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    Dorset Couriers

    A holiday hotspot on the south west coast of England, Dorset truly is an idyllic charm. It’s home to the picturesque views of the Jurassic Coast and popular beaches leading to the English Channel. Tourists flock to the county every year and many businesses in the area thrive by welcoming visitors. There are also more than 770,000 people who call this county home. Many of them rely on Dorset couriers for business and personal use.

    There are so many couriers to Dorset offering cheap delivery services. This is great, but it can make it more difficult to settle on one. You could easily spend hours trawling through websites in the search for cheap courier services to Dorset. Well, you’ll be happy to know there’s no need to do this. We compare 30 couriers to Dorset based on the price and service they can offer for your parcel. All you need to do is tell us a few simple details about your parcel. We’ll get back to you immediately with a no-obligation quote from the leading Dorset couriers.

    How to Choose Courier Services to Dorset

    Sending parcels is one of those things that needs to be done right. Choose the best courier delivery service for your Dorset parcel delivery. This means that you can enjoy low prices and peace of mind that your parcel will arrive at its destination on time. You can also know it will be in the same condition you sent it in. And, because our Dorset couriers all know the area so well, they’ll be able to get it there even more quickly.

    As an individual you may be looking to send a parcel through couriers to Dorset. Perhaps it’s a wedding gift, birthday present or an eBay purchase that needs to arrive on time and undamaged. As a business you may send out dozens, maybe even hundreds, of parcels a day. You need to ensure that your costs are kept low and the reliability of the service you use remains constant. Finding cheap delivery to Dorset is vital. Our Dorset couriers all have a proven track record of making deliveries on time and without fuss. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be recommending them to you.

    Regardless of your individual or business needs, we’re here to bring you only the best Dorset couriers. We’ll find you the lowest prices we can. We’ll also ensure that your parcel arrives where you want it, when you want it to, and for the price you want. Our couriers to Dorset all offer something a little different. So it’s really easy to find courier services to Dorset that suit your needs.

    We offer cheap courier services to Dorset from dozens of different couriers. This gives you the best choice and allowing you to find the service that’s right for you. Here are just a few of the brilliant services and Dorset couriers we can offer you today. You’ll get a great service no matter what your requirements.


    DPD parcel delivery in Dorset offers a tracking system that gives you a one-hour window. It even tells you the name of your Dorset courier. A fast, reliable and cost-effective choice for small or large parcels. They can handle domestic parcels within just a couple of days. Next day delivery is available with DPD, as are Saturday deliveries.

    DPD is the perfect choice for your cheap parcel delivery to Dorset. They’re a great choice if you’re an individual sending a lone parcel… or if you need the parcel to arrive next-day for business use.


    United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the biggest global shipping companies in the world. They send millions of parcels per year to worldwide destinations. With everything from individual services to full pallets for businesses… UPS is the perfect choice for businesses who want a reliable, cost-effective service within England. You can also use UPS to send to another country, including the USA and Europe. UPS is active across 220 countries.

    You can be rest assured that the work put in to delivering your parcel will ensure it gets there on time. With years of experience and cost-streamlining, they have become brilliant Dorset couriers. Their services are the cheapest they’ve ever been.


    FedEx is a global leader in timely, reliable deliveries across the globe. They connect markets worldwide and allowing businesses to thrive globally. They are expanding across Europe and currently deliveries to over 220 countries. This make them the perfect choice for your delivery needs in Dorset.

    Send single parcels, large and heavy parcels, pallets and whole shipments with ease with FedEx. They offer domestic services within the UK. You can also get fast, reliable services across the globe. So, we can ensure that your parcel arrives at its destination with the help of FedEx.

    Parcel Delivery Will Find the Best Couriers to Dorset

    No matter whether you’re a regular sender, a one-off individual or a business… we’re here to compare the prices and services from dozens of Dorset couriers so that you don’t have to. Our quick and easy system will tell you exactly what you need to know. We’ll help you find cheap couriers to Dorset. You’ll also get the peace of mind that they will arrive on time, undamaged and won’t break the bank.

    There are several factors that can affect the price of your cheap parcel delivery to Dorset. For instance, larger parcels are charged more than smaller ones and most couriers have weight bands which denote what the price will be. Not all Dorset couriers price by size. Some do it by weight alone or by size and weight together. So, it’s important to enter these details correctly to avoid extra charges. There would also be the risk of your parcel not being delivered due to insufficient postage.

    What’s the time frame you’d like your parcel to be delivered in? This can also have an effect on the price and cheaper services tend to take longer to be delivered. Express courier services, next day delivery and next day delivery before 12.00 pm can cost a little extra. However, they’re the perfect way to ensure that your parcel gets there on time. They’re best used when a prior item has been lost or arrived damaged.

    It’s always a good idea to track your items. So, services with tracking capabilities are recommended for businesses and for eBay purchases. This is especially important for valuable items. Most of our Dorset couriers will include tracking in at least one of their services. Not all couriers to Dorset do this, though. It’s definitely worth checking beforehand. Some courier services to Dorset will let you have tracking as an add-on. This may involve a small charge. However, we think that being able to keep track of your parcel is definitely worth it.

    As a business, you need the best, and you need to save as much money as possible. This allows you to continue to provide the service that you do. That’s where we come in. At Parcel Delivery we aim to provide you with cheap couriers to Dorset. We ensure that you are getting the best prices at all times.

    As an individual, you need to ensure that your parcel is delivered safely, and when you said it would be. Whether it be a present, an eBay purchase or something else? You need to maintain your current standing by ensuring that your parcel is safely delivered. You need the best price possible. Finding a cheap delivery to Dorset has never been easier.

    Useful Information When Sending a Parcel to Dorset

    Arranging to send a parcel via couriers to Dorset? It might be useful to know a few things before you get started. For instance, what can’t you send in a parcel?

    Both national and international postal regulations prohibit the sending of certain items. This is mainly for safety reasons. First, there are the obvious ones such as firearms and ammunition. It also covers any chemical substance capable of creating an explosive or pyrotechnic effect. You also can’t send medical waste, flammable gases and weapons such as flick knives or tasers. Then there are things such as aerosols. Any aerosol not intended for personal grooming (deodorant) is not allowed in the mail system. This includes oven cleaner, bug spray and a whole lot more. Gloss paint is also prohibited as it’s classed as a flammable liquid.

    Not everything is banned, some things have restrictions placed on them. This means that they can be posted but strict guidelines for packaging must be adhered to. Restricted items include alcoholic beverages, batteries and deodorant… as well as balloons and sporting guns (hunting rifles and shotguns).

    The international rules for postage can be different and are much more strict. So, it’s best to check with the courier what they will allow and what the country of delivery allows by law.

    Packaging your parcel delivery effectively is important. You don’t want the item to be damaged, and valuable items should be sent using tracked services that offer insurance if the item is damaged or lost in transit. Our Dorset couriers will handle your parcel as carefully as possible, but it’s impossible to prevent every possible mishap. Your parcel could get damaged in transit through no fault of your courier services to Dorset.

    Always make sure that breakables are well packaged with bubble wrap, cover all money completely so it can’t be seen, address your parcel to the correct postcode (the postcode is the most important part, so this needs to be correct) and ensure that the address is correct before sending. The Dorset couriers might have to hold up the parcel if they’re unable to determine where to take it! When sending international parcels, it’s recommended that the country name is written last, in capital letters and in full – this is to help ensure that your cheap courier service to Dorset gets to where it needs to be.

    It’s our job to provide a reliable, cost-effective comparison service to ensure that you get exactly what you need when it comes to cheap shipping to Dorset, whether that be from its stunning towns such as Highcliffe or Bridport. We strive to give you the best possible service in all aspects of our business, from customer service to the price and choice of Dorset couriers. We’re always here to help, no matter what your requirements, including the size and weight of your parcel or consignment, to bring you the best quality, time-efficient services, so why not visit Parcel Delivery today and find the right cheap shipping to Dorset for you?