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    Bordered by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, Paraguay is a relatively small country in South America. Separated into eastern and western regions, much of the land in Paraguay is marshland or wetland. In addition to this, Paraguay has a significant amount of forestry which means that many people live in the south of the country, rather than in central Paraguay.

    As the country is landlocked, it doesn’t have a port of its own. However, this doesn’t prevent efficient courier services to the country. By using air travel and relying on ports in nearby countries to facilitate incoming shipments, it’s easy to obtain cheap courier services to Paraguay from UK.

    With many manufacturing industries situated in Paraguay, there is significant demand for imports and exports. While many individuals use shipping services to send personal items to loved ones in Paraguay, many businesses also use Paraguay delivery services in order to trade effectively with businesses in the country.

    Parcel Delivery To Paraguay

    Fortunately, it’s easy to arrange a cheap courier to Paraguay and a wide range of items can be sent to the country. With regular demand for cheap shipping to Paraguay, there are many people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who rely on these shipment services.

    In order to make it easy to book cheap parcel delivery to Paraguay, most delivery firms have introduced new and efficient dispatch methods. Often, booking your parcel delivery to Paraguay from UK online is the easiest way to secure a courier service.

    When you’re arranging cheap shipping to Paraguay, you’ll be able to decide how you want to dispatch your parcel. Many delivery companies have installed parcel drop off points all over the UK, so you should find it easy to dispatch your parcel from a designated point in your local area.

    If this isn’t convenient, however, you can also opt to have your parcel collected from you as part of your Paraguay parcel delivery service. As this doesn’t come as standard with every type of shipping service, it’s important to ensure that collection is included when you book a parcel delivery to Paraguay.

    As this is often the more convenient option for people, many senders prefer to arrange for a courier to collect their parcel from them. As you can select where you’d like the parcel collected from, a courier can travel to your home or another location and collect your parcel for parcel delivery to Paraguay from UK. If you’re likely to be working during the day, for example, you may want to provide the address of your workplace so that the parcel can be collected from there, making the process of cheap delivery to Paraguay even more simple.

    Often, this type of arrangement ensures that your shipment can be dispatched quickly and it may also save you time. With various options available, it shouldn’t take long to locate a service which suits you and you can even book your cheap delivery to Paraguay in a matter of minutes.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Paraguay

    Before people book any kind of Paraguay parcel delivery service, they often want to get an idea of how much it will cost. When you’re looking for global shipping solutions, this is easy to do. By submitting a few basic details about the item you’re sending, you’ll be able to access quotes from different delivery companies when arranging to send a parcel to Paraguay.

    In addition to this, you can take a look at the various types of shipment options available when you’re sending goods via parcel delivery UK to Paraguay. Once you’ve got this information, you’ll be able to decide which service facilitates your needs and make a booking.

    If you’re worried that sending a parcel to South America will be expensive, then you can start to relax, with our help. Shipment services to Paraguay can be obtained for as little as £19-£20, so you can still arrange a parcel delivery to Paraguay, even if you’re on a relatively low budget.

    As you might expect, there are additional extras you can choose to take advantage of as well. If you want to send a parcel to Paraguay very quickly, for example, you could use an special delivery service. This will get your parcel to the recipient in only one to three days and costs from as little as £32.50.

    While this option is often used by individual senders, it’s also ideal for businesses that need to send goods to the country quickly.

    In addition to using express services, you can also add extra insurance cover if you’re worried about your items getting damaged while they’re being transported. As some delivery firms provide some cover as standard, you’ll want to check if this will be enough to cover the contents of your parcel before you purchase anything extra.

    Generally, the insurance cover provided as standard ranges from £0-£50, so if the value of your parcel exceeds this, it may be advisable to opt for additional coverage. Available at a low cost, this will provide reassurance if you’re sending valuable goods via a cheap parcel delivery to Paraguay.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Paraguay

    As with any international shipment, you’ll need to make sure that the items you want to send are permitted. All countries have a list of prohibited items and Paraguay is no different in this respect. While some items are prohibited due to safety reasons, some are simply restricted or accepted conditionally.

    Clearly, it would not be appropriate to send potentially flammable items via parcel delivery to Paraguay as it would be hazardous. Items such as fireworks and matches, for example, cannot be delivered via a courier.

    Similarly, if you want to send medication to Paraguay you may need specific authentication and licenses in order to do so. This prevents anything dangerous from making its way into the country but still allows for commercial shipments to be made, providing the right documentation is in place.

    While these types of restrictions are mainly aimed at businesses importing goods into the country, they do apply to individual customers as well. As there are some surprising items which are prohibited and restricted, it’s always advisable to look at the relevant restrictions before you send your parcel.

    Items such as exercise books, folders and binders have been prohibited from being sent to the country via cheap parcel delivery to Paraguay, for example, so you’ll be unable to send these with a courier.

    If you were planning to send perfumes or toiletries as a gift to someone, for example, you should be aware that these types of items are only accepted conditionally. You may, therefore, need to complete additional paperwork in order to send certain goods via a parcel delivery UK to Paraguay.

    If additional documentation is required, there’s no need to worry. When you send goods internationally you generally have to complete a customs declaration as well, even with a cheap courier to Paraguay. This simply requires you to state certain information regarding the items you’re sending, as well as providing your own details.

    As your delivery firm will often make these forms available to you via their website, it’s easy to download them and print them off prior to dispatching your parcel.

    Despite specific restrictions applying to international shipments, it’s easy to confirm whether or not the items you want to send can be transported safely and in accordance with the relevant guidelines. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be free to access low-cost delivery quotes and book one of the many cheap courier services to Paraguay, so use the tool here at Parcel Delivery now to start comparing!