Send a Parcel to Colombia

Rainforests, mountains & coffee plantations, send your parcel to Colombia today.


    Famous for its rich history, incredible biodiversity and beautiful variety of climates, Colombia is one Central/South American country that’s well worth a visit. Despite Colombia’s sometimes less than stellar reputation, there’s much to love about this unique country; with coastlines on not just the Pacific Ocean but the Caribbean Sea too, as well as some truly stunning vistas. Recently coming back on the cards as a beautiful holiday destination, and even a great place to move to, Colombia is definitely on the up, as well as its neighbouring countries Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.

    With a population of nearly 50,000,000, and more British and European expats making the country their home every year, there’s always going to be a need for international parcel delivery, both from surrounding countries and beyond, with one of the most common services being parcel delivery UK to Colombia. In the modern world, every country is connected, and if you want something from Australia, America or even Antarctica there’s a company willing to ship it – so why should parcel delivery to Colombia from UK be any different?

    It’s easier than ever to find parcel delivery UK to Colombia, with the last 20 years proving to make the country more accessible than it ever has been. From clothing to artwork, it’s possible to deliver any parcels you may need to at a fantastic price – if you’re savvy about your comparisons to find cheap parcel delivery to Colombia.

    Parcel Delivery To Colombia

    From first class to a rush delivery, an exact date delivery or a tight deadline, there are so many ways to get the most reliable, yet cheapest parcel delivery to Colombia to it’s destination on time. There are numerous couriers, options and cheap courier services to Colombia available to meet your exact requirements. Colombia parcel delivery has never been easier, no matter what you’re looking to courier and in what time frame there is a cheap courier to Colombia suit you. It’s a simple task to ship your items on your terms, and in your exact time scale by using a comparison platform to ensure you’re always getting the best deal for your money. Pick from dozens of cheap courier services to Colombia offering cheap courier to Colombia as well as parcel delivery to Colombia from UK to suit not just your budget, but your exact needs, whatever they may be.

    There are thousands of things that might need shipping on a parcel delivery to Colombia. Whether it’s an order of clothing from a high street retailer, delicate jewellery, attractive furniture or even sensitive electronics that require careful handling, everything needs to be shipped to reach Colombia and the purchaser of the products. This therefore means that there is an increase in the amount of companies offering you cheap shipping to Colombia it can be time consuming to look through all prices being offered to you to find the best one. But we are here to help! With our price comparison tool it is now easier than ever to find a price on cheap shipping to Colombia as well as cheap delivery to Colombia at a click of a button.

    From individuals to large companies, at some time or other, it’s likely that delivery from an outside location such as the UK or Europe will be required, meaning that the cheapest parcel delivery to Colombia is a service in demand.

    Breakable items like glassware, ceramics and crystal also need to get to their location somehow, and there are a great many Colombia parcel delivery companies to meet any and all requirements that more fragile items may require. With so many different service providers out there offering so many different options, it can be difficult to find appropriate and trustworthy services. When it comes to picking what’s right for you, that’s where comparison sites come into play; on anything from the speed of service through to the quality of delivery, to ensure that you can send a parcel to Colombia for someone with all needs met efficiently and professionally every time and with cheap delivery to Colombia to suit you!

    There’s nothing worse than disappointing a friend or customer at the other end of the delivery, so choosing the right service for your item is more important than you might think. With international shipping, getting it right the first time can be the difference between disappointment and a returning customer – or an unhappy friend or family member. Therefore it is important to find cheap deliver to Colombia that is fast allowing you to send a parcel to Colombia for your loved one or friend easily.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Colombia

    Depending on your requirements, there is a great variety of different prices, options and fulfilments covered when sending a parcel to Colombia from many different providers. If your ideal option is cheap parcel delivery to Colombia, then there is still lots of choice in what can be done and by when. The best value parcel delivery to Columbia service can mean the best price for your customer, or more availability to send gifts and items to friends and loved ones without the barrier of high shipping costs.

    We provide high-quality, high-accuracy and great price point comparisons to provide businesses and individuals with the cheapest parcel delivery to Colombia as and when they require it. From a selection of reputable suppliers there are options for value-packed services, services with fast timescales and even services that can be customised to your exact needs, whether that’s due to the fragile nature of your parcel, the size of what needs to be delivered or due to unusual or complex requirements. Anything can be catered for if the right company is chosen, which is an easy task with a list of service offerings laid out in front of you.

    As with any service, it’s important to know your exact needs so you can be matched correctly with the best courier or cheap parcel delivery to Colombia service for you. Whether your parcels are high value, contain certain chemicals or require a signature at the other end are all factors which will need to be considered when choosing your overall ideal parcel delivery to Colombia, as well as the method of delivery. Think about what your parcel needs to go through during Colombia parcel delivery and at the other end of the journey and plan accordingly.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Colombia

    As with many countries, several things should be taken into consideration when you organise parcel delivery to Colombia. Ensuring all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed is the first place to start. With any international shipping your package will be required to go through the customs system, so make sure you have completed all necessary paperwork that needs to be filled out prior to the shipment. Colombia’s addressing style matches the majority of South America in style – including the title of the person or company in line one of the address (i.e. ‘Señor’ or ‘Señorita’) – as we do in the UK.

    Before your parcel delivery to Colombia from UK, be sure to consider both local and international laws. For legal or health and safety reasons, the UK doesn’t permit the shipping of batteries, preserves and perishables, dental amalgams, products containing dry ice, toys representing arms or all articles listed in article 15 of the Bucharest Convention. This restricts these items via traditional travel and delivery methods and should be considered when shipping to Colombia.

    In addition, Colombia does not allow import or delivery of the following: pharmaceutical products for human and animal use, hygiene products, tobacco products, agricultural and vegetable products, any parcel where the contents exceed 1,000 USD in value or any parcel containing more than 6 units pertaining to any one product category by standard delivery methods, all of which should be considered in order to prevent delay or confusion with any deliveries.

    It’s also important to ensure all your parcels are packaged correctly, as international travel can be a little rough on anything you’re sending. Make sure anything fragile is labelled in bold letters or tape, and all items are packed securely, so they don’t move during transit before you send a  parcel to Colombia. Never be afraid to use bubble wrap or other packaging methods to ensure anything from makeup to ceramics make the journey to their location safe and sound. Using sealed bags for smaller, non-breakable items such as clothing or fabrics could even save you that bit extra that shipping a box would cost, and it’s always a bonus if your parcel will fit through a letterbox at the other end.

    If you’re interested in find the best price for your parcel delivery UK to Colombia, there is no place better than Parcel Delivery. Use our comparison tool online today.