What Happens If I’m Not Available At The Time Of Collection?

While it is important that you ensure you are available as soon as your courier confirms the time and date of collection for your parcel, there are a number of different things that can happen if you are not available at the time of collection. If you are unavailable then there could be a delay in the expected delivery time of your parcel, so please keep this in mind when arranging courier collection. Here are the things that you can do if you are unavailable at time of collection:

Ask Someone Else To Deal With The Collection For You

If you can have someone else with the same last name, or tell the courier provider in advance that someone else will be available when they come to collect your parcel, then this will help to streamline the entire process.

What Your Courier Will Do

If no-one answers when your courier knocks on the door, then there are a number of things that may happen:

  1. Leave a card stating why no-one was available.
  2. Add a tracking note to the parcel for you to check, advising that collection was attempted.

What You Can Do Once Collection Has Been Missed

If you have missed the collection, then you will need to ensure that you rearrange collection. However the courier will not be at fault for any delays to your parcel caused by you missing the collection time and date.