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As well as providing an efficient and secure delivery service, Matalan’s return policy ensures that customers can send goods back to the company if they need to do so. Although the Matalan returns policy states that items can be returned to one of their stores or via the post, exchanges cannot be processed via postal returns.

Should customers wish to exchange a purchase for another product, they will, therefore, need to visit a local Matalan store. Alternatively, customers can obtain a refund by sending goods back via courier or a delivery service.

As with most returns policies, customers need to ship their Matalan parcel returns so that the company has received them within 28 days of purchase or delivery. Due to this stipulation, it’s often advisable for customers to dispatch their returns as quickly as possible.

If you know that you need to return an item, for example, you may want to arrange a Matalan
returns shipment as soon as possible. Depending on the postal or courier service you use, returns may take a few days to arrive, so it can beneficial to send them as early as possible. This ensures that they will be received by Matalan in advance of the 28-day deadline and that your refund will be processed as quickly as possible.

When you’re sending Matalan parcel returns, you’ll also need to ensure that the items you’re sending back are still in brand new condition. All labels and tags should still be attached to garments, for example, and they should be in a resalable condition. In addition to this, it’s best to return them in the original packaging, if you’re able to do so.

When you send items back, in accordance with the Matalan returns policy, the parcel should include your original receipt. If you purchased items online and had them shipped to you, a delivery note will have accompanied the goods. If so, this should be included when you dispatch Matalan parcel returns so that a refund can be given. In the event that you need to return Matalan parcels but you don’t have your original receipt or delivery note, staff may be able to provide a refund in the form of gift vouchers.

Return Your Matalan Parcel

If you’ve made a purchase from Matalan and you decide that you’d like to return some or all of the items, it’s easy to send back Matalan parcels. Firstly, you’ll need to complete the relevant part of the returns section on the delivery note which accompanied your goods. This may ask you to confirm which items you’re returning and the reason why you’d like a refund.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll simply be able to secure the parcel, including your refund paperwork, and dispatch it back to Matalan. As there is not an option to send returns for free, you’re entitled to choose the most suitable and convenient method for you.

Whilst the company will refund the cost of shipping Matalan returns parcels if an item is faulty or has been sent out in error, for other returns, the customer is liable for the cost of shipping. It’s important, therefore, that you’re able to access low-cost shipping services when you to ship Matalan returns.

In addition to this, you’ll need to use an efficient delivery courier to ensure that your items arrive before the refund deadline expires. With a range of reliable courier firms offering returns deliveries, you should find it easy to locate a suitable service.

When you dispatch your Matalan returns, however, it’s important to obtain confirmation from your courier or delivery firm. This acts as proof of postage and confirms that you did send the items back to the company and that you are, therefore, owed a refund.

Matalan Couriers

Due to the high demand for online shopping facilities, Matalan regularly dispatch parcels to customers. If you have purchased goods online, you can choose to have them delivered to your home or to an alternative address. If you’d prefer to have Matalan couriers deliver your items to your work address, for example, you’ll have the opportunity to add these details when you’re placing your order.

Whilst many people are happy to use the standard delivery service offered by Matalan couriers, there are express services available if you need to receive your items urgently. With next day delivery services applicable to both home deliveries and deliveries into local stores, customers are able to choose from a variety of delivery options.

In order to provide next day shipping services, the company does request that orders are placed before 4pm. Orders placed after this time can’t be guaranteed for the next day so it’s useful to order your items as early as you can so that they can be passed to the relevant Matalan couriers.

With standard delivery, parcels normally arriving in just 3-5 days, you should find that you benefit from a quick and efficient courier service, whichever type of delivery you choose.

Tracking Your Matalan Order

Once you’ve placed an order, you may want to track your goods so that you know exactly when they’ve been dispatched. Whilst staff will need to process and pack your order, it’s normally passed to Matalan couriers very quickly so it may even be dispatched within a number of hours.

When you receive confirmation of your order, you’ll also receive tracking information, if it is available. Once you’ve got this, you’ll be able to visit the relevant carrier’s site and submit your personal tracking information so that you can see what stage your parcel is at.

Often, this type of information helps customers to ensure that they’re in when the delivery is due to take place. Rather than waiting at home for your delivery to arrive, for example, you can simply use the tracking information to access more specific details regarding your delivery.

Don’t forget – you can track your shipment when you dispatch Matalan returns too. If you’re planning on sending items back to the company and you want to be able to track your parcel, you simply need to choose a courier firm which provides this option. With most delivery companies providing tracking services, you should find it easy to work with a low-cost carrier which enables tracking facilities.

Once your parcel has arrived back at the company, you’ll also receive confirmation from Matalan. Whilst it can take some time for returns to be processed, staff will endeavour to facilitate your refund request as quickly as possible. Although it can take up to 28 days for refunds to appear on your account, most returns are processed far more quickly so it’s unlikely that you’ll need to wait this long in order to obtain your refund.

With reliable Matalan couriers, secure delivery options and a clear and concise Matalan returns policy, shopping online couldn’t be easier. When you place an order on the Matalan website, you can simply choose the delivery option which is more convenient for you, and in the event that you need to send something back, you’ll be able to use a courier or delivery firm. With the option to drop your parcel at a local dispatch point or have it collected, you should find that it’s easy and straightforward to handle Matalan parcel returns, so use the information at Parcel Delivery to learn more about their policies.