What Delays Are Possible With My Parcel?

When sending a parcel, delays can be extremely inconvenient, particularly if the contents of your parcel are time-sensitive. With millions of parcels being delivered every day around the world, a huge number of packages will be handled mechanically and manually, but with such a vast number of parcels in the works and the room for human error, there is a risk that mistakes can happen. There are a number of different reasons why delays could be possible, and here we are listing some of the most common:

Misspelled, Incomplete Or Outdated Address

If you have misspelled an address, the address on the parcel is somewhat incomplete or it is completely outdated, then your courier may have trouble delivering the parcel, ultimately causing delays. In fact, if a courier driver tries to deliver a package and they struggle to find the address or the correct recipient, they may not attempt a re-delivery, unless the correct details are provided by the customer.

Package Redirection

If you amend the initial delivery address after the courier has already picked up the item, or the delivery service has been confirmed, then you may find that the redirection may result in a delayed delivery – as the new route may take longer. Even if the address is close to the initial one, the change could lead to issues within the courier’s parcel delivery system, ultimately leading to reprocessing.

Customs Delays

If you are shipping your parcel abroad, you may discover that your item has been stalled by customs. This could be because you are attempting to transport restricted or prohibited items, or if the necessary documents needed for successful couriering have been filled in incorrectly.

Property Access

A surprisingly common issue that some couriers face is being able to access the property that they are delivering to. In some cases, couriers need an access code to enter a building. If this is not provided when you place the initial order, then you may find that the attempt will either be scheduled for a new date, or returned.

Unreadable Address

It is important that you provide a simple and easy to read label in high ink quality, or the label may be difficult to scan or read. This could ultimately delay your delivery.

Undeliverable Items

If your parcel contains prohibited items, then it may be marked as undeliverable. Even if the items are simply restricted, but they arouse suspicion, they may still be marked.

Weather Conditions

Bad weather can not only slow and block the roads, but also cause delays to the courier. This is beyond the courier’s control and while they will do everything they can to ensure that deliveries are made on time, freak weather incidents may result in delays.

Failed Delivery Attempts

Courier drivers will have a number of packages that they need to deliver at one time, meaning they are unable to continually go back to the property to redeliver or wait too long for the recipient to answer. If they wait or redeliver too many times, then this can cause delays to other packages.