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    The Republic of Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Honduras borders it to the north and Costa Rica borders it to the south. Its eastern and western borders are made up of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, respectively, including Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, and El Salvador. The capital city, Managua, is the largest in the country, and the third-largest in the whole of Central America. Though the official language is Spanish, many of the native people speak their own languages and dialects, particularly on the eastern coast.

    There has never been a better time for cheap delivery to Nicaragua. Postal service providers across the UK offer a fast and efficient service when you send a parcel to Nicarugua to get your parcel there in as little as a couple of days. Cheap delivery to Nicaragua from UK, of course, will take a little longer than that, but there are a host of postal services available that will be best for you and your budget.

    Nicaragua is one of Central America’s largest exporters of coffee, beef, and bananas, and its booming tourist trade is now one of its largest industries. Though one of the world’s poorest countries, it has experienced considerable economic growth over the last couple of decades, which means that its people have more buying power than ever before.

    This is a time of opportunity for overseas vendors who wish to benefit from the investment opportunity that Nicaragua has become, as its burgeoning economy leads to a greater desire from business and the general populace to purchase imported goods from abroad. With such a range of postal options, cheap courier services to Nicaragua are available to all.

    Parcel Delivery To Nicaragua

    Parcel delivery to Nicaragua from UK is both fast and simple. There are dozens of postal service providers who will provide cheap shipping to Nicarugua daily. Nicaragua is in Zone 12 of the Worldwide Postal Directory. Traditionally, it costs more to send parcels to this zone, which is why searching for a cheap courier to Nicaragua has never been more important.

    Nicaragua is a large country and, depending on where your parcel delivery to Nicaragua is headed, transit times are not consistent across the country. With such little international trade taking place at the moment, it is only the major cities and towns that are sufficiently well-equipped to guarantee Nicaragua parcel delivery transit times. It may take longer for cheap courier services to Nicaragua to reach the more remote areas of the country. Most postal service providers should factor this into their delivery times.

    Given the distances involved, it is worthwhile taking extra care with how you package the contents of your Nicaragua parcel delivery. Wrapping each item in the box individually in bubble-wrap, or other padded material, will offer better protection to them while en route. Use heavy duty boxes (corrugated cardboard is ideal for the job) and strong packing tape to seal them. It may add to the weight of the final parcel delivery to Nicaragua from UK, but it’s worth it to know your parcel will arrive intact.

    It is vital that the recipient’s address on your parcel delivery to Nicaragua cannot be easily damaged or smudged. We recommend covering the address label with clear sticking tape, or sealing it in a plastic pouch and attaching it to the parcel. This is also useful advice for ensuring your customs documents are clearly visible, so your parcel delivery UK to Nicaragua goes off without a hitch.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Nicaragua

    Depending on the company you use, the service you require, and the weight and size of the item, Nicaragua parcel delivery can start from under £15.00. Of course, it will take longer to deliver your parcel using a cheap courier to Nicaragua. There are premium delivery options, which are much faster (delivery can take but a couple of days).

    There is little regular trade between Nicaragua and the UK, but this is an area which will only grow in the years to come, as the Nicaraguan economy continues to expand, and foreign imports become ever more desirable.

    We can help you find the best postal service for your parcel delivery from UK to Nicaragua.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Nicaragua

    Addressing your Parcel

    When arranging a parcel delivery from UK to Nicaragua, it is important that the parcel is addressed correctly. Nicaragua has a unique address system, one that uses no street names. Instead, there are many local landmarks, well-known buildings, churches, or other points of reference, which Nicaraguans use to get a general idea of where something is located. This forms the first part of the address, which is important to know when you arrange to send a parcel to Nicaragua.

    From there, the remainder of the address explains how many blocks away the location is from the original reference point. For example, Rotonda El Güegüense, 2 cuadras arriba, 12005, Managua, Nicaragua, translates as: from the Rotonda El Güegüense, two blocks east.

    Some addresses can get very complicated, and there can be more than one address for any given building, depending on whether it is given in kilometres, blocks, or varas (an old Spanish unit of measurement, equivalent to about 83cm).

    While this could doubtless be confusing to a tourist or visitor to the country, when it comes to parcel delivery to Nicaragua, you need not worry. The address you have been given to deliver your parcel to, or the one you have found online, is likely to be the correct one. However many variations may exist for any given address, the local Nicaraguan postal agent will be familiar with them all.

    A Nicaraguan address also has a five-digit postcode, which should be entered before the name of the locality (Managua, in the example above).

    Prohibited and restricted items

    Before preparing your parcel delivery from UK to Nicaragua, you must make sure you have not included any restricted or prohibited items. The following items are prohibited, and are not permitted in your cheap parcel delivery to Nicaragua, at any time:

    • All forms of currency – including notes, coins, and travellers’ cheques.
    • Precious metals, such as silver, gold, and platinum
    • Jewels, gemstones, crystals and other precious stones

    At the moment, there are no restricted items unique to Nicaragua, though it is important to note that this may change at any time. The Universal Postal Union maintains a list on its website detailing  these restrictions and we recommend to check this, before arranging your parcel delivery to Nicaragua from UK.


    When you use cheap shipping to Nicaragua, all goods must go through Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. This means filling out a Customs Declaration form, confirming the size, weight, and value of the parcel. You are also expected to describe the contents of your parcel, and to declare that it does not contain any restricted items.

    Nicaragua is a beautiful country, with a rich and vibrant culture. Cheap parcel delivery to Nicaragua has never been easier, and we can help you every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Let us find you the best parcel delivery from UK to Nicaragua today by using our comparison tool at Parcel Delivery.