How Does Parcel Delivery Work?

Most, if not all, people know what a courier service is and what they generally do, but few know exactly how parcel delivery works.

When you arrange parcel delivery, your chosen courier will collect the parcel from the specific address you have provided them with. Many people choose their place of work or their home for convenience. Alternatively, you may get the option to leave it at a local drop-off point, but this depends entirely on how easy it is to get there, and if time is on your side. The courier will then transport your parcel to the nearest depot. Once your parcel has arrived at the depot alongside hundreds, if not thousands, of other parcels collected on the same day, it will be sorted into bags with other parcels that are addressed to a similar location. From here, the next delivery driver will transport your parcel from the depot and deliver it safe and sound.

 How Do I Arrange Parcel Delivery?

At Parcel Delivery, we understand that finding a suitable parcel delivery option is difficult. The process can be even more confusing when you’re not sure where to start, or if you don’t understand how to arrange parcel delivery! At Parcel Delivery, we are able to compare the most relevant courier services for all your needs and requirements, no matter whether you need to send a parcel to another country or across the UK, to save you money and valuable time otherwise spent searching endless online result pages to get the parcel delivery deal you want.

To arrange parcel delivery, simply use our convenient online comparison tool to search a huge number of reputable parcel delivery couriers, such as DPD, TNT and Hermes, and choose the best one for you. You can identify the best courier service for you by considering whether your worldly goods require a certain type of parcel delivery insurance, to protect your parcel in the unlikely event that it is damaged or lost, or whether you need to send a parcel to a far-off country or if you are solely looking for the cheapest parcel delivery quote!

 What Are The Main Considerations When Arranging Parcel Delivery?

There are multiple factors to consider when arranging parcel delivery. Although it might sound like a relatively easy decision to make, finding the best courier requires thought and informed decisions. Even if you are are more than happy to send a parcel with a reputable courier service alone, you should think about the four main points explained below before arranging your next parcel delivery.


Before you choose a parcel delivery courier service, you should request information about their security policy. This way, you can find out if packages are likely to be left unattended at any point during the parcel delivery process, and if their drivers are qualified and easily identified. If you struggle to comfortably get the information you want, find another courier service that is able to offer you peace of mind.


You need a parcel delivery courier service that won’t let you down last minute. Before you agree to a certain package delivery service, ask if they offer proof of delivery. This way, you can identify where your goods are throughout transit and know when your package has arrived at its destination safely.


Fast delivery is crucial. Even if parcel delivery timing is not a big concern for you, you never know when you may need a quick service! There are several parcel delivery courier services that offer Same Day Delivery, to ensure your precious parcel arrives at its desired destination the same day it is sent, or standard delivery, which is ideal for those who are happy to wait a couple of days longer for the arrival of their parcel. However, more often than not, these parcels arrive earlier than expected!


Unfortunately, a number of advertised parcel delivery costs aren’t always the final price. Be aware of hidden costs that could unexpectedly significantly increase the price of your parcel delivery, leaving you in the dark. Before you commit to any parcel delivery service always, request the final cost first before agreeing to the service. Prior to that though, make good use of our parcel delivery price comparison tool to avoid paying more than you need to the next time you send a parcel.

How Can I Find The Best Price For My Parcel Delivery?

We realise that finding the best price for your parcel delivery can feel like a mission, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, finding the best price for your parcel delivery is made easy with our online parcel delivery comparison tool. Here, you can find the relevant parcel delivery service for all your parcel delivery needs and requirements in a couple of fast and simple steps. Simply provide us with the destination of your parcel, weight, width, length and height, as well as collection postcode and destination postcode, and we’ll do the rest for you!

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