Is Parcel Delivery Better In London Vs The Rest Of The UK?

As we all well know, the hustling, bustling city of London is home to an abundance of successful businesses all operating in one of the greatest metropolises in the world. With such a rich business environment, the need for reliable and high-quality parcel delivery to and from the city on a daily basis is a must but as with any part of the country, some areas certainly benefit more clearly than others. We’re exploring whether London holds the title for the best parcel delivery service, or whether the rest of the UK supercedes it completely.

Central London

Central London plays host to some of the biggest and most prominent brands and businesses in the entire country and is one of the most active areas for retail and corporate activity alike. With this in mind, you’d certainly expect their parcel delivery service to react in kind and provide regular, on time parcel delivery to and from these facilities. Within Westminister in particular, London thrives as a business and political centre and as a result, more and more of its residents and workers are expecting faster more efficient parcel delivery. Thankfully, as a central hub, courier delivery is relatively efficient here, catering for the plentiful businesses and residents settling in one of the most pleasant locations in London.

Central London Vs Outskirts Of London

As you can imagine, central London is significantly busier than the outskirts of the city; with thousands commuting in and out of the city day and night, London never sleeps. The capital is well known as the ideal place to run a business but for the most part, more leading businesses are located in the centre of London. The outskirts of London are still busy and require parcel delivery, but this is on more of a consumer scale rather than a corporate one.

Things are a little calmer as you work your way out of London. There are still a number of businesses in the outskirts, where the roads are calmer and parcel delivery couriers are less likely to get stuck in traffic and increase the overall delivery time. For residents, the need for efficient delivery is clear and couriers have reacted in kind with more affordable rates on a consumer scale.

The Rest Of The UK

Although this has neither been confirmed nor denied, it is clear to see that the efficiency of parcel delivery around the UK relies heavily on where you live, with rural areas such as the countryside of Cornwall having slower parcel delivery than most of the major cities. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons behind this is the transport links. More ‘country based’ areas typically have fewer transport links than the major cities, so it can take considerably longer for your local delivery service to receive your intended parcel.


Although the amount of people online shopping is increasing, the cost of delivery and the time it takes is still a problem for those living in rural areas. Not only could the parcel take considerably longer to reach its final destination, but there are also some couriers and online shopping sites that charge a surcharge based on location. This means that those in rural areas have to pay considerably more than those living in cities. This is particularly affecting those that live in the highlands, as they could be charged up to 30% more for their delivery. This then isolates those that live in rural areas and forces them to pay more to receive the same level of customer service.

If you are a business owner looking to start up a business in London or move your office there, then remember that Parcel Delivery can ensure that you get the parcels you need on time and at the right price!