5 Things To Consider For Your International Parcel Delivery

When sending a parcel abroad, whether it is for personal or business reasons, there is a lot more to consider than when you are simply sending something across the UK. We’ve put together a handy list of five things that are essential, but are commonly overlooked, when sending parcels around the world.

1. Restrictions and Regulations

Every country has their own unique rules and regulations about prohibited or restricted items. It’s important to take the time to research the rules before you send your item, or you could find that it ends up in quarantine and isn’t able to be delivered. Within the EU, the restrictions are fairly straightforward- you can’t send any items which may be dangerous, such as sharp objects, or medication. Outside of the EU, regulations become more complex and you will need to find the individual country’s list of restrictions, particularly when it comes to sending food, books and cosmetics.

2. Using Correct Packaging

When you send a parcel internationally, you need to make sure that it is protected from any knocks it may take while in transit. To avoid your recipient receiving a disappointing broken item, be sure to wrap your items in high quality material. Depending on the contents of your package, double walled cardboard boxes packed with polystyrene peanuts are usually the best option. Most good couriers will treat your items with respect, and provide you with adequate cover, in the unlikely event that your item does get lost or damaged.

3. International Shipping Costs

Taking the time to inform yourself about the cost of international delivery could save you money. There are plenty of affordable international couriers who will deliver your items safely and securely. Why not use our handy comparison tool to find the ideal delivery solution to suit your needs?

4. Include a Return Address

One of the most easily overlooked aspects of sending a parcel internationally is including a return address. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, your parcel may not end up where it needs to be. If you include a return address, it will eventually find its way back to you for free, so you won’t lose out on the cost of your item as well as delivery!

5. Paperwork

Depending on the destination of your delivery, you may need to complete some additional paper work to send a parcel across the world. A pro-forma invoice is a document that needs to be completed prior to sending a parcel internationally. It’s used by customs officers around the world to make sure that your parcel is safe to enter the country. You might also need to provide the courier with information on the recipient, such as their phone number or email address, just in case they need to be contacted when your parcel arrives.

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