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    Norsk parcel delivery service is a key player in international parcel delivery. A specialist logistics company with operations in a number of countries, Norsk have a mission statement to deliver parcels worldwide.

    Norsk parcel delivery service is a privately owned company that boasts over 25 years’ experience in international distribution and delivery. They provide a wide range of export and import services specially tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and businesses that are a cornerstone of this highly reputable business, which is why we trust them at Parcel Delivery.

    Norsk parcels is an established global business that uses advanced technology, key partnerships with other established logistics companies and employs a large body of human resources to ensure high standards of parcel delivery.

    How Norsk Parcel Delivery Works

    Norsk parcel delivery service works in partnership with a number of partners, including myHermes in the UK. Customers can choose to use either the courier collection service or the store drop off services offered by myHermes.

    As part of Norsk’s courier service, customers can arrange for a local courier to collect parcels from their door or designated safe place for delivery. Norsk couriers come from a collection of partners, including myHermes, all of whom pride themselves on being able to provide a truly localised service by operating through local Norsk couriers.

    The collection times are quite extensive, providing customers real opportunity to select times that suit their schedule. Norsk parcels can offer night-time collection throughout the UK. Collection fulfilled by myHermes and Norsk couriers also offer flexibility with collections between 8am to 8pm on Monday to Friday and 8am-5pm on Saturdays.

    Alternatively, customers can choose to drop parcels off at whichever myHermes ParcelShop is convenient for them. myHermes ParcelShops is a network comprising over 5,000 local convenience stores and corner shops nationwide. Customers can choose to drop parcels off at any myHermes parcel shop for delivery. Many of these local parcel shops are open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

    Why Choose Norsk Parcel Delivery?

    Here are a range of reasons to choose Norsk parcel delivery:

    Convenient collection options

    Norsk parcels offers a courier collection service and a shop drop-off service, which provides customers the opportunity to choose which option suits them.

    Customers can arrange for a local courier to collect a parcel from their door or a designated safe place. Norsk also offer customers the option of collecting their parcels at night time.

    The alternative option is to drop off the parcel at any of the other 5,000 ParcelShops nationwide for delivery. Many of these local stores are open 7 days a week from as early as 8am to as late as 8pm. The idea is for these shops to be as close to customers as possible, taking away as much of the hassle of sending parcels as possible.

    Convenient redelivery options

    If customers miss a Norsk parcel delivery, a Norsk courier will return the following day to attempt redelivery, although there are instances when the courier will return the same day. Parcels could also be left at local mail centres for customers to collect at their convenience.

    Specialist carrier of dangerous goods such as perfumes

    This is a truly unique feature in the offering from Norsk that sets it apart from other delivery services. Norsk have specialist knowledge about the various rules and regulations governing the shipping of dangerous goods.

    Their excellent customer support services can also be seen here. They have fully trained IATA staff and a dedicated dangerous goods department available to advise customers on the often confusing rules in this area.

    Key partnerships

    Norsk partners with a number of established delivery services, such as DHL and myHermes, in order to provide a seamless and dependable service in all of the locations it operates in.

    Although they are a global business, Norsk are still committed to providing a local service for customers where possible. Norsk appreciate the knowledge of specialist couriers, and so have partnered with some reputable local couriers to tap into that expertise.

    A range of postage options

    Norsk offers a range of postage from standard to express options so that customers can choose the most cost-effective option to suit their business and individual needs.

    Worldwide express delivery

    Norsk’s express worldwide delivery options offer a perfect solution when time is of the essence. As an established business, they provide a reliable service and can guarantee that all parcels are delivered on time so customers can achieve their own objectives.

    Norsk takes pride in being able to offer:

    • The fastest transit times worldwide
    • Delivery to most European capital cities
    • Special rates and service options for heavy weight shipments
    • Full track and trace visibility on all express worldwide shipments

    Norsk has established a key partnership with DHL, a long-standing delivery company with many successful years and a loyal client base to show, to achieve excellence in its express worldwide deliveries.

    eCommerce integration

    Norsk is committed to supporting eCommerce businesses. They recognise the particular challenges and requirements of eCommerce businesses and have set up processes to facilitate online trade.

    Norsk have developed their IT systems extensively to enable online retailers to integrate their platforms quickly and easily. They are confident that their eCommerce integration strategy would help businesses:

    • Reduce administration costs and lower stock wastage
    • Get happier and more loyal staff and customers
    • Reach faster and more accurate decisions
    • Create a level of confidence that facilitates business growth.

    Norsk arranges customs clearance for customers

    Dealing with customs can be time consuming. It can also be confusing especially because different countries have different customs requirements. Customs restrictions and requirements can change, and many customers may not always be aware of these changes.

    Norsk takes away the stress that can often arise from dealing with customs clearance. They have put in place an efficient procedure to ensure that customers are supported through the clearance process.

    Norsk is able to clear customers’ shipments through all UK sea and air ports via a direct systems integration with HMRC. They are conveniently based at London Heathrow airport from where they are able to offer a full customs clearance service tailored to the particular needs of customers.

    Insurance cover against loss or damage

    There is added peace of mind from knowing Norsk offers insurance cover to compensate you for any loss or damage to your parcels valued to a maximum of €5,000. The cost of the insurance cover depends on the value of the item; the higher the value the higher the cost of cover.

    Open and transparent policies

    Customers will never be taken by surprise when dealing with Norsk as they have put in the effort to ensure that customers have as much information as possible when making their decision to use the service.

    For example, Norsk are quite clear about excluded items which they can only carry at the owner’s risk and prohibited items that they cannot carry at all. There are also unable to carry items exceeding 15kg and have provided useful guides on their websites to help customers stay in the know.

    Norsk Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

    Delivery times are dependent on the location, though Norsk parcel delivery aim to deliver international parcels within 8 days.

    Norsk’s delivery prices are affordable and competitive starting in the region of £14, though prices are dependent on parcel size and destination.