Will Lockers Become More Popular Than Door To Door Delivery?

If you’ve ordered anything from Amazon recently, chances are you have probably been offered the option to have it delivered to an Amazon Locker. You might be used to clicking straight to next day delivery to get your goodies as quickly as possible, but there are already 13,000 lockers across the UK and the service is set to expand. Could lockers take over in the future? Read on to find out!

What Are The Benefits Of Lockers?

For those who aren’t familiar with lockers, they are simply secure storage units offering 24/7 parcel pick up. Instead of having your package delivered to your door, it goes straight into your local locker. Here are some of the benefits of this service:

  • Convenience

One of the main reasons people are choosing locker service is to reduce the risk of their parcel turning up when they least expect it. There’s nothing worse than an item being delivered when you aren’t home to receive it! For busy working people, it’s far more convenient to arrange collection from a parcel locker.

  • Security

Not everyone is lucky enough to have friendly neighbours who are willing to collect their parcels for them when they’re out. If you live in a flat or maisonette, your parcel will be left in a stairwell and could be taken by anyone passing by. A parcel locker removes this problem as your item will be delivered to a safe place.

  • Privacy

Sometimes you need to order something secretively. Perhaps you’ve ordered a birthday gift that you don’t want to fall into prying hands or maybe you’re planning a surprise for a later date. Sending your item to a parcel locker will ensure that you’re the only one who sees the package, giving you time to stash it away.

The Future Of Lockers

As well as the personal benefits of arranging parcel pick up from a locker, they are also very handy for e-commerce retailers and small businesses who want to deliver a fast and affordable service for their customers. However, it’s been suggested that lockers have the potential to completely replace door to door delivery and click and collect services. Is that really possible?

Realistically, this isn’t attainable at the moment. There are only a limited number of retailers in the UK currently providing the service. Imagine a Christmas rush without access to next day delivery or door to door couriers, it simply isn’t possible! Lockers have been designed to improve convenience for customers, to work alongside couriers and improve the service they provide – not eradicate them completely. However, with drone operated delivery on the cards in the very near future, who knows what the future could hold? It’s almost certain that we’ll see an increasing number of retailers offering parcel pick up from lockers in the future.

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