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    Dundee is located on Scotland‘s east coast, on the banks of the River Tay. The city has played a prominent role in Scottish history, with several noted voyages of discovery setting sail from the city in days gone by. Ships were also built here, with the famous RRS Discovery, the ship used by Robert Falcon Scott’s British National Antarctic Expedition of 1901. The vessel, the last three-masted wooden ship to be built in Britain, is now permanently docked in the city, and forms the centrepiece of a historical attraction based around the city’s contributions to maritime exploration.

    The city of Dundee has been associated with the whaling industry in the past, as well as for its magazine and newspaper publishing. There used to be a saying about Dundee that it was all about ‘jute, jam and journalism’. This was a reference to the way that weaving, preserve making and newspaper publishing played a key role in the city’s economy and identity. The city is home to DC Thompson & Son Ltd, one of Britain’s most iconic magazine and newspaper publishers. It is DC Thompson who publishes famous comics such as the Beano and the Dandy, amongst the 200 million or so newspapers, magazines and comics which it prints every year.

    Dundee is Scotland’s fourth largest city, with a population of just under 150,000. An economic hub for the Angus region, it also enjoys links with Fife, home to towns such as Cupar, Leven and Newburgh. Around 860,000 people live within an hour’s travel time of the city, with commuters using the city’s good road and rail links to travel to Dundee. The city has been compelled to move away from the heavy industry of its past, and financial companies such as HBOS, and retail companies such as Debenhams, are now among the city’s large employers. Several well-known video games companies are also based in the city, including Denki and Ruffian Games. Iconic video games company Rockstar North, famed for the Grand Theft Auto Series, was founded in Dundee as DMA Design.

    Here, we will take a closer look at parcel delivery in Dundee, and what kind of cheap courier services to Dundee are on offer in the city. We will offer a few tips on how to make sure parcels arrive at their destination correctly, and also how you can use a comparison site to find the best deal for cheap parcel delivery to Dundee.

    Parcel Delivery to Dundee

    There are a number of options when it comes to choosing a cheap courier to Dundee service for Dundee parcel delivery. The Royal Mail is probably the first thing that most people would think of when it comes to picking a service provider. Royal Mail prices do start at a very reasonable level, and a very basic parcel can usually be sent for under £5. Prices do vary considerably, though, with the size and shape of packages, as well as their weight, determining just how much an individual package will cost. At Parcel Delivery however, we aim to provide you with even better prices than what the Royal Mail can offer, with access to the best cheap parcel delivery to Dundee on the market, as a result of our long-standing relationships with our cheap courier services to Dundee. Sending an individual package with a cheap courier to Dundee is now cheap and simple.

    Of course, many business customers looking for parcel delivery in Dundee may need to send more than one package at a time. Consignment deliveries may be better handled by a specialised service provider, such as Hermes or DHL. There are many companies of this type in the UK who offer the kind of Dundee parcel delivery companies need. As with the Royal Mail, their prices vary depending on the size, shape and weight of parcels, as well as the ultimate destination of deliveries. Finding cheap delivery to Dundee is now easier than ever, with help from Parcel Delivery.

    Sending packages from overseas can also cost significantly more than sending parcels domestically. As well as the additional transportation costs which are accrued when it comes to making international deliveries, there are also more bureaucratic hurdles to be overcome. Customs authorities have paperwork and procedures which must be adhered to by carriers, and this adds to the time and costs of the administration process. While you may benefit from the cheap shipping to Dundee as a base rate, there are a number of additional fees that you will need to take into consideration when sending parcels from overseas using a cheap shipping to Dundee service.

    The costs of parcel delivery in Dundee can also be affected by the type of materials being transported. Obviously, sending fragile items such as cameras or computers will require special arrangements and packaging. So too will any foodstuffs which need to be transported, or other perishable items, such as flowers. Confidential packages, such as important legal documents, may also need additional security measures to be taken. All of this can increase the price of parcel delivery in Dundee, which is why it is a good idea to use a price comparison site such as ours to comb through all the deals available.

    Now, you can find the cheapest parcel delivery in Dundee options on the market, all in one place, without having to scour the web for hours on end. Simply use our online Dundee parcel delivery comparison tool today to find the best price from some of the UK’s most reputable couriers.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to Dundee

    When you are using the kind of cheap delivery to Dundee services we provide, there are a number of things that you need to think carefully about before sending a package. For starters, it is a good idea to obtain a quote for sending the parcel from several companies before you decide on which one to use. If the parcel is especially large, or contains fragile materials of some kind, then it is vital that you check a company can make proper provision before deciding to use their services. Most companies can now provide a quote online, allowing you to determine which courier offers the cheapest parcel delivery in Dundee for the service that you are looking for.

    An important part of preparing a parcel delivery in Dundee is making sure that it is packed properly. Again, this is particularly crucial if the package you want delivered is fragile or contains perishable items such as food. If you want to send a selection of Dundee jams home after a visit to the city, for example, then you need to take appropriate measures.

    Parcels need to be packed with appropriate padding materials if the contents are fragile. Bubblewrap, wood shavings and extra wrapping can all be used to make packages more secure. It also helps to clearly label a package as fragile too. A parcel goes through many pairs of hands on its journey to its ultimate destination. At every stage of its journey it is vitally important that it is identified and tracked correctly when you send a parcel to Dundee.

    If a parcel is to be tracked correctly, and treated appropriately for its contents, then it needs to be labelled and addressed properly. If the contents are fragile, the package needs to be clearly labelled as such. All address labels need to be completed accurately and correctly too. Overseas addresses can often look a little strange in their format, so paying close attention to every aspect when you send a parcel to Dundee as the address is crucial for a successful delivery.

    If you want confirmation that your parcel has arrived intact at its destination then it is important to select the right kind of service from the company that you have chosen. Some companies, such as the Royal Mail, provide specific ‘signed for’ and ‘tracking’ parcel delivery services, which confirm receipt and allow you to follow the progress your parcel makes on its journey. If you are sending confidential materials then opting for this kind of service is advisable.

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