Weighing Up The Pros And Cons Of Parcel Delivery

When it comes to purchasing a product, you face the decision of whether or not to get it delivered. With there being many pros and cons to the option, it can be difficult to know what is best to do. Therefore, we have compiled a list of both the benefits and the disadvantages to help you make an informed decision.

The Pros

  • Track your parcel

If you choose to have your parcel delivered to your house, most of the couriers have a tracking option; you can follow your parcel every step of its journey to your address. Therefore, you will know when it will be delivered, so you can arrange for either someone to be there or for it to be left somewhere safe and secure. Alternatively, a lot of couriers will inform you of their expected delivery time and if you are unable to be there, they will give you an option to rearrange the time and the date.

  • You Can Buy online

The parcel delivery service means that you can buy products online and have them delivered to your chosen address in pretty much whatever time frame suits you. This convenience is great in today’s society due to the extremely busy lifestyles that we have. This is also great when buying Christmas presents as they can be delivered when children are at school in order to keep the surprise.

  • International Delivery

One of the biggest pros of parcel delivery is that you can send a parcel internationally to a friend, loved one or even to a business. All you have to do is ensure that it is packaged appropriately, weighed, paid for and has the correct stamp on. This is crucial to the success of your parcel delivery and before you know it your parcel will either be flying to its destination or taking a trip via boat.

The Cons

  • It Can Be Expensive

In some cases, parcel delivery can cost quite a bit, particularly if you are sending a parcel overseas or if the parcel is large. However, there are in fact ways for you to cut these costs down, such as using light packaging methods to reduce the weight of the parcel.

  • The Parcel Can Get Lost Or Damaged

Unfortunately, sometimes parcels which you have already paid for can either get lost or damaged during transit. In the majority of cases, you will receive a refund, but it isn’t guaranteed, which can put you out of pocket. However, this can be easier fixed with additional insurance to ensure that you are protected in the unlikely event of couriers losing or damaging your parcel.

  • You Can’t Send Large Goods

If you have bulky or heavy goods over 20kg or longer than 1m then you cannot use parcel delivery. You may be fortunate in some cases to find a courier who will take it, but it is very rare. Therefore, you are limited as to what you can and can’t send, which can be inconvenient especially if your business needs to ship and post larger products to their customers. In turn, this restricts businesses as well as customers as to what they can sell and buy.

Having weighed up the pros and the cons of parcel delivery, the method is ultimately more beneficial than detrimental. So, will you choose to send a parcel?