this is a must for businesses as well as individuals, it is important that it is affordable. With the right online comparison tool, you can track down the right price with ease.

    We have created this page, to help you ensure your delivery to Sussex is a success regardless of the delivery type that you choose. As soon as you find the right Sussex courier for you, you can begin to package your item.

    Parcel Delivery To Sussex

    When you have chosen the right courier, it is important to make sure your box is packaged. It is important to pick the box based on weight. If your parcel is light, you can get away with a single wall box. However, according to DHL box specification, a parcel over the weight of 10Kg should be in a double-walled box. This will make sure your item is protected during delivery. The box should be large enough to house the item and leave a gap for inner packaging.

    When choosing inner packaging it is best to avoid scrunched newspaper as this will not provide the protection you need. Alternatively, you should use packaging such as air pockets and packing peanuts as they provide protection without adding weight.

    If the item you are sending is fragile, it advised to wrap it in bubble wrap. This will add another layer of protection that will prevent it from becoming broken. When inner packaging has been added, it is important to seal the box. Brown packing tape is the common choice for many as the gum creates a bond with the cardboard. This will not lose its stick and can only be opened with a knife. If your item is fragile, there is also the option for fragile packing table. This has the word fragile in bright font to draw the attention of the courier.

    This will, therefore, make sure that the item is handled with care during delivery and will keep the box closed. This will benefit you in the long term as items cannot be stolen or damaged. When taping the box, it is important to do the seams on the top and bottom of the box as this will prevent the item from falling out of the bottom.

    Useful Information To Know When Sending A Parcel To Sussex

    As a small business, you will be required to provide an invoice when posting a parcel. This will need to be placed in a clear wallet and attached to the box. On top of this should be the delivery address. Alternatively, this can be written in permanent marker on the top of the box. If writing it by hand, it is important that the writing be clear and in a large font.

    When it comes to sending your parcel, finding the right price is vital. However, this can be difficult as there are a number of courier services. In addition to the number of services, there are also a number of variables that can affect the price such as:

    • The weight of the parcel
    • The height of the parcel
    • The distance you will be sending your parcel
    • The delivery type

    Because of this, it is therefore important to get a number of quotes for a variety of delivery types. This will allow you to choose a delivery option that works for your budget.

    In addition to these variables, it is important to look at prohibited items that a Sussex courier cannot send.  These are items such as:

    • Money
    • Compressed Gas
    • Furs
    • Meat Or Animal Product
    • Plants
    • Ink Or Toner
    • Seeds

    There are also some items that may be specific to your chosen courier. If you are unsure whether your courier service West Sussex will deliver the items, it may be worth contacting your chosen courier. This will then ensure that you are able to send your item without any issue.

    There are also a number of restricted items that some couriers will deliver but only in small amounts. Therefore, it is important to check the list before sending as there may be some cross over. If this is the case, it is important to contact your courier service west Sussex provider as they will provide you with information.

    In addition, there are also some items that may not be covered by any form of insurance when delivering. This can be expensive items such as electrical goods and priceless jewellery. If you find yourself delivering items such as this with a Sussex courier, insurance is recommended. This will make sure your items are covered in the event of accidental loss or theft. Though this is unlikely when using a Sussex courier, this could benefit you in the long term.

    If you find yourself stuck between a number of delivery types, it may be worth gaining a quote from both. By providing us with the most up to date information about your parcel, we can get you a quote quickly. We pride ourselves on finding the best price from one of our experienced couriers. This will allow you to send your parcel quickly, regardless of the location. Try our price comparison tool to get started organising your delivery to Sussex.