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    The Marshall Islands can be spotted in central of the Pacific Islands, inbetween Hawaii and the Philippines. The population is approximately 53,000, which has led to an increasing demand for cheap delivery to Marshall Islands.

    Sending a package to far-flung areas can be a complex process for a number of reasons. Parcel Delivery aims to help you make the wisest decisions when sending packages to the Marshall Islands, by comparing the costs of doing so between UPS and FedEx, and some of the other largest postal services in the UK. One question that many people looking to send a parcel to Marshall Islands ask is why are the costs of Marshall Islands parcel delivery so complex to fathom, and so high?

    These shipping costs for your parcel delivery UK to Marshall Islands can come down to a number of unavoidable factors:

    Security – for security reasons, most if not all packages are scanned, in a similar way to your luggage at airport security, in order to ensure that the contents are legal, not harmful, and will not cause any danger to anyone involved during transit. This, of course, takes time, which makes the transit length greater than it would otherwise be, and the cost greater for the transit organisation, and therefore the customer. However, sometimes a longer delivery time can actually mean a cheap courier to Marshall Islands. Make sure you use our comparison tool to find out for yourself. Even cheap courier services to the Marshall Islands will need to keep its workers and country secure and so there is a responsibility to those in the Marshall Islands not to transport illegal or harmful goods – hence the security.

    Taxes – as George Washington famously said, “there are only two things certain in this life, Death and Taxes”, and this is partially true for cheap shipping to Marshall Islands. Import and export duties are largely a fact of life, and should be considered when you are planning to send a parcel to Marshall Islands. Depending on the type of duty incurred, you may be responsible for paying it upon postage (perhaps as part of the fee you pay the provider), or your recipient may need to pay a fee to receive their parcel when it reaches the Marshall Islands.

    Fuel surcharges – factored into the price of your cheap courier to Marshall Islands from the UK, each provider will have a number of fuel costs to bear, both physically running their vehicles that carry the packages from A to B, but the taxes and duties that are placed on fuel for environmental offset reasons. However, it’s still possible to find affordable and cheap parcel delivery to Marshall Islands.

    Parcel Delivery To The Marshall Islands

    The Marshall Islands is a magnificent island country brimming with arts, culture and beautiful sights, sounds and smells. Found near the international date line, this Micronesian state boasts little over 55,000 residents spread across 1,100 unique islands, each a small pocket of paradise for those lucky enough to live there.

    However, The Marshall Islands’ location makes it a complex and often costly place to send mail to from the UK. This site aims to make sense of all of the offerings, and demonstrate how you may best go about making the most of your money and find cheap courier services to Marshall Islands when transporting goods, gifts or products to and from the UK and Marshall Island residents.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To The Marshall Islands

    Our service offers a comprehensive comparison to enable you to find the best, cheap shipping to Marshall Islands from UK. You simply input the specifications, value and addresses for pickup and delivery, and we do the rest. It is important that you get the units of measurement (cm or inches, for example) correct when entering the sizes into the search engine because this could lead to a big difference in price when arranging cheap parcel delivery to Marshall Islands.

    Tip: Consider, perhaps, looking at whether awkwardly shaped items can be repackaged in such a way that they will fit better into a cuboid shape. This may cost less to send via parcel delivery UK to Marshall Islands, as often the maximum dimensions available will be the ones considered when deciding on the overall cost of sending the package. For example, if you were to send a long, thin item such as a mop, the maximum dimension on the long side would be taken as the height, whereas if you were able to collapse it down into two pieces and send them side by side, you would half this dimension and likely still be within the width/depth limitations of the less expensive category.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To The Marshall Islands

    In order to minimise cost when you send a parcel to Marshall Islands, we would advise you to consider the following recommendations to ensure that the process is time effective, as simple as possible and at a reasonable price for the service you’re receiving, considering lead times, delivery windows, insurance etc.

    Firstly, it is important to package the item well. Try and find a nice balance between carefully wrapping the item to avoid damage, but not to the point where it adds too much bulk to the product itself, which would increase the dimensions and therefore the cost. Although bubble wrap and air-packing is, by definition, mostly air, and therefore weighs very little, the physical size of a package can be a big factor in raising the cost.

    When shipping internationally (for example, parcel delivery UK to Marshall Islands) it is important to ensure that the customs documents required are attached and visible to the outside of the package itself, in order to minimise delays (as we’ve discussed above, the lead time is a large factor in the price for Marshall Islands parcel delivery.) Don’t let yourself pay more for a shorter delivery window only to have your package sit in customs for days on end because of bad planning and poor knowledge of customs regulations. FedEx advises that your shipment must have the full range of customs documents (including Commercial Invoices, Certificate(s) of Origin and a Shippers Export Declaration) attached in order to minimise delays.

    Type your postage address (and waterproof it!). These packages could be subject to all manners of weather conditions on their journey, and so it is crucial that you waterproof the address part of the package. Additionally, consider typing the postage address so that it is clear to whoever is reading it, and will be less likely to be smudged during transit than a handwritten copy in ink. Consider providing translations if applicable. While it is important that the whole address is visible for delivery, it is often saved digitally when you send a package overseas via a formal carrier, and so, while it takes time, these sorts of situations are sometimes salvageable, but better avoided entirely.

    Be legal! It is very important that you use the information in this article, and on this whole site, to send completely legal items via parcel delivery  to Marshall Islands, as any attempt to transport goods that are illegal could result in the seizure of your packages, and potentially prosecution for yourself or the person who is due to recieve the package.

    Consider the unique laws that govern the Marshall Islands. As a part of Micronesia, the following import laws apply to packages that are being sent from anywhere in the world via parcel delivery to Marshall Islands:

    It is permitted for you to send up to 200 cigarettes, 20 cigars OR 450 grams (0.99lb) of tobacco, but no more than one of these options.

    It is also permitted to import up to 1.5 litres of distilled alcoholic beverages, such as spirits (vodka etc.).

    You can import other goods that have a total value of less than $200 (US), which is roughly £154 sterling.

    It is legal to import your own personal possessions via parcel delivery to Marshall Islands from UK, although this will likely be scrutinised by any customs officers who would suspect that this is not the case.

    If you are looking for cheap delivery to Marshall Islands, Parcel Delivery are here to help. Use our comparison tool on our website today for the cheapest parcel delivery to Marshall Islands to suit your budget and needs. If you have any questions about Marshall Islands parcel delivery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.