What Is the Most Efficient Way To Send A Parcel Overseas?

When sending a parcel overseas, you could be faced with the daunting task of picking the transportation method that works for you and your goods. There are countless couriers and companies out there offering all kinds of unique services, and with different delivery types and prices to boot, this can be particularly tricky to navigate. With more and more couriers offering you international delivery at an affordable price, the choice is completely up to you, but where do you start? Here we are going to look at the most efficient way to send a parcel internationally and how this could affect you and your requirements.


When sending a parcel there are many different delivery options, whether you are looking for next day delivery or a standard service, therefore it is important to ensure that you find the right one for you when shipping internationally. This could ultimately come down to when you need your item to arrive, how far in advance you’re looking and the budget that you have overall.

Air Fare

When sending a parcel internationally there are understandably some ways that are far more efficient than others, with airfare taking less time than that of a conventional sea-based shipment. Air cargo typically allows for next day parcel delivery in some cases, as well as two day or standard parcel delivery internationally at a price to suit any budget. This is particularly important if you are looking to send a parcel last minute for a wedding anniversary or a birthday, as it will ensure that your parcel gets there quickly!

Super-Fast Courier

For many, a courier service is a sure fire way to send a parcel internationally without any breakages or accidental losses. With many couriers to choose from that all cater for international delivery, it is now easier than ever to find the right courier to suit your budget. Each of the chosen couriers on this site also features tracking as standard, allowing you to have the best possible customer experience throughout every aspect of the delivery process. Additionally, a super-fast courier service will aim to get your parcel to your chosen destination as quickly as possible for a set price, meaning that as long as the weight and size of your parcel are accurate when you receive your quote, this price will not change.

Weight And Size Of Parcel

The weight and size of your parcel are not only crucial to the overall price of your delivery service but it could also have a profound effect on the efficiency of your delivery. If the overall size of your parcel is very large and it weighs a significant amount, this could require a specialist service or risk causing delays as it can be difficult to transit. This is particularly important if the product is an unusual shape as it can be a challenge to transport.

Whether you are looking to send a parcel quickly or looking to send it as cheaply as possible there is something for everyone no matter the options that can fit any budget. Happy Shipping!