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    wnDirect parcel delivery service is a specialist ecommerce delivery service, which specifically focuses on delivering parcels for retailers to international locations. wnDirect parcel delivery are ecommerce delivery experts with a mission statement to help retailers of all sizes achieve international ecommerce success.

    Established in November 2011, wnDirect parcel delivery is a relatively new entrant to the parcel delivery sector but a formidable force nonetheless. Their expertise and contribution to parcel delivery has been recognised with a number of industry awards and nominations.

    They are two time winners of the National Nusiness Awards which they won in 2013 and 2016. In the same year (2016), they also won a business award for Business And Innovation Of The Year and an International Business Award for Best Supply Chain Management Solution Software, which is why we recommend them at Parcel Delivery.

    How wnDirect Parcel Delivery Works

    wnDirect parcel delivery service operate a simple delivery process. Their processes from booking to returns can be summarised in five simple steps.

    1. Booking. Customers arrange a booking by first creating an online account with wnDirect.
    2. Packaging. wnDirect couriers encourage customers to properly secure and label all parcels, as this is an important step to avoid loss or damage to parcels.During their account set up, customers can generate labels for labelling their parcels. When the parcels arrive at wnDirect’s processing centre, wnDirect staff can decide whether to relabel the parcels as wnDirect parcels using wnDirect generic labels. Alternatively, customers who are registered with the label printing service, Metapack, can print labels from the Metapak platform and specify wnDirect as the carrier.
    3. Collection. wnDirect parcel delivery service partners with specialist distribution company, Menzies distribution, whose drivers collect parcels from wnDirect’s retail customers anywhere in the UK and deliver these parcels to wnDirect’s processing centres.
    4. Delivery. wnDirect couriers parcels to countries and local couriers that operate in partnership with wnDirect deliver the parcels to recipients within those countries. As an example, in the US, wnDirect parcels partners with Newgistics, a global freight provider, to complete deliveries to recipients in the US.
    5. Returns. wnDirect parcels operates an online returns system and returns are fully tracked.

    Why Choose wnDirect Parcel Delivery?

    Here are eight reasons to choose wnDirect parcel delivery.

    Peace of mind from dealing with a recognised ecommerce delivery specialist

    When it comes to parcel delivery, reliability is a key consideration for businesses. With people increasingly taking to the internet to purchase products, it is important for businesses that their chosen carrier is a brand they can trust.

    In less than 10 years, wnDirect has already established itself as a credible international logistics company. The number of industry awards and nominations it has under its belt is testament to the excellent service it provides.

    Using a trusted and established brand like wnDirect couriers, will provide you with peace of mind and assurance that your parcel will be delivered on time and in good condition.

    A perfect delivery service for small sized retailers

    Operating a small business can be challenging, even more so when having to deal with the tricky requirements of some established delivery services.

    wnDirect understands that small sized retailers will not usually have a high volume of shipping to negotiate discounted shipping rates with many delivery services. This is one of the reasons why they are committed to offering delivery solutions that are tailored to the volume and budgets of small sized retailers.

    Simple and convenient parcel collection process

    wnDirect ships parcels for retailers who often have large amounts of parcels. It can be cumbersome for retailers to carry these parcels to drop off sites. wnDirect partners with Menzies distribution who collect the parcels from retailers’ warehouses.

    wnDirect is committed to arranging a collection time that is suitable for both the courier and retailers, which takes the hassle away from large scale shipping many retailers are involved in.

    A fast and reliable delivery service

    Despite now being a large business with a turnover in excess of £80 million, wnDirect is committed to providing a responsive and customer focused service. wnDirect offer an international parcel delivery service that it states is faster than a postal service yet cheaper than an express courier.

    Once parcels are collected, wnDirect aims to deliver parcels to locations in mainland Europe within 4 days.

    wnDirect manages duty, taxes and ID requirements so customers do not have to

    Different countries have different customs requirement which can be time consuming to deal with. wnDirect deals with all customs on behalf of customers which is a huge incentive to choose them.

    wnDirect arranges for customers to pay all duties and taxes before the parcels are delivered. They offer a consumer duty paid option where customer parcels are held at the wnDirect warehouse until the customer pays the duty and provides any required identification documents.

    wnDirect also notify customs of each country that parcels are due to arrive in, which reduces delays.

    Wide international coverage

    wnDirect operates a renowned international parcel delivery service that delivers to over 100 destinations worldwide. With such wide coverage, you can rest assured that your parcel will be delivered to many destinations in the world.

    Protection against parcel loss or damage

    Parcel loss or damage can be disappointing and the process of making a claim for compensation can also be a nightmare to deal with. wnDirect will accept liability for all parcels they deliver up to £50 per parcel or £1,000 per consignment.

    Open and transparent operations policies

    wnDirect have put in the effort to ensure that customers have as much information as possible when making their decision to use the service.

    They are clear about restrictions to their service, such as being unable to carry items weighing above 30kgs and measuring above 40x40x40cm.

    wnDirect Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

    The delivery times usually depends on the location, though wnDirect aims to deliver parcels to locations in mainland Europe within 4 days.

    wnDirect have provided some examples of their delivery times:

    • France transit time of 4 days – however their average based on the last 3 months traffic is 2.5 days
    • Ireland transit time of 3 days – however their average based on the last 3 months traffic is 2 days
    • Australia transit time of 8 days – however their average based on the last 3 months traffic is 4 days
    • USA transit time of 6 days – however their average based on the last 3 months traffic is 4 days

    wnDirect prices vary depending on the weight and volume of parcels, the destination, UK collection address and the returns process the customer selects.

    Prices are competitive and affordable, starting from £3.95 for goods weighing 1 kg.