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    With a reputation for its gorgeous vistas and world-class footballers, Argentina has plenty to offer. The capital, Buenos Aires, serves as a major global port and acts as the gateway trading port into South America’s largest Spanish-speaking nation. Argentina has a rich agricultural export market, which means that Argentinian investors have been and continue to look for investments to put their money into imports from around the world, which are on the increase due to demand.

    Despite the political differences in the past that brewed between Argentina and the UK, as well as neighbouring countries such as Colombia and Uruguay, Argentina has become an import trading partner with the UK. This is really no surprise when 86.4% of the population have European ethnic links and origins. Thanks to these good trade links, parcel delivery to Argentina from the UK is now easier than ever. At Parcel Delivery, we have put together some useful information to help you when choosing cheap parcel delivery to Argentina.

    Parcel Delivery To Argentina

    There are a variety of companies and services that offer parcel delivery to Argentina from UK that you can find with our comparison tool. With companies such as Parcel Force, TNT and more offering Argentina parcel delivery, there is plenty of competition, which in turn keeps the price affordable and the service efficient. With cheap courier to Argentina becoming a popular option with most it is no surprise that more companies are offering this service making it even easier to send a parcel to Argentina no matter your time frame with the best price on cheap delivery to Argentina.

    Depending on the urgency required for your parcel delivery to Argentina, different services may suit your needs better than others. Different companies offer different speeds for cheap parcel delivery to Argentina, ranging from as long as eight weeks, to as little as five to seven days – TNT even offers a one-to-three-day express service. The delivery time for your Argentina parcel delivery to the UK will also depend on customs regulations and delays, depending on restrictions and what items you are sending into the country. There will also be options to include tracking, insurance cover for items or signed delivery, and even special delivery, and these add-ons can be included in original quotes or as additional costs. Be sure to double check what you are booking before you confirm your purchase of a cheap courier to Argentina as this will reduce the potential of hidden charges during shipment.

    Due to Argentina bordering the coast, it is simple and cost-effective to ship parcels to this location. As shipping becomes more popular, there has been a steady increase in the amount of cheap shipping to Argentina being offered to you. It is important to do your research when looking for cheap shipping to Argentina as there is a large number of companies offering what they believe to be the cheapest price that may not be. Enter the size and weight of your parcel into our price comparison tool and get a specially tailored quote today!

    With many companies offering you a vast range of cheap courier services to Argentina it is important that you are getting the best price for delivery of your parcel. Here at Parcel Delivery, we offer you a price comparison tool for all cheap courier services to Argentina and offer you a personalised quote for the overall size and weight of your parcel, allowing you to be 100% satisfied with the cost of delivery that you are receiving to ensure that when you send a parcel to Argentina you have the best of cheap delivery to Argentina.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Argentina

    When it comes to choosing the cheapest parcel delivery to Argentina, delivery prices vary across the spectrum. Prices will vary according to the size of the parcel, the weight of the parcel and, of course, how quickly you wish it to reach Argentina. Another factor will be whether you are sending a parcel to one of the main cities in Argentina or a more rural area of Argentina. Harder to reach places are usually more expensive with regards to Argentina parcel delivery, meaning that finding the cheapest parcel delivery to Argentina can be a struggle – Some companies may not offer the service at all.

    Parcel Force offer four services: Global Economy, Global Value, Global Priority and Global Express.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Argentina

    The government of Argentina has become increasingly protective over its domestic economy – the main reason for this being because the country has become wealthier as it has imported more consumer goods from abroad. In 2010, Argentina saw a 46% increase in imported goods and the result of this saw the government place import restrictions on approximately 200 goods. You can find out more about which goods are restricted from importation on the Argentina customs website to ensure your parcel delivery UK to Argentina is legal, and successful.

    Clear addressing

    Even with the cheapest parcel delivery Argentina, you need to make sure your address on your parcel is written very clearly and always includes the postcode or zip code and the country in English. The country needs to be written on the last line of the address in capitals; don’t use any abbreviations as this may delay the process. It’s also important to check the weight and size restrictions for parcel delivery UK to Argentina before sending a parcel in case of restrictions at customs.

    Return address

    Always remember to include a UK return address on all your parcels when you send a parcel to Argentina, not just those being sent via the cheapest parcel delivery to Argentina, just in case your parcel is unable to be delivered – then it can be returned to your home address. Some services will return the parcel to you free of charge; others may incur a charge, this is something to look into before organising your cheap delivery to Argentina.

    Customs Declaration

    When you send a parcel outside of the EU, you need to remember to complete and attach a customs declaration form for each item. If you don’t, this will slow down the parcel delivery time, and may result in your parcel being undelivered.

    It’s good to be aware that there is a chance that taxes and duties may be applied to your goods according to customs regulations. These charges are applied by the local government in Argentina upon import and, since import duties and taxes are decided by the local government, your chosen delivery service can’t include them in their original quotes.


    When choosing the ideal packaging for parcel delivery UK to Argentina, you should select packaging that best suits the contents of your parcel. Your packaging material needs to protect the items enclosed from damage, along with being secure, so that it doesn’t come undone during the delivery process.

    Don’t include prohibited items

    As with all countries, Argentina has its own rules and regulations on what can and cannot be imported. Before you place your booking with a service, take a look at Argentina’s import restrictions to make sure you can send your item there and to check if a license is required to do so. Here is an abridged version of prohibited and restricted items.

    Prohibited items

    Prohibited products are not permitted in the parcels, under any circumstances.

    • Live animals, animal products, meat, edible meat offal, or crustaceans, fish and any other aquatic invertebrates
    • Any dairy produce or similar, natural honey, birds’ eggs
    • Vegetable products, edible vegetables, edible fruit and nuts, peel of citrus fruit or melons
    • Certain roots and tubers, general plants, live trees, bulbs, ornamental foliage and cut flowers or cereals
    • Oleaginous fruits and oil seeds, miscellaneous seeds, grains and fruit, medicinal or industrial plants, straw and fodder

    Restricted items

    These items are restricted for parcel delivery to Argentina.

    • Vinegar, beverages, and spirits
    • Residues and waste from the food industries, prepared animal fodder
    • Sulphur, salt, stone and earth, plastering materials, cement and lime
    • Any tobacco or related manufactured tobacco substitutes
    • Mineral products, mineral oils, fuels and products of their distillation; mineral waxes; bituminous substances
    • Products of the chemical or allied industries, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, inorganic or organic compounds of any precious metals, of radioactive elements, of rare-earth metals or of isotopes
    • Ores, slag and ash
    • Tanning or dyeing extracts; colouring matter including pigments, varnishes and paints, putty and other mastics, inks
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Fertilisers
    • Essential oils and resinoids, perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations
    • Antiques, works of art, collectors’ pieces
    • Bedding, furniture, mattresses, cushions and similar furnishings which are stuffed
    • Games, toys and sports requisites

    To find out more information about parcel delivery to Argentina from UK, please do not hesitate to visit our FAQs page if you require clarification or need help or assistance in choosing the best cheap parcel delivery to Argentina for your goods.