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    Mexico is one of three of countries in North America, joined by Canada and the USA. Its reputation for cacti-peppered deserts, spicy cuisine, and mariachi bands give it a strong presence in the media and makes it a popular destination to visit. It’s also the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world, with over 100 million citizens, so naturally, its influences are felt on a global scale. Furthermore, Mexico is bordered by Cuba and Belize.

    No other Hispanic country has more purchasing power than Mexico on the world market and it’s a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The country has a national debt that is falling, leading to a growing number of middle-class citizens. Mexico has several strong industries, including automobile manufacturing and tourism. The country is also largely energy independent, as it is a leader in hydroelectric power, as well as refining its own oil. Mexico is also a large producer of small appliances and its electronics industry has grown significantly in the last decade – it now represents 30% of Mexico’s exports.

    Mexico maintains free trade treaties with nearly 50 countries and whilst Mexico does not have any particularly close ties to the United Kingdom, there aren’t distinct biases against any trade with the UK. As this trade relationship with Mexico grows from strength to strength, it’s important that there are a variety of options available for a cheap courier to Mexico from the UK, especially with 4,000 British expats living in Mexico. Below is some further information to help you find the cheapest parcel delivery to Mexico.

    Parcel Delivery To Mexico

    When choosing a courier service to send a parcel to Mexico, you are spoilt for choice. There are a variety of high-quality couriers offering this Mexico parcel delivery service and all at a range of different speeds. This helps to keep the overall price lower, yet the service still efficient. The quickest service available for parcel delivery to Mexico comes in at 1-3 days delivery, whereas the slowest option is up to 8 weeks. When the service is significantly slower, you will find the price is lower too, which helps make cheap parcel delivery to Mexico possible. Delivery times will be subject to the destination of your cheap parcel delivery to Mexico, as some courier services take a little longer if you aren’t delivering to the main cities. However, having a specific postcode on hand will help give you the correct information and will make it easier to find cheap courier services to Mexico faster. Customs regulations at the borders also have the ability to impact your delivery time, so it’s important to ensure you have all the necessary documents to avoid any parcel delivery delays with your chosen cheap courier services to Mexico.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Mexico

    The price for your cheap shipping to Mexico will vary depending on how many parcels you are looking to send to the country, the size of your parcels, the weight of your parcels and of course the speed of your delivery. Adding on extra items such as tracked delivery, signed for delivery upon arrival and insurance cover for the items within your parcel will also bump up the overall cost of parcel delivery to Mexico. The lowest price starts at below £15 for a 2kg parcel for a slower service, whereas the quickest service can cost up to £100. There are many options in between allowing you to find a service that will suit your requirements for even cheap delivery to Mexico.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Mexico

    Each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to what you can and cannot send to a country, and parcel delivery to Mexico from UK is no exception. It’s important that you check beforehand whether the item you are sending is legal or requires additional paperwork. Failure to do so could result in your parcel being undelivered, or even lead to additional fees on top of the price of a cheap courier to Mexico. Remember, because you are sending a parcel outside of the EU, you will need to fill in a customs declaration form for all the parcels and items you intend on sending via cheap shipping to Mexico from the UK.

    Prohibited items for delivery to Mexico

    • Animal products including wool and leather
    • Insecticides
    • Electronic cigarettes
    • Vegetable products
    • All meat and meat products
    • Stamps
    • Straw and hay
    • Adhesives
    • Works of art, collectors’ pieces and antiques
    • Toys and games
    • Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry

    Note: some couriers will not deliver candy, oil or used clothing not packed in luggage.

    Restricted items for delivery to Mexico

    • Medications
    • Asian textile product
    • All variants of alcohol
    • All firearms
    • Tobacco products
    • Pencils
    • Matches
    • Compact discs
    • New or used bicycle tires
    • Apples, lard, and chicken products

    Tips for sending money to Mexico

    Money is allowed to be sent via your chosen courier who offers cheap delivery to Mexico to any Mexican citizens provided that it does not exceed the value of $10,000 USD. Any amounts higher than this require a customs declaration to be filled. There are some specific shipments that are exempt entirely from duty taxes and this is usually the case if the delivery contains personal belongings. However, there is no duty exemption for items that are sent as gifts. If you do decide to send money, make sure your package shows no indication that it holds money and do not send coins, as these draw attention to the package.

    Parcel sizes

    Different delivery companies will have slightly varying parcel measurements which is important to keep in mind when arranging to send a parcel to Mexico. In general, however, a small parcel is 45cm by 35cm by 16cm and a medium parcel is 61cm by 46cm by 46cm. It’s a good idea to use these measurements as a starting point, but you should always check with your delivery company before you decide on a specific box to use.

    Packaging your parcel correctly

    Package all shipments carefully, as leaking or wet parcels can lead to delivery delays and problems. Ensure your package can handle any wear and tear that may occur during the delivery process. You should always properly declare the value of the products when shipping from the UK to Mexico. Include your UK home address on the parcel and a copy inside the parcel in case your parcel can’t be delivered. This means it can be returned to you, however, you will receive no compensation from the parcel delivery company in the event this happens. Finally, you should remember to remove any previous labels or stickers that may have previously been on the delivery box, as this can cause unnecessary confusion in the delivery process.

    Addressing your parcel correctly

    Thankfully, the addressing format for parcels to Mexico is fairly straightforward and similar to that of the UK, making cheap parcel delivery to Mexico easier than you may expect.

    If you require further information or clarification about Mexico parcel delivery, please do not hesitate to visit our FAQs. We can provide you with assistance to help you find the best deal for parcel delivery UK to Mexico at Parcel Delivery, so take a look now.