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Recognised officially as the Republic of Guatemala, this Caribbean country is bordered by Mexico, Belize and Honduras. With the south west coast lying on the Pacific Ocean, tourism is one of the biggest contributors to    Guatemala’s economy.

The beautiful coastlines and sandy beaches attract over 2 million tourists each year, with many people travelling from all over the world to visit the region. In addition to this, the country has numerous archaeological sites and these also draw visitors from all over the globe. With national parks and nature reserves located across the country, there is plenty for tourists and holidaymakers to see in Guatemala.

Parcel Delivery To Guatemala

Highways, railways and roads have undergone redevelopment in Guatemala and this provides a good infrastructure for parcels to be transported around the region. This allows many cheap courier services to Guatemala to operate within the country. Although this development originally took place to facilitate Guatemala’s exports, the existing transportation system lends itself to incoming goods as well, such as a parcel delivery UK to Guatemala.

A number of seaports which are ideal for cheap shipping to Guatemala means it is ideal to facilitate incoming and outgoing shipments. In addition to this, the increasing number of seaports has resulted in the country being included in many cruise ship routes, thus facilitating larger numbers of visitors to the country. Furthermore because of their active ports cheap shipping to Guatemala is more common.

Whilst many people arrange a cheap courier to Guatemala in order to send items to local residents, there are a significant number of deliveries sent to holidaymakers travelling via cruise ship as well. If family members are aware that a ship is due to dock in Guatemala, they may arrange a parcel delivery to the country so that they can send items to loved ones whilst they’re travelling for example, this is a cheap way to deliver to the destination.

Located just 4 miles outside of Guatemala City, the La Aurora International Airport is also an efficient way for goods to be transported into the country. Ideal for personal parcel deliveries, rather than large commercial shipments, air travel can ensure a fast service even with a cheap courier to Guatemala.

Whilst the use of air travel can facilitate urgent or expedited shipments, this form of Guatemala parcel delivery needn’t be costly. In fact, people can obtain a cheap parcel delivery to Guatemala, regardless of whether the transit route includes air, sea, rail or road.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Guatemala

As with all shipments, the cost of a parcel delivery UK to Guatemala will depend on what you’re sending to your recipient. Sending heavy items, such as books, is likely to be more costly than sending lightweight items, such as photographs, for example. Similarly, sending small items is likely to be cheaper than transporting heavy goods to the country.

Although the size of your parcel and the weight of its contents will affect the delivery price when you send a parcel to Guatemala, you needn’t be overly concerned about the cost of a parcel delivery to Guatemala from UK. Shipments to the region start at just £13-£14 so it’s easy to book even the cheapest parcel delivery to Guatemala. Whilst these rates are generally applicable to parcels weighing under 1kg, even parcels weighing up to 5kg can be transported to the country for approximately £25-£26.

With delivery firms able to transport heavier parcels as well, you’ll be sure to find the right service for you.

Before you can finalise your cheap parcel delivery to Guatemala, you’ll need to decide how quickly you want your items to arrive. If your recipient is eagerly awaiting the arrival of your parcel, you may prefer to use a special delivery service to send a parcel to Guatemala. In general, this type of service can provide complete parcel delivery from Guatemala from UK in only 1-3 days.

Of course, if you want to send a parcel to Guatemala and your items don’t need to arrive in the country urgently, you can make additional savings by using economy and super economy services. Although delivery can take a few days longer when using an economy service, your parcel will still be delivered efficiently. Furthermore, using economy services enables you to access the lowest parcel delivery rates and you could even use one of the cheap courier services to Guatemala if you choose to.

Ultimately, you’ll get the best deal by comparing the delivery services available to you. With so many courier firms and delivery companies operating, it’s vital to contrast the prices and shipping rates before you book to make sure you get the most reliable and cheap delivery to Guatemala.

Rather than obtaining an estimate from each company individually, however, you can access numerous quotes in seconds. With just one search, it’s easy to find out which services are available and how the prices compare. Once you’ve selected the appropriate service, you’ll be able to book a cheap delivery to Guatemala online!

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Guatemala

When you’re sending a parcel to Guatemala, you’ll need to take the country’s list of prohibited items into account. When you send any parcel internationally, there will be laws which govern what can be transported into the country. Whilst there may be different rules for individuals and companies, many of the regulations apply to all types of senders so it’s vital that you bear these in mind.

Guatemala has prohibited alcohol, perfumes and aftershaves from being sent via parcel delivery, for example, so you won’t be able to transport these items using global shipping services. Whilst people often gift these types of items to friends and family, they can’t be sent via a Guatemala parcel delivery.

In addition to this, perishables cannot be sent via parcel delivery, even if you opt for expedited services. Whilst coffee may not be a perishable item, this is not permitted to be brought into the country via parcel delivery either. Of course, with a wide variety of coffee beans growing in Guatemala, it’s not likely that many people would opt to send coffee to a local resident or tourist.

Whilst many prohibited items are fairly standard and obviously cannot be transported for safety reasons, there are some goods which you might not automatically think are banned from being delivered. Cosmetics and toiletries, for example, can’t normally be sent via parcel delivery to Guatemala in case they contain any hazardous chemicals.

In order to ensure that your parcel complies with the relevant rules, it’s important to check the list of prohibited items before you book a cheap parcel delivery to Guatemala. Even if you’re familiar with sending shipments internationally, it’s always worth checking the country’s specific restriction list as prohibited items vary from one country to another.

When you’re preparing your items or goods for a parcel delivery from UK to Guatemala, it’s also important to use the correct address format. In addition to the recipient’s name, street and house or apartment number, you’ll also need to include their locality or zone.

Often, you’ll be required to add a 5 digit number before you state the recipient’s locality. These 5 digits are used to differentiate between departments, distribution routes and delivery offices so it’s important to locate the right numbers before you send your parcel. Doing so will ensure that your parcel delivery to Guatemala from UK gets to the recipient as quickly as possible. If you’re unsure which digits to use, you can always confirm the details with the recipient or your courier firm as they should be able to assist you.

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