Interlink Express Parcel Delivery

Also known as DPD Local, Interlink Express offers an unrivalled service across the UK and the rest of the world. Get a quote here.

Interlink Express from £5.99 exc VAT
Interlink Express Classic from £10.79 exc VAT
Interlink Express Classic Plus from £12.79 exc VAT
Interlink Express Classic European from £12.99 exc VAT
Interlink Express Classic European Plus from £17.39 exc VAT


    When looking for parcel deliveries in the UK, it may well be that one of the names that appears on our easy to use price comparison information is Interlink Express (now known as DPD Local).

    The fact that this company appears on your list of online parcel delivery options at Parcel Delivery shows that they are a company we feel you can rely on for prompt and effective services.

    However, you may possibly want to know more about Interlink Express parcel delivery (DPD Local) and how it can help you to reliably deliver commercial goods to customers, how you can return products to a retailer, or provide one-off transport of gifts or personal items cost effectively.

    Interlink Express parcel delivery service was one of the best-known and respected courier companies in the UK. It was first formed in 1979 as a motorcycle based courier service. However, it quickly grew to have around 90 UK depots, a fleet of over 2,000 liveried vans and a team of professional staff, all of which were dedicated to providing high standards of customer service in collecting and delivering parcels for local companies and households.

    Interlink’s streamlined business systems and excellent reputation led to it being amalgamated by La Poste, the parent company of worldwide parcel delivery company DPD.

    Then in early 2017, the Interlink Express parcel delivery service was rebranded as DPD Local.

    So now Interlink Express parcel delivery still offers the same responsive service, but in line with other DPD operations. Vehicles and depots have been refurbished and re-liveried to reflect the new brand.

    This also means the former Interlink Express couriers are backed by the technological expertise of DPD, providing responsive ordering, collecting and tracking services.

    How Interlink Express Parcel Delivery Works

    If you need a local parcel delivery or a relatively straightforward service, Interlink Express parcel delivery service (now DPD Local) may well be one of the names that rises to the top when you use our quick quote system.

    If it does, you would click through to their website, to make the final arrangements and get your item or items on their way to their destination.

    Interlink Express parcel delivery offers you two options. You can have your parcel collected from your home, office, factory or warehouse. This door to door service is available throughout the UK – from a croft in Durness, Scotland, to a farm in Snowdonia in Wales, to a business in the city centre of Exeter.

    However, if you wanted to save even more money when using Interlink Express parcel delivery, you could drop your parcel off at one of its 2,500 outlets, scattered throughout the UK.

    These are often combined with local convenience stores and supermarkets – the sort of retail outlet that offers extended opening hours. They are also the places you may go shopping anyway, such as Sainsbury’s, Matalan or Halfords.

    It means you can drop off your Interlink Express parcels on the way to work, after the school run, or potentially well into the early evening.

    Now Interlink Express parcels is growing and developing as DPD Local, it is able to offer other services too. This includes giving you the option of booking parcel collection or delivery with an app. This gives you fingertip control – on your mobile or tablet – to decide a time slot and pricing band for your parcel. The app is great for a customer who needs to make regular parcel deliveries quickly.

    Interlink Express couriers offer another excellent service too, for anyone who needs to receive parcels. You can have your goods or personal items delivered to one of Interlink Express parcel delivery’s thousands of pickup outlets. Then you can pop into the store to get your parcel delivery at a convenient moment in your day.

    Why Choose Interlink Express Parcel Delivery?

    DPD Local – formerly Interlink Express couriers – focuses mainly on providing a highly responsive and individual service for people and businesses in the UK who want to send single or small amounts of parcels.

    It is a really attractive parcel delivery option if your item or items are being sent to another UK address, and they are not overly heavy or large.

    Their offer of customer pick-up services is proving highly attractive to online retailers and other businesses too. It makes a sale potentially more likely if customers can opt to have their deliveries sent to a DPD Local shop, with no hassles for them with missed deliveries or waiting in, and reduced expenditure on failed deliveries for the company themselves.

    Because the Interlink Express parcel delivery service has built a strong business on the basis of being flexible to the needs of people and companies in the UK, it continues to grow its services based on in-depth local knowledge and high standards of customer care.

    The “local” feel to the former Interlink Express parcel delivery service is reinforced by the option (mentioned above) to drop your parcel off for delivery at a time and place that suits you. According to DPD Local, their parcel drop-off points are within a 10-minute drive of 93% of the UK population. If you live or work in London, it could well be possible to benefit from an average walking time of just 5 minutes to drop off your parcel delivery, hence the fact Interlink Express/DPD uses the marketing tagline “your local delivery experts”.

    However, the backing of the DPD brand, and all the expertise, facilities and experiences that brings, means that Interlink Express parcels (now DPD Local) can also deliver worldwide.

    DPD Local would simply use the connections and knowledge of other parts of its parent company, to provide UK customers with a seamless service, taking commercial goods or personal items to any corner of the globe. As they are all one company working together, international parcel deliveries can be available on favourable terms, especially for UK companies who deliver abroad regularly.

    Interlink Express Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

    Interlink Express parcels (now DPD Local) can be delivered in the UK from £5.99. Clearly, this cost will increase if your parcel is heavier or bulkier than standard size.

    There are also ways you can adjust your DPD Local parcel delivery requests to suit your own needs, particularly on how fast you need your items to arrive at their destination. The sort of delivery times offered (each with their own pricing structure) include before 10.30am and by 12noon.

    DPD Local also offers next day delivery, and a two-day parcel delivery for items that are not as urgent, to save you money. DPD Local can deliver on a Saturday and unusually also offers a Sunday parcel delivery service.

    You need to make note of the cut-off points for each of these timing options. Each will have a deadline for your parcel to reach DPD in order for that to guarantee to meet the delivery deadline.

    As with many of the reliable and expert couriers that appear on our parcel delivery comparison site, DPD offers you a technological approach to tracking your order. This can be reassuring if you are sending items outwards. However, their advanced tracking system means you only need to wait in to collect a DPD Local parcel delivery when your item is within an hour’s distance from your house or workplace.