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    As one of the most well-known islands in The Caribbean, Jamaica is a popular holiday destination, as well as an enjoyable place to live. One of the biggest islands in the Greater Antilles, Jamaica has a thriving tourist industry and their economy is also supported by mining, agriculture and financial services, bordered with countries such as Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

    With a significant number of goods being exported, there are well-defined routes for parcel delivery to Jamaica. Located in the shipping lane to the Panama Canal, there are plenty of sea-based delivery services going to and from the island, resulting in cheap shipping to Jamaica. With numerous containers being transported to the country regularly, it’s easy to obtain cheap parcel delivery to Jamaica.

    With over 5 ports on the island, container traffic is well catered for and can be delivered or dispatched quickly and efficiently with Jamaica parcel delivery benefiting from such a process. Jamaica is the ideal location if you’re looking for cheap shipping to Jamacia for family or friends. With the Port of Kingston having undergone significant expansion, various types of containers can be shipped to the island with ease.

    As well as sea-based cargo, the three international airports on the island ensure that parcels can be delivered by air as well, improving cheap delivery to Jamaica from UK. For fast international deliveries, this type of transportation ensures that parcels arrive at their location on time.

    With various routes available from the UK, you should find it easy to access a Jamaica parcel delivery, regardless of your exact location.

    Parcel Delivery To Jamaica

    With approximately 1.3 million tourists travelling to Jamaica each year, it isn’t just local residents who are recipients of parcel delivery to Jamaica from UK. In addition to these holidaymakers, the cruise ships which sail throughout The Caribbean often enable additional tourists to visit the island. Due to this, many travellers arrange to send a parcel to Jamaica so that they can collect them when they disembark.

    Whilst 2.8 million people live on the island permanently, almost 1 million of these are based in the country’s capital, Kingston. As Jamaica’s commercial centre, the City is home to a variety of amenities and facilities. Due to a large number of people residing in the area, many cheap courier services to Jamaica pass through Kingston.

    Of course, when you book a cheap courier to Jamaica from UK, you’ll be able to choose a service which delivers to a more remote location, if you need to. With bustling towns located all over the island, you’ll be able to get your parcel to its recipient, regardless of where they’re based on the island.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Jamaica

    Although The Caribbean is a significant distance from the UK mainland, you can obtain cheap courier services to Jamaica throughout the year. With prices from just £18.06, you needn’t worry about the cost of booking a parcel delivery UK to Jamaica.

    Whilst prices do increase depending on the weight of the goods you’re sending, it’s possible to obtain a cheap delivery to Jamaica for heavier parcels too. When you access parcel delivery quotes, you’ll be able to see the wide range of services available and you can select a cheap courier to Jamaica that suits you.

    If you don’t need to get your parcel delivery to Jamaica from UK there in a rush, for example, the economy service might be the cheapest parcel delivery to Jamaica. Taking slightly longer than more urgent deliveries, your parcel will still arrive in Jamaica quickly but you’ll be able to use the cheapest parcel delivery to Jamaica rates available.

    If you find that you need to send a parcel to Jamaica urgently, there’s no need to worry. Express services cater for just this type of situation and you can normally get your items to a recipient on the island in just 1-3 days if you’re dispatching your parcel from the UK.

    As special delivery services are available for just £32-£33, sending items via expedited delivery needn’t be expensive either. In fact, whichever option you choose, you should be able to access cheap parcel delivery Jamaica.

    In some cases, however, you may want to increase the price of shipping so that you can benefit from added extras. By paying a few more pounds, you could send a parcel to Jamaica with extra insurance coverage, for example.

    Similarly, for a small extra cost, you can request that your parcel is ‘signed for’ when it’s delivered. With real-time tracking available, a ‘signed for’ delivery will ensure that you have confirmation of exactly when your parcel reaches the recipient.

    Often used by businesses who are dispatching goods to customers, this type of parcel delivery from UK to Jamaica is extremely popular and is available at a relatively low cost.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Jamaica

    Although there are efficient shipping routes to the island, they may be affected by weather conditions at certain times of the year. Whilst hurricanes have occurred on the island from time-to-time, Jamaica can be hit by severe storms during rainy seasons.

    As a result, a parcel delivery Jamaica may be delayed if transporting goods is deemed to be too dangerous. Fortunately, experienced delivery firms are aware of these issues and often have countermeasures in place to ensure that deliveries can proceed without delay.

    Similar to most countries, Jamaica does have a list of items which cannot be shipped to the country. When you book a parcel delivery to Jamaica, you won’t be able to send perishable goods, potentially dangerous items or medicines, for example. Whilst some restricted items can be sent to the island with the relevant licences, they cannot normally be sent by using a standard parcel delivery UK to Jamaica.

    Although these are fairly standard restrictions, there are some prohibited items which are unique to Jamaica. When sending any items, you’ll need to ensure that they are not considered obscene or offensive. As the definition of this can vary, it’s vital that you consider local attitudes before you dispatch any items.

    In addition to avoiding sending certain items to the country, you may also need to complete specific paperwork so that your parcel can be processed by customs. Although this is easy to do, it is important if you want to avoid delays when you arrange a cheap parcel delivery Jamaica.

    Finally, you’ll need to make sure that your parcel is appropriately labelled. When you’re sending items internationally, it’s particularly important to include all the relevant details. As international address formats can differ from standard UK addresses, it can be easy to leave information out. This can delay your Jamaica parcel delivery, however, so it’s important to check that you’ve added all of the recipient’s details.

    Whilst most of the country does not use a postal code system, Kingston does use sector codes. Normally made up of just 1 or 2 digits, these should be added to Kingston addresses so that deliveries can be made in a timely fashion.

    You should, of course, use the recipient’s district, town or province, in addition to their name and street address. If you’re able to add a contact number for the recipient, this can also help to ensure that the delivery is made without any delays.

    As the infrastructure in Jamaica is ideal for facilitating shipments, most parcel deliveries are completed without any issues whatsoever. In fact, you may be surprised at just how easy it is to send goods via a cheap parcel delivery to Jamaica, so visit Parcel Delivery to find out.