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    Canada is renowned for its friendly and welcoming culture and boasts high levels of transparency when it comes to governments, civilisation and its quality of life. Canada has a strong trading relationship with the UK, meaning parcel delivery to Canada is popular from UK shores.

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    Parcel delivery to Canada from UK is becoming increasingly popular, with people shipping to relatives in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and the many other cities and districts that make up the country. As well as this, Canada is a popular destination for business, so many companies have an increasing need for cheap parcel delivery to Canada, yet at a high quality.

    Despite being situated between the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans, and being the second largest country in the world, Canada’s terrain isn’t as unreachable or  hard to navigate as you might imagine. We can help to ensure those important documents and parcels arrive safely and quickly with the right parcel delivery to Canada from UK to suit your needs.

    Parcel Delivery To Canada

    Our couriers offer fast and secure cheap parcel delivery to Canada, and this makes sure those deliveries are shipped in good time. Wherever in Canada you want to ship to, we will offer you the best possible cheap delivery to Canada to suit your needs.

    Despite its vast geographical covering, Canada has a relatively small population. Canada has always been closely linked with the US as its neighbouring country, but it’s also connected heavily with the UK in terms of shipping and delivery meaning it’s easily to find the most reliable, yet cheapest parcel delivery to Canada using our comparison tool.

    With an increase in cheap courier services to Canada it can become difficult and time consuming to find a price that suits you, however with our price comparison tool it is now easier than ever to find a cheap courier to Canada to suit you. Our quotations are specific to the weight and the dimensions of your parcel, and our price comparison tool will select the best price for you from our range of services including that of cheap courier services to Canada. Enabling you to rest assured that you have got the best price possible for your delivery and cheap courier to Canada if you choose to use it.

    The Canada Border Services Agency will most likely examine your parcels as they examine almost every international parcel being sent to Canada. This helps them to decide how much import tax needs to be paid.

    The three different types of tax which may apply are the Goods and Service Tax (GST), Harmonised Sales Tax (HST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST). If the parcel is worth $20 Canadian Dollars or less, or a gift worth less than $60 Canadian Dollars, then there will be no duty or taxes applied. Tobacco, magazines, books and alcohol are excluded from this tax exemption.

    A general guide for the actual amount of GST, HST and PST is:

    – GST charged at 5%
    – HST applies to items being sent to Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia
    – PST applies to items sent to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Quebec

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Canada

    Delivery prices to send a parcel to Canada will vary, and by using our comparison site you can be sure you will get the best possible prices to guarantee a fast and efficient service for your needs. The size, weight and destination for your Canada parcel delivery will effect the overall cost, but our tool can help you find the right parcel delivery UK to Canada service to fit your needs.

    Due to the overall location of Canada there are multiple different ways to delivery your parcel, wither this be by air or by shipment. Shipping to Canada is often a more cost effective solution if you are looking to send multiple items at once, however the cheap shipping to Canada is not the quickest form of delivery as it is subject to weather conditions as well as other outside influences. However cheap shipping to Canada is beneficial to businesses operating out of Canada as it allows them to send larger shipments at low cost, thus reducing there overhead cost allowing them to utilise cheap delivery to Canada from worldwide locations.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Canada

    When preparing for parcel delivery to Canada, it’s important to address and package the parcels correctly. Postcodes should appear in the address before the country, in this case, Canada, which needs to appear on its own on the last line. Postal codes in Canada are in the following format: LetterNumberLetter (A1A), NumberLetterNumber (1A1)

    Parcel delivery UK to Canada requires some thought around customs for your parcels. As Canada is not part of the European Union, there will be some customs clearance required on your parcels. A Customs Invoice needs to be included with your parcel detailing the contents and value of the shipment.

    For parcel delivery to Canada from UK, there are certain items that are an offence to send. The following list is a description of items that are illegal under Canadian law.

    1. Obscene, indecent, immoral or scurrilous articles
    2. Information with reference to bookmaking, betting, wagering or pool-setting
    3. Unlawful lottery schemes
    4. Schemes designed to deceive or defraud the public
    5. Obtaining money under false pretences by using letters and hidden messages
    6. Representing false information on customs documents

    The following items are prohibited from entry to Canada via Canada parcel delivery.

    1. Used beekeeping equipment
    2. Literature referencing fraudulent schemes
    3. Devices used for contraception, and literature relating to it
    4. Oxidising and nuclear substances, and corrosives
    5. Coins that are counterfeit or imitations
    6. Liquids, gases or solids that are explosive, flammable or combustible
    7. Weapons, ammunition and fire arms
    8. Non-manufactured materials, gold dust
    9. Propaganda for hate
    10. Live animals
    11. Goods that have been manufactured but bear insufficient markings & origin
    12. Butter or margarine substitutes
    13. Labels that are metallic
    14. Infectious and poisonous substances
    15. Goods made in prison
    16. Lottery tickets that are unlawful
    17. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes, cartridges and nicotine solutions

    Sending food hampers to loved ones in Canada is something many people will do to give those living there a taste and reminder of home. When it comes to sending food, there may be issues surrounding this if the parcel isn’t properly inspected before shipping. When food arrives in Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA) take control of the shipment, and they need some paperwork attached to food parcels so they are fully aware of the entire contents of the hamper before proceeding with any parcel delivery UK to Canada.

    Certain foods sent outside of the US need to be sent with import permits and certificates detailing origin. An example of this is nuts, which must be sent with additional documents to clear customs.

    The Canadian Border Services Agency outlines some key areas that are restricted from entry to Canada. Weapons and firearms without a license, plants, animals, food and other related items that are undeclared, explosives that don’t have written consent, and items for consumers that could be a danger to the public are all restricted from entering the country, make sure that even with the cheapest parcel delivery to Canada, you are following the rules and regulations set by Canada, and your courier.

    Remember, it’s important that you adhere to the information regarding parcel delivery to Canada, but you can be confident that we will find you the cheapest parcel delivery to Canada, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the best possible choice when it comes to shipping gifts to your loved ones or products to your customers.

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    Cheap parcel delivery to Canada isn’t as out-of-reach as you think. So, whether you want to send a letter to family, a gift to a friend or an order to a customer in Canada, then be sure to compare the best deals with Parcel Delivery and to find the courier service to suit your parcel delivery UK to Canada needs.