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    Finding the right cheap courier service to Samoa from the UK is easier than you think thanks to modern global logistics that can bring this far-away island closer than ever and help you send a gift or goods quickly and safely. Despite being 9500 miles away from the UK, literally on the other side of the world, the modern-day airmail industry means that your Samoa parcel delivery can reach this independent Pacific state in just three days, should you choose the fastest available shipping times.

    The Independent State of Samoa in the Pacific Ocean was, until 1997, known as Western Samoa. This Polynesian archipelago of nine volcanic islands lies approximately 2000 miles off the coast of New Zealand. Today, Samoa is a thriving holiday destination. Samoa has long had ties with Europe and with a number of settled Europeans living in the archipelago, so it’s no wonder that goods are sent back and forth from the country all the time and that cheap courier services to Samoa is in high demand. The population of Samoa is just below 200,000 people, although three-quarters live on the largest island of Upolu, where the only international airport, Apia Faleolo International Airport, is found.

    The reasons UK residents look to send a parcel to Samoa vary greatly and include birthday gifts, care packages and commercial goods. Companies selling items to individuals in Samoa will want to ensure the highest customer feedback by looking for a fast and low-cost parcel delivery to Samoa from UK. Anyone looking for parcel delivery to Samoa, for whatever reason, will also want peace of mind that their parcel is covered for loss and damage. It’s advised that for more valuable items or commercial goods, customers opt for extended loss and damage cover to fully protect their parcel. Additional services are also available from some parcel couriers for your cheap shipping to Samoa, including signed deliveries!

    Samoa has a unique biodiversity and an infrastructure that relies heavily on agriculture. For this reason, Samoan authorities have strict regulations when it comes to what can and cannot enter the country. Read on to find out not only how to get the best deals on Samoa parcel delivery, but also advice on what you cannot send to the country and other useful information on finding cheap delivery to Samoa.

    Parcel Delivery To Samoa

    A parcel sent via cheap shipping to Samoa will be travelling halfway around the globe and may travel east from the UK or west, depending on the airmail flights available. Having been picked up from your home, office or warehouse, the parcel will most likely be taken on a dedicated airmail carrier to a regional hub in either the USA, the Pacific Islands, or Asia. From there it may be transferred to passenger flight to Faleleo Airport in Samoa. Despite this massive world tour, when you send a parcel to Samoa, it could reach Samoa from the UK in as little as three days, although average parcel delivery UK to Samoa times are more likely to take around 8-9 days in total. Once at Faleleo Airport, the post will be sorted again and either transported by road to its destination on Upolu Island or possibly even taken on a boat to one of the remaining inhabited islands in the archipelago state.

    Parcel delivery to Samoa was once an extremely lengthy and expensive option and, therefore, for most people it was simply out of the question. Luckily it’s now easier than ever to get your parcel packaged up and sent by a cheap courier to Samoa for minimal cost.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Samoa

    Customers should note that prices for parcel delivery to Samoa from UK vary hugely in price, although cheap parcel delivery to Samoa is easier to secure than ever before. A cheap courier services to Samoa comparison tool is the best way to find cheap delivery to Samoa, but this always needs to be considered in combination with the time frames of available deliveries, which the comparison tool will also be able to show you. Faster airmail delivery for your parcel delivery UK to Samoa of approximately 3-5 days can cost up to double that of more typical, longer delivery times of around one-two weeks. Sometimes, however, it’s possible to secure both low-cost and speedy parcel delivery to Samoa from UK when you’re able to properly compare the prices of the top global couriers.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Samoa

    Samoa parcel delivery will always be taken on an international aircraft carrier, which means it’s imperative that you look into the restrictions for goods carried via airmail. This includes alcohol, perfume, explosive or other hazardous items. In addition to this, there are a number of items specially restricted from entering Samoa, many of these are to avoid pests and diseases entering the country that could negatively affect Samoa’s agriculture and unique biodiversity. An isolated island group such as the Independent State of Samoa must protect its native species and the island’s ability to produce its own crops. Because of this, it’s essential that you declare what is in your parcel accurately and honestly, including its origins, as it may need to be inspected. Anything that the Samoan authorities are suspicious or unsure of simply won’t be allowed in and may be seized or even destroyed. Even seemingly innocuous items such as dried flowers, medicine, seeds, souvenirs or wood carvings will need to be inspected. Live animals and plants are strictly prohibited.

    Every item that comes through Apia will be scanned and x-rayed by the quarantine service. If you are not sure of what you can and cannot send to Samoa, check the Samoan authority website, although it is wise to be prepared on the side of caution and avoid sending anything which may harm the special biodiversity of the archipelago.

    Every parcel must be accompanied by a full and detailed description, declaration of origins and, for some items, a sales invoice too. You will be able to fill all this in online when you book your parcel delivery. When you prepare your package for Samoa, it’s vital that you pack it carefully, ensuring fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap and if necessary are marked with which way up to handle. International delivery standards stipulate that all addresses end with the country name SAMOA in capitals. Make sure that both address and sender is written clearly. Ensure that the delivery address side of the package is big enough to attach any relevant shipping labels, sales invoices or customs forms.

    Fast, efficient & reliable parcel delivery to Samoa

    It really is important to find the best service when it comes to choosing cheap courier to Samoa. A parcel comparison tool can help you choose the best service by comparing it with other top international courier services in terms of both price and speed. Be sure to enter the weight, size and exact postcodes of your delivery pick-up and drop-off in order to get the most accurate quote possible.

    Parcel delivery from the UK to Samoa is cheaper, faster and easier than ever before with Parcel Delivery. Be sure to check the restrictions and fill out all forms with accuracy and honesty. This will help get your parcel from A to B hassle free. Use our parcel comparison tool today and get your parcel ready for its round-the-world trip to the Pacific Polynesian, all with a cheap parcel delivery to Samoa service!