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    Are you looking for the cheapest parcel delivery to Costa Rica? Perhaps you have business interests there, or loved ones who live in Costa Rica who you need to send a birthday gift to? If you want to make sure your Costa Rica parcel delivery arrives safely and in good time, we have lots of services to choose from at Parcel Delivery, offering you quick and efficient parcel delivery UK to Costa Rica for your goods, as well as advice to help you organise a successful delivery. Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and has nearby countries of Cuba and Colombia.

    Parcel Delivery To Costa Rica

    If you’re looking to send a parcel to Costa Rica, it can feel daunting at first to work out how to arrange  Costa Rica parcel delivery to somewhere so far away, but we can help you choose the right parcel delivery service that will suit your needs best and that won’t let you down.

    The beautiful country of Costa Rica is home to many exciting cities, so you need a parcel delivery UK to Costa Rica service that will get your package where it needs to be, whatever the final destination. Although the country has limited transport routes, parcel delivery to Costa Rica from UK and through to its diverse locations including the country’s capital city San Jose, or cities such as Limón, Liberia, Puntarenas, Alajuela or Cartago. Costa Rica’s growing online markets and increasing numbers of internet users means that there are more and more opportunities for anyone importing goods or looking for cheap parcel delivery to Costa Rica. It is for this reason that Costa Rica parcel delivery services are continuing to develop, making it easier to arrange cheap delivery to Costa Rica using one of the growing number of courier services that are now available.

    As these transport routes improve there will be more opportunities for cheap courier services to Costa Rica allowing you to have the option of finding an experienced, reliable, yet cheap courier to Costa Rica without the hassle. With our help, your parcel can be delivered without any issues. Here at Parcel Delivery we understand that finding the best price from a range of cheap courier services to Costa Rica can be time consuming and are here to help. We offer a price comparison tool that allows you to get the best price possible for the cheap courier to Costa Rica service.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Costa Rica

    Cheap parcel delivery to Costa Rica is definitely possible, even considering it’s more than 5,200 miles away from the UK. The final cost to send a parcel to Costa Rica will depend on the weight of your item and the speed and time frame that you choose to have your parcel delivered. The quickest option for parcel delivery UK to Costa Rica, usually takes around two to three days for it to reach the country, but this can vary depending on the service you opt for and the amount you are looking to pay. The cheapest parcel delivery to Costa Rica won’t be the fastest! If your parcel is not urgent, then you can make some real savings by choosing a slower delivery service, which is often one of the best options if you are sourcing cheap delivery to Costa Rica. Therefore, make sure you check the different options available to you before you decide on which service to use.

    Remember that parcel delivery to Costa Rica from UK businesses and residents is affected by Costa Rica government restrictions regarding taxes and international import duties. This means that once your parcel arrives in Costa Rica it will be processed by the delivery service you have chosen, and it is usually at this point when international shipping, handling and any taxes will need to be paid. This process can also hold up delivery of your package to its final destination, especially if any duties have not been paid.

    With increased international shipping between Costa Rica and the UK there are a large number of companies offering cheap shipping to Costa Rica to their customers and finding the right price to suit you can be confusing. Therefore it is important to ensure that you are getting a price for a service which directly matches your requirements. This can be easily achieved by placing the weight of your parcel as well as the dimensions  into the tool and letting us handle the rest to find you the best price for your cheap shipping to Costa Rica.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Costa Rica

    Costa Rica, which actually means Rich Coast, has a diverse culture and geography. Spanish is the main language there, but English is also widely spoken, particularly by those populations living along the Caribbean coast. Although at 19,730 square miles it’s the second smallest Central American country, it has rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, 800 miles of coastline and the highest density of biodiversity of any country, as 4% of all the world’s species can be found there. The country has one of the highest standards of living in USA and proudly possesses a stable and growing economy which depends on tourism, agriculture, investment and business and real estate.

    So whatever your reasons for looking to send a parcel to Costa Rica, whether they are business related, for tourism or you are sending gifts to family or friends, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when arranging parcel delivery to Costa Rica.

    Before parcel delivery to Costa Rica can take place, customs officials in Costa Rica will require the correct paperwork to be filled out and of course, they are allowed to open up and inspect any items they have concerns about. Not all parcels are opened, but random checks are carried out especially when a parcel has an unusual appearance or the contents are not easily recognisable. Unfortunately this can mean that any gift wrapping you have carried out might be compromised. They do this to protect their country because, unsurprisingly, it’s not permitted to send certain categories of items to Costa Rica. To be sure your parcel delivery to Costa Rica from UK makes it through Customs, take a look at restricted lists and avoid items such as illegal drugs of any kind, weapons, explosives or ammunition and also any pornographic material. As a result any items that cause suspicion are likely to be seized by customs officials on arrival and will not be sent on to their delivery address.

    There are also some items that are restricted to certain quantities and therefore are liable to additional tariffs or fees before they can be cleared by border authorities and processed for delivery. These include alcohol, tobacco and food products. For this reason it’s definitely worth familiarising yourself with these restrictions before you send your parcel to avoid any disappointment or inconvenience.

    Also bear in mind that Costa Rica is a hot country with an average temperature of 70 Fahrenheit to 81 Fahrenheit. This means that if you send any perishables, such as chocolate for example, there’s a chance they might melt or be ruined if a parcel delivery driver leaves your package in the sun, or even in a parcel depot that doesn’t have air conditioning. It sounds obvious, but when you are choosing what to send, do make sure it is something that will make the long journey successfully and won’t be unfit for use by the time it reaches the recipient.

    Make sure that the cheap parcel delivery to Costa Rica service you choose also includes insurance protection so that if the worst happens and something does go wrong while your parcel is in transit you are fully covered for any damages. This is particularly important if your parcel contains any breakable or valuable items. Of course, when you send any parcel you must make sure it is properly wrapped and securely packaged and this is no different when you are organising a parcel delivery to Costa Rica; in fact, it’s probably even more important. Your chosen courier or parcel delivery service will make every effort to ensure the item arrives safely, but accidents do happen from time to time, particularly if the contents of the parcel are fragile.

    To help make sure you have peace of mind about your delivery, many parcel delivery services offer tracking so you can check whether your parcel has arrived in Costa Rica or is still on route to its destination. These services will usually also supply proof of delivery such as a signature on arrival. These can usually be easily accessed online, or you can take advantage of those delivery services that also offer notification emails and SMS text alerts to help you keep track of your parcel every step of the way – they’re even available on the cheapest parcel delivery to Costa Rica services we offer!