Why You Should Ensure You Have Compensation Cover

It’s no wonder many people find waving goodbye to their goods to be sent across the world daunting. Even if you send something just down the round, it can feel scary. Horror stories about wrecked birthday and Christmas presents, parcels going missing and parcels being washed up on beaches having been lost in transit aren’t uncommon.

Despite having faith in our couriers, accidents are inevitable, and they can happen to the best of us. For peace of mind, it’s always a good idea to protect your parcel with additional parcel cover so you can send your parcel away, worry-free.

Luckily enough, a large number of courier services already have a standard compensation cover in place, as long as the goods being sent aren’t on the prohibited or restricted list and follows the packaging guidelines down to the T. If any of your parcel’s contents appear on the list or isn’t packaged sufficiently, you won’t be able to make a claim.

Plan ahead

When you hit check out, you should opt to add additional cover to your parcel before you ship it so you can claim compensation for your parcel should you need to. If the worst does happen, you’ll be able to get the compensation you deserve!

Covers your parcels value

If you’re considering if the extra few pounds for compensation cover is worth it, let us tell you that it is. If you do opt to have additional compensation cover for your parcel delivery, be sure to value your parcel correctly before you ship it to ensure you get back what you deserve if your parcel goes missing or is damaged during in transit before it arrives at your door.

When you arrange for a delivery to be made, you will be asked to provide the value of your parcel. Here, you will be given the option to add extra compensation cover for your parcel delivery if you wish.

When choosing your courier, keep in mind that some already offer compensation cover as standard, providing you are not sending any prohibited or restricted items through the post. A number of couriers will in fact cover you automatically for parcels worth up to £30. If your parcel is worth any more than £30, you may want to consider extra cover for peace of mind.

The power of packaging

At some point during the delivery process, machines and robots will handle your parcel. You want to make it as machine-friendly as possible to avoid unnecessary damage. They can’t identify parcels labelled with “Fragile” and “Hand with care” tape over them – only humans can! Avoid dressing your parcel with fancy ribbon and ties, and essentially anything that could get caught somewhere along the line.

The verdict

Yes – you should ensure you have compensation cover for your parcel delivery if your parcel’s value is more than £30. It’s definitely worth paying a little more for cover if your package was to be lost or damaged. No matter what, each courier company will have a different process to follow, whether it be dealing with a missed parcel or filling in a claims form.

Even though you might think that paying extra for parcel compensation cover isn’t worth the hassle, or the money, think again. In reality, you’ll only be paying a small amount to cover an expensive item, which will cost even more to replace.

If you’re looking to send your parcel across the UK, or even abroad, make sure that you use our comparison tool to get the best quote on the market today!