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    The Republic of Nauru, as it is officially known, was formally known as Pleasant Island. The country is located within the Central Pacific Islands, with its nearest neighbour being Banaba island to the east at 186 miles away. The island of Nauru is north of the Solomon Islands and northeast of Papua New Guinea. The country is the third smallest in the world at 8.1 square miles and has a population of around 10,000.

    The first Westerner to visit Nauru was the British captain John Fearn in 1798. Fearn was responsible for establishing UK trade with Nauru, as the whaling ships would replenish their supplies from the island.

    Following World War I, the country became a League of Nations mandate and was administered by the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Following World War II the country joined the UN trusteeship before gaining its independence in 1968.

    The country was previously a large exporter of phosphate, however, although some resources remain, they are not commercially viable to extract. The country had a strong economy following its independence, with the highest per-capita income of any sovereign state in the world. However, this changed when the mining of phosphate was reduced. The country has also been known as a tax haven and also an illegal money laundering area, especially between 2001 and 2008. The country is now heavily reliant on Australia and is home to the Nauru detention centre, which it runs for the Australian government.

    The main exports from the country to the West are coconuts, bananas, pineapples, pandanus trees and hardwood such as the tomano tree. The vast phosphate mines have left around 80% of the land on the island infertile.

    The barren land has left many unemployed – it is estimated that the unemployment rate is around 90%. Of those employed, almost 95% of these are in jobs provided by the government. This has led to steady emigration of people in search of employment in Australia, New Zealand or Europe. It is now the least populated country in Oceania. The vast emigration of people from the country has led to an increase in personal shipments back to the country in the form of gifts for friends and family.

    Parcel Delivery To Nauru

    Cheap shipping to Nauru is usually to the most populated district of Alwo. Although on such a small island, parcels do get delivered in close proximity. Our couriers are also able to deliver to Boe, Yaren, Buada, Anetan, Baltso, Nibok, Anabar, Ewa, Uaboe, Anibare and Ijuw.

    Cheap shipping to Nauru is restricted because of the large coral reef, which has prevented the establishment of a seaport. Small boats are able to access the island through small channels in the reef, although this can add time and cost to the delivery. The island does have an airport and there are frequent flights from Australia, Fiji, Kiribati and the Marshall Islands. This has made it possible for couriers from the UK to begin sending to the island. The road network is not brilliant but parcels are able to be delivered to most addresses.

    There is a surprising demand for parcel delivery UK to Nauru, especially commercially. The country imports most of its resources from Australia. Any parcel delivery to Nauru from UK, which is almost 9,000 miles away, are usually personal items to be delivered to friends and family. This does mean that the parcel delivery to Nauru is much fewer than many other countries across the world.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Nauru

    Cheap delivery to Nauru starts at around £35 and takes roughly 10 days. This is via ship and so is not ideal for urgent deliveries. If you are looking for a faster Nauru parcel delivery option it is possible to use airfreight with a price of around £65. This is for a small, stackable 1kg parcel. If you are looking to for a cheap courier to Nauru and it is something large and heavy this will increase significantly.

    We have designed our website to find cheap delivery to Nauru. Although our cheap courier services to Nauru are limited, we only work with the best. We have tried and tested the companies to ensure they are reliable, quick and will complete your parcel delivery to Nauru for a great price. We will only advertise a courier which we would be happy to use for our own parcels.

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    The courier will be able to collect your parcel delivery to Nauru from either your home, work or local collection point. As soon as the parcel is collected it will be scanned onto the courier’s tracking system, and send on its parcel delivery UK to Nauru journey! We know how important it is for your peace of mind to be able to track your parcel across such a long journey. It will be possible for both you and the recipient to follow the parcel on each leg of the journey as it will be scanned on to the system at each location.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Nauru

    Parcel delivery UK to Nauru will involve customs clearance and you may also have to pay import taxes. This is because the country is not part of the European Union and so there are no free trade agreements in place for the movement of goods. When you send a parcel to Nauru, you will need to attach a document holder to your parcel which will need to include a customs declaration form and a commercial invoice. The customs form will be sent to you from the courier providing your cheap parcel delivery to Nauru, you will need to fill in the form with the parcel’s contents and the value of the items. The commercial invoice will need to be included even if the parcel is intended as a gift. The couriers all have vast experience in sending international parcels through customs so will be able to offer advice on how to complete the documentation for your parcel delivery to Nauru from UK.

    There are a number of restricted items which are prohibited for import into Nauru, these include: bees, fish, brushes made from animal hair, soil, the peel of citrus fruits and melons, cereals, seeds, sugar confectionery, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical products, fertilisers, tanning or dyeing products, soap, photographs and anything which advertises or promotes goods prohibited in the country. If you do have any queries you should contact HM Revenue and Customs who will be able to provide you with an up-to-date list of prohibited items in Nauru.

    When packing your items bear in mind that it will have a very long journey and will be manually handled through a number of processing facilities. It will need to be packed in a sturdy box with very strong parcel tape. It is also advisable to pack the box with enough bubble wrap to stop the contents from moving around when arranging to send a parcel to Nauru.

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