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    North America is a continent in the northern hemisphere, bordered to the southeast by South America. Many consider it to be a subcontinent of the Americas. It is a large area covering around 9.5 million square miles, which is roughly 16.5% of the earth’s land area.

    There is some disagreement over which countries are included in North America, which can make parcel delivery to North America somewhat confusing. The United Nations defines North America as including the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland, but it does not include Mexico or the islands of the Caribbean. However, many now consider Mexico to be included within the North America region.

    Before contact with the Europeans, North America was inhabited by native people. When the Age of Discovery began, explorers from Europe staked claims to different parts of North America, and the resulting colonisation caused a significant decline in the numbers of native Americans. The European settlers brought diseases with them which the natives were unable to fight against, and there were also many violent conflicts. Britain took over extensive territories in the North America during the early 19th Century, which led to the 13 British colonies that formed what is now known as the United States of America. Canada was later formed from land which was controlled by both France and Britain. The influence of the UK is still evident in North America today, from the culture and food through to the sports and language.

    The largest cities today in North America are Mexico City and New York, with populations exceeding eight million. Parcel delivery to North America can be sent to a huge number of cities including, including Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Havana, Santo Domingo, Montreal, Houston, Miami, Atlanta and Las Vegas. Our couriers are able to delivery to any address in North America, although rural areas may take slightly longer to reach.

    Parcel Delivery To North America

    North America parcel delivery from the UK is very regular, as there is a lot of traffic between the two countries. The United States has the largest economy in the world and has trade agreements with many countries, including the UK. Many businesses operate between the two countries and immigrants from the UK often move to North America, meaning parcel delivery to North America is often in high demand. This means there are a large number of couriers who are able to send parcels quickly and reliably for both commercial and personal reasons. There are also an increasing number of consumers in North America, particularly Mexico, who are ordering items from UK businesses through e-commerce. More couriers are opening up to take care of these online deliveries of items, such as clothing, footwear and beauty products.

    Parcel delivery within North America is quick as the infrastructure is well developed. The famous Pan-American Highway is a network of major roads which runs through the mainland and is roughly 30,000 miles in length. There is also a long rail network which links the east and west of the country. There are a huge number of both domestic and courier flights from most UK airports to areas in North America daily. The cost of travel to the country is gradually decreasing as more services begin operating and the competition begins to drive prices down. The government continues to invest significantly in infrastructure, so air, sea and land transportation continues to improve.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To North America

    Cheap parcel delivery to North America is readily available thanks to the frequency of courier flights from the UK. To find the cheapest parcel delivery to North America possible, all you need are the collection and delivery addresses along with the parcel’s weight and dimensions. Our website is designed to be simple and quick – as soon as you enter the details, we will scan our range of couriers and find you a selection of the best rates available.

    Parcel costs are very reasonable for a small 1kg parcel; if you are looking to send a larger, heavier item, for example, a 20kg package, the price will be proportionally higher but still cost-effective. We work hard to find you the best prices, and check each day for accuracy – any savings are passed straight on to our customers. We have great relationships with the couriers and many may be able to offer us a preferential rate.

    When booking your delivery, you will be given the option of choosing a home, work or local pick up point address, which gives you great flexibility. As soon as the parcel is collected it will be scanned on to the courier’s tracking system, so you are able to follow its journey. It is also possible to give these tracking details to the recipient, so they can monitor the parcel’s progress and ensure they are home for the delivery. If there are any issues along the way both you and the courier will know exactly where the parcel is and the issue can then be easily solved.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To North America

    Parcel delivery to North America from UK does involve customs clearance. This is because North America is not part of the European Union, and so there are no trade agreements in place for the free movement of goods across the country’s border. You will need to enclose a customs declaration form, which should outline the parcel’s contents, and also the value of the items.

    You will also need to include a commercial invoice, even if the parcel is a gift to the recipient. This process is very simple as the courier will send you all the documentation required and also guide you through completion of the forms. You should also bear in mind that there could be import taxes to pay when the item clears customs.

    There are a number of items which are restricted when being sent via parcel delivery UK to North America; the items which you will already be familiar with are live animals, money, weapons, ammunition, alcohol and drugs. There is increasing security around the importing of food items. If you are planning on sending foodstuffs, you will need to obtain a prior notification registration number to prove you have let customs know about the delivery before sending the parcel. If you have any queries, please contact HM Revenue and Customs, as they will be able to provide you with an up to date list of prohibited items.

    The address system is very similar in North America to that of the UK. The postcode is replaced by a ZIP code, which is written next to the locality name. The code has nine digits, for example, 12345-6789. The first five digits are usually sufficient for delivery, but if you have the full code, this can increase the accuracy of pinpointing the delivery location.

    As your parcel will be travelling a long distance you should use a very sturdy, stackable box and strong parcel tape. This will help protect against any damages when processing. If the item is delicate you should secure any moving parts and fill the parcel with bubble wrap so the item cannot move around. It can also help to mark the box as ‘Fragile’ and draw arrows on the outside to indicate which way the box should be held.

    For further information about parcel delivery to North America, visit Parcel Delivery and use our comparison tool.