How Has Increased Use Of E-commerce Sites Influenced The Parcel Delivery Process

We’re deep within the 21st century now, so the increasing focus on online shopping is hardly a surprise to most. With more people choosing the convenience of online shopping and delivery rather than visiting a physical store, the need for efficient parcel delivery services is constantly increasing. Here, we are going to look at how the increased use of e-commerce has begun to affect not only the parcel delivery process but the economy as a whole.

More Orders Being Made

With an increase in the number of people that are using e-commerce sites, there has been an understandable sharp rise in the number of orders being made. Millions of people are ordering parcels every day, whether for businesses or for personal use and so there is a constant stream of deliveries being made not only from leading companies like Amazon and Boohoo but from smaller businesses too which has led to strain within the parcel delivery industry. As technology becomes more widely available and people convert to online shopping, we are beginning to see the side effects. Big high street stores are being forced to shut their doors as the footfall begins to decline and this influx of online orders are even having a profound effect on delivery drivers. The orders that are being made have also led to an increase in the amount of staff that is needed for the warehouse and other areas, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! In fact, this is important as it has opened up more opportunities for people within the local area.

Faster Delivery Times

This sharp increase in customers and businesses alike using a parcel delivery service is also having an effect on the speed of the entire supply chain process. This is important to note as this is causing strain on the drivers and the quality of the overall experience. In some cases, parcels have been delivered broken or damaged due to the need for quick delivery and the sheer volume of goods being transported across the globe on a daily basis. This has therefore been combatted with the introduction of new drivers and new, transparent tracking systems to ensure that the customer is aware of where their delivery is at all times should they wish to.

Effect On Stores

Although the use of e-commerce sites pose a threat to stores and the level of footfall, they can also help to benefit physical stores. If the stores are able to sell their products online with these sites as well as in store this is beneficial to the overall business as they can more easily cover both sides of the market. This is a move that most businesses have been making and are beginning to adopt in order to promote the making of profit and overall success of their business.

Although the parcel delivery process is ever-changing, the use of e-commerce sites is presenting both opportunities and challenges. As there is an increase in the number of people using e-commerce sites, the impact on the parcel delivery process and the economy as a whole will continue to change, so watch this space!