Can I Claim If My Parcel Is Not Delivered?

When it comes to sending a parcel with a courier, while they all aim to ensure your parcel gets to its destination in one piece, there are some circumstances when your item may not be delivered, such as a lost or stolen parcel. There can be a number of reasons for this, and below we’ve listed some of the most common, and the compensation that you can receive because of this:

Incorrect Address –

If your parcel is not delivered because the address you provided was incorrect, then the courier cannot be held liable. The parcel will be returned to your address where you will be advised to re-send with the correct address.

Standard 3 days plus delivery –

As this is the most common type of delivery, the compensation on this is not very high, and many couriers will only provide a maximum level of compensation around £50.

Special Delivery –

A standard special delivery compensation rate will be around £200, depending on the courier.

International Standard –

This will generally be similar to UK standard delivery, but with the increased chances of a lost or stolen parcel due to the distance travelled, it is not uncommon for this to be a lot less.

Signed & Tracked Delivery –

If your parcel requires a signature or tracking, then this will generally require some form of compensation. This will be similar to special delivery rates, depending on the courier.

In order to ensure that you are receiving the correct worth of your parcel, insurance is vital. This will mean that if your parcel is lost or stolen, then you are certain to get a relatively high amount of compensation.