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    Located in the South Pacific Islands, Fiji is situated within an archipelago of over 300 islands, with close neighbours of Vanuatu, Tonga and Tuvalu. With an island community of approximately one million people, the island is fairly well populated, given its size. With high mountainous peaks, tropical forests and sandy beaches, Fiji is an idyllic location and is popular with holidaymakers from all over the world.

    Although Fiji is fairly small in terms of landmass, the region has one of the most flourishing economies in the South Pacific. With forest, mineral and fish resources located in Fiji, there are many export businesses in the area. In addition to this, tourism accounts for a significant amount of the country’s wealth.

    With tourists flocking to island locations, such as the Coral Coast, Nadi, Denarau Island and the Mamanuca Islands, there is significant demand for cheap shipping to Fiji. Many tourists have spent weeks or months travelling around Asia and Australia before arriving to their final destination and, as a result, their loved ones often send them packages via a cheap courier to Fiji.

    In addition to this, holidaymakers who plan to take part in adventurous activities on the islands often send a parcel to the small Pacific island with their equipment in advance so they are always on the lookout for cheap courier services to Fiji. With water-based activities such as scuba diving available, keen travellers are often eager to have their own equipment to hand. By arranging a reliable and cheap delivery to Fiji, they can ensure their equipment arrives safely without having to overpay for the service. Furthermore, tourists who make use of cheap courier services to Fiji don’t have the hassle of trying to bring their equipment with them when they travel.

    Parcel Delivery To Fiji

    Whether you need to send a parcel to Fiji for a local resident, want to dispatch items to a Fijian customer or are corresponding with a business based on the island, it’s easy to arrange a cheap courier to Fiji from the UK.

    In fact, the cost of a Fiji parcel delivery is likely to be a lot less than you expect. The key to get cheap shipping to Fiji is comparing the services available before you book. In addition to this, you’ll need to pack the contents of your parcel delivery UK to Fiji wisely in order to benefit from the best deals available.

    Reducing the size of your parcel, for example, tends to lower the cost of your already cheap delivery to Fiji and you can save money as a result. If you can  find the cheapest parcel delivery to Fiji, and then use lightweight packing boxes as well, you may also be able to reduce the weight of your package and, therefore, have access to an even cheaper parcel delivery to Fiji.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Fiji

    When it comes to arranging a parcel delivery to Fiji from UK, why spend more than you need to? With an international airport in Nadi and a seaport in Lautoka, the infrastructure in Fiji lends itself to efficient delivery times so you can send a parcel to Fiji as quickly as you need to. Whether you’re sending items to residents on Viti Levu, businesses on Vanua Levu or tourists on the Yasawa Group, you’ll be able to find the appropriate cheap parcel delivery to Fiji.

    In fact, you can book a parcel delivery UK to Fiji from as little as £19-20, so getting your items to the islands needn’t be costly at all. Depending on the items you’re sending, you may want to obtain extra coverage for your parcel. If so, this can be obtained equally cheaply. Deliveries including this extra coverage only cost a couple more pounds, so you can obtain peace of mind for a nominal extra charge.

    In order to take advantage of the cheapest parcel delivery to Fiji, you may want to book your delivery as early as you can. If you don’t need to send your items to the islands urgently, you can take advantage of the super economy deals and rock bottom prices. As super economy services tend to take at least four days to arrive, you’ll want to send your parcel in advance of when you want it to arrive.

    If you’re travelling to Fiji and want to send a parcel to Fiji so your items arrive before you do, you may want to dispatch them 10-14 days before you leave, for example. By contacting your hotel, you can easily arrange for them to take delivery of your parcel and it can be waiting in your room when you arrive at your hotel. By doing this, you’ll have access to the cheapest shipping routes and the most cost-effective delivery rates.

    If you’ve forgotten to send something or you need to send something to the islands urgently, however, you can always use special delivery services to ensure your parcel is delivered quickly. Accessible for around £30, this service can have your parcel at its intended destination in just one to three days. When time isn’t on your side, an express delivery can be extremely cost-effective and is an efficient way to get your parcel from one side of the globe to the other.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Fiji

    Although Fiji doesn’t have many prohibited items when compared to other countries, you should be aware that there are some items you aren’t able to send via parcel delivery to Fiji. Precious metals, such as gold, are only accepted onto the islands conditionally when you’re using a parcel delivery service, so this type of parcel may require additional documentation.

    In addition to this, Fiji has banned any obscene materials, so you’ll need to consider which items you can send. Local attitudes have an impact on what it considered obscene, so you may want to research whether books, magazines and newspapers from different regions are considered appropriate before you arrange a parcel delivery from UK to Fiji.

    Whilst Fiji restricts some items, delivery companies also limit what they will transport via international shipping. In many instances, this is due to safety concerns as not all items can be moved safely, particularly if they are being transported via air.

    Lithium batteries, for example, are not normally accepted via international parcel delivery so you wouldn’t be able to include them in a Fiji parcel delivery. Whilst you may not choose to send this type of item, many electric devices contain this type of battery, so it’s important to consider the components of each item you’re sending to ensure that they don’t breach the country’s importation guidelines.

    When you send items overseas via a cheap parcel delivery to Fiji, the package will be scanned numerous times. Generally, courier firms scan packages before they are dispatched and they are checked throughout the journey, as well as by customs. This helps to ensure that the contents of the parcels are safe and can be transported legally. By adhering to the relevant rules and regulations, you can be sure that your parcel will be delivered on time and without any unnecessary delays or investigations.

    Once you’ve checked that your items are able to be transported via parcel delivery to Fiji from UK, you may be ready to book your delivery service. If so, you can obtain the cheapest deals by comparing the services available to you. Instead of spending more than you need to on a parcel delivery to Fiji, why not compare and book your delivery with Parcel Delivery right now?