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Are you looking to send a parcel in Fife, Scotland, in the cheapest, safest and most efficient way possible? Then you have come to the right place at Parcel Delivery, as we have all of the information on hand from various different cheap courier services to Fife to make sure you find the best, cheap parcel delivery to Fife. Take a look below to make your sending process for cheap delivery to Fife as straightforward as possible!

Arranging parcel delivery in Fife is simple, as it is part of the United Kingdom. Therefore, rules that apply in England and Wales, also apply in Fife. The Royal Mail operates in all of the Fife area for parcel delivery, and all of the major cheap courier services to Fife including UPS, Parcel Force, FedEx, TNT and DHL all send to and from Fife with affordable prices for cheap delivery to Fife to benefit you. Arranging cheap parcel delivery to Fife has never been easier, as our comparison tool here at Parcel Delivery helps to ensure that all of the information that you need from our cheap courier to Fife services is all in one place.

With our help, you can find a cheap courier to Fife quickly and easily.

Fife itself is a small, historic county in Scotland and is known within Scotland as the Kingdom of Fife. Its borders inland are formed by boundaries with Perth, Kinross and Clackmannashire. The area is home to Dunfermline and also St. Andrews, the beautiful historic town that is home to the prestigious St. Andrews University. The area itself is home to over 370,000 people and below we explain in detail how best to send parcels from the various areas within the region.

The services for sending parcels from Fife also include various options to accommodate different parcels. This is dependent on the size, weight, and shapes of your parcels, as we know that parcels come in a multitude of different shapes that aren’t just a standard square cardboard box. Our pages allow you to get the best prices, whatever you may be sending, guaranteeing you cheap parcel delivery in Fife.

We have a large range of companies listed below that are able to offer you the greatest amount of choice possible, as well as the biggest and highest rated Fife parcel delivery couriers. However, since Fife covers a large county area, covering almost 400,000 people, there is a huge amount of delivery offices to choose from, depending on your location within Fife itself. For example, the Royal Mail Delivery office in Kirkcaldy will offer competitive prices, which you will find below, and also the peace of mind of using one of the most reputable brands in the UK, which deals with the most deliveries.

Parcel Delivery to Fife

Prices will, of course, vary depending on the size, shape and the distance that you are going to be sending your parcel. Prices for Fife parcel delivery will also vary within Scotland, as because the isles in the north are particularly difficult to get to, you will need specific services and to allow different timing restrictions for these remote places.

For the majority of the postcodes in Scotland, prices for Fife parcel delivery won’t differ to those you would pay to send a parcel to Manchester, Cardiff, Coventry, Leeds or Bath, but as mentioned, there are of course some exceptions.

For parcels under the 10kg limit, there is the option to send your parcels at a lower price, as a few suppliers offer competitive prices around the £10 mark. However, as stated above, some Fife parcel delivery services may vary for parcels being sent to the highlands and outer islands of Scotland. For postcodes where normal services don’t apply, you can check the list provided below:

Scottish Highlands

IV3 – IV40, IV52 – IV54, IV63
KW1 – KW14
PA20 – PA40
PH19 – PH40, PH50

Scottish Islands

All HS (Western Isles)
IV41 – IV51, IV55 – IV56 (Skye)
KA27 (Arran), KA28 (Millport)
KW15 – KW17 (Orkney)
PA41 (Gigha), PA42-PA49 (Islay), PA60 (Jura), PA61 (Colonsay),
PA62 – PA76 (Mull), PA77 (Tiree), PA78 (Coll)
PH41 (Muck), PH42 (Eigg), PH43 (Rum), PH44 (Canna)
All ZE (Shetlands)

Using the Post Office as a guide, and ignoring the postcodes which have been stated above, prices for parcel delivery in Fife not exceeding 20kg and not over the sizes of 45cm x 35cm x 16cm are generally under the price of £5. This is just for next day delivery, however, and will also generally include compensation cover of up to £20. If you’re sending parcels via cheap parcel delivery in Fife that contain valuable goods, we recommend you either insure your goods, or pay an additional amount in order to include tracking and extra cover. If you choose 2nd class delivery on parcels the same size as those stated above, the price will of course be slightly lower, but you will have to compromise on delivery time as 2nd class parcels will take roughly 2-3 days to reach their intended destination.

Some couriers will also offer a collection service whereby they will come to you to pick up your parcel, but this will come at a premium price. For a standard sized parcel (30cmx30cmx30cm x 3kg) most couriers and parcel delivery in Fife services will offer next day delivery to mainland destinations within the British Isles, including the Isle of Wight. The cost for the cheapest parcel delivery in Fife service of this kind will normally be around £10.

There are a large range of cheap parcel delivery in Fife options throughout the Fife area, which include same day, next day, and also tracked delivery, and these parcel delivery services generally also offer the service of organising special delivery to suit your needs. Such services are offered at a competitive price, and at Parcel Delivery we aim to provide you with the cheapest parcel delivery to Fife on the market.

Additionally, it is important to bear in mind that there will likely be surcharges on any parcels delivered to the islands, due to the logistical difficulty of transportation across the sea. When looking to organise cheap shipping to Fife it is also important to consider the time frame in which you want to sell your parcel as well as how the weight and size of the parcel will affect the overall cost of your cheap shipping to Fife option. For a personalised quote on our cheap shipping to Fife options as well as our other services, try our price comparison tool today!

However, you will be able to get a quote on an individual case by case basis. All in all, the parcel delivery services listed on our site are concentrated with offering the most efficient, safe service so that you can deliver your parcel to your desired destination as quickly as possible.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to Fife

Sending a parcel in Fife doesn’t actually differ from sending parcels from elsewhere in the British Isles, but there are some things which are worthwhile remembering if you are sending a parcel in Fife. Due to Fife’s location in Scotland, all couriers offer differing services that are dependent on where exactly you are sending your parcel from. Services available and the price paid for them are dependent on whether you are sending your parcels to the mainland UK or to the highlands and islands in the north of Scotland. Prices to the Scottish Highlands start from £8.95 for parcels up to 25kg in weight and £9.65 for parcels that go up to 30kg in weight (not including VAT).

When using delivery couriers, each company will have their own collection and drop off location. If you need your parcel delivery service to collect the parcel themselves, you’ll no doubt find a collection point that is close to you. While Fife is a large area, there are a number of bigger towns such as Dunfermline, St. Andrews and Kirkcaldy, so you will be able to send a parcel to Fife easily from locations such as these. For larger parcels that you might struggle to carry, you need to consider how the size of the item/s you are sending might affect the price of parcel delivery, as well as looking into the possibility of the collection of your parcel from your home. All major couriers will cater for customer requirements such as this throughout Fife, and with our comprehensive service, we will make sure you get the cheapest parcel delivery options available to you.

We offer as many options as possible to ensure cheap parcel delivery to Fife for you. Please browse our site further to access the delivery options available to you in Fife – you’re sure to find a service that matches your needs when you look to send a parcel to Fife today!