Direct Entry Parcel Delivery

Direct Entry can provide a network of delivery options, reducing cost and maximising the efficiency of your parcel delivery.

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    Direct Entry Solutions is an independent parcel delivery company, which was set up in order to provide an efficient and reliable but low-cost distribution solution for companies wishing to send international parcels. As an independent company, Direct Entry are able to cater for both mainstream parcel deliveries as well as more niche services. They started out as a consultancy based firm, offering postal solutions to large corporations which were struggling with inefficiency in their parcel deliveries across the United Kingdom and Europe. Since then, Direct Entry have expanded, and now offer their own parcel delivery services in addition to their advisory role.

    Direct Entry Solutions have a policy of never cutting costs far enough to compromise the parcel delivery service they are able to offer to their customers. For this reason, Direct Entry couriers only use tried and tested methods of posting parcels, following robust routes which are reliable and trustworthy. Each and every separate consignment of packages has its own unique despatch code, allowing the Direct Entry parcel delivery service to process and track each parcel individually.

    This approach allows Direct Entry parcel delivery service to deliver the highest possible service at the low costs which customers deserve and expect. By finding the perfect balance between incurring the fewest costs possible and taking care to ensure that standards are maintained, Direct Entry couriers are able to offer fast, efficient and reliable parcel delivery at great prices. They used this method to build up a successful parcel delivery solutions business, and have taken this knowledge and expertise forward to create a direct parcel delivery company too. The result is a fiercely competitive parcel courier company which is committed to constantly delivering the best service at the lowest price to the consumer.


    The service run by Direct Entry parcel delivery is known as PacketPort. It was established in 2003, and now has over a decade’s worth of experience connecting different Post Offices together across Europe in order to offer a seamless parcel delivery service between countries. PacketPort is the trading name of Direct Entry couriers, so this is likely to be the name that you see on websites or courier comparison platforms. They are the same company, it is just a slight difference in branding which sets them apart.

    PacketPort offers an online booking system for you to set up the delivery of your parcel. Once you have set up an account and registered properly, you’ll be able to get in touch with the company to enquire about future deliveries and access tracking details to follow the progress of active deliveries.


    To help in achieving their aim of delivering great service at low prices, Direct Entry started up a documentation system named PostPort for all of their consignments, in order to allow each and every one of their customers to access detailed information about their packages and parcels whilst they are in Direct Entry’s care. It allows the customer full visibility of the stages their parcel goes through before it can arrive at its final destination as well as allowing them to ensure that everything is running smoothly. It gives customers peace of mind as they can log in at any hour of the day or night to ensure that their parcel is on track for a timely delivery.

    Not only has PostPort allowed Direct Entry couriers to give its customers greater visibility of the parcels they are sending, it also plays a crucial role in ensuring Direct Entry’s parcel delivery service continues to operate with competitive and affordable pricing. This system was implemented to cut down on the lengthy paperwork which was previously required when sending and receiving parcels and to reduce the repetition of various stages and processes. Reducing the amount of work involved behind the scenes of parcel delivery means that costs are not mounted up in unnecessary areas. These savings in costs can be passed directly onto the customer in order to keep prices low.

    PostPort can be accessed by multiple users at any one time, so two people can check up on the same consignment at the same time if necessary. It is a user-friendly system which is easy to operate, so anyone can access the information they need whenever they need it.

    By using PostPort, customers of Direct Entry parcel delivery will be able to print, save, store and compile consignment information for all of their shipments, with all of the information they need to see clearly visible. Whether it be for mail consolidators, in-house pot rooms, distribution centres, fulfilment companies, printers or mailing houses, PostPort can cater for a large number of different needs.

    This interface is leading the market in terms of independent parcel delivery. It is helping Direct Entry couriers to compete with the larger, more established firms by making the most of the latest technology and combining this with the most traditional methods of mail delivery. Their clever online systems bring European Post Offices into the 21st century and help them to make seamless transfers of parcels in order to be able to offer a much higher level of service.

    How Direct Entry Parcel Delivery Works

    Direct Entry parcel delivery works in a very simple way. You will need to sign up for an account before you are able to book your first delivery, but this should only take you a few minutes.

    Direct Entry parcel delivery is considered to be a hybrid delivery service. This means that rather than delivering the parcel from door to door themselves, Direct Entry parcel delivery service uses a number of partners in many different countries, often using the local Post Office, to deliver the parcels. Direct Entry parcels are delivered using existing infrastructure and delivery routes, keeping costs low whilst still maintaining high levels of efficiency.

    Why Choose Direct Entry Parcel Delivery?

    Direct Entry parcels is an innovative company which was set up purely to help drive efficiency within the parcel delivery sector. It has grown from its humble origins, and now boasts partnerships with organisations such as Austria Post and Swiss Post, giving them the benefits of operating on a much larger scale.

    The company is located just around the corner from Heathrow Airport, so is perfectly located for plane services to deliver parcels longer distances.

    It is worth noting that Direct Entry couriers only offer delivery services within the UK and Europe, so you will need to choose a different courier if you wish to send a parcel further afield. There are some remote and island addresses in Europe which are also excluded from Direct Entry’s delivery zones, which include Cyprus, Malta, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Russia.

    Direct Entry Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

    Parcel delivery times may vary according to the size, shape and weight of a parcel, and according to the final destination it needs to reach. However, there are some standard guidelines for medium-sized parcels travelling to accessible addresses.

    Direct Entry parcels lists the following delivery times for its parcels:

    • Send to Europe from UK – 2 to 6 working days (the exact length of time will depend on the final destination)
    • From one UK address to another UK address – 1 -2 days (including weekend deliveries)

    Express service – delivery times will vary according to the length of the journey. More accurate rates can be found by looking at the Zone Matrix or on the Direct Entry parcels website.

    To find out more about the services that Direct Entry has on offer, visit Parcel Delivery now.