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    The Republic of Vanuatu is an island nation within the South Pacific Islands region. The volcanic archipelago is just over 1,000 miles from the east coast of Australia. It is also west of Fiji, southeast of the Solomon Islands, east of New Guinea and Northeast of New Caledonia.

    The island was claimed by Spain after its discovery in 1606 as part of the colonial Spanish East Indies. In 1880, both the United Kingdom and France claimed parts of the island’s Archipelago. There was a movement for independence in the late 1970s and so the Republic of Vanuatu was created in 1980.

    From 1980, the UK has been responsible for providing a large proportion of Vanuatu’s development aid, although this was stalled in 2005. The funds were provided to upgrade key infrastructure requirements in the country. The UK maintains strong ties with the country and the British Friends of Vanuatu based in London is a great source of information for people wishing to visit or send a parcel to Vanuatu to friends and relatives.

    Parcel Delivery To Vanuatu

    cheap courier services to Vanuatu arent the most frequent service our couriers offer, however, there is an increasing number of visitors from the UK and so the demand for cheap shipping to Vanuatu from UK is starting to increase. Many people are choosing to visit the area because of its famous scuba diving. A lot of travellers are choosing to send their equipment via parcel delivery to Vanuatu before travelling to make their journey easier. Delivery times can take as little as 6 days via air freight or 11 days via ocean shipment.

    There are a number of islands which make up Vanuatu. We have experience in delivering to many of these, including Espiritu Santo, Tanna, Malakula, Erromango, Efate, Ambrym, Pentecost, Ambar, Epi, Gaua, Maewo, Vanua Lava, Malo and Aneityum. The most popular towns for parcel delivery to Vanuatu from UK are the capital Port Vila, and also the large town of Luganville. Our couriers are able to deliver to any address via Vanuatu parcel delivery.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Vanuatu

    Cheap parcel delivery to Vanuatu starts from around £30.00, with an economy service of delivery within 7 days. This would be for a small 1kg parcel, but couriers can ship larger, heavier packages, which will cost more. Most couriers are able to easily ship parcels via cheap parcel delivery to Vanuatu for weights up to 30kg, although this could take longer.

    Our website will search prices from the very best international couriers for cheap delivery to Vanuatu. We only work with long established couriers who we would trust with our own parcels. The couriers we advertise are known for great prices, speed and reliability. To find the best price for cheap courier services to Vanuatu, all you need to do is enter your delivery and collection address, along with your parcel weight and dimensions into our easy-to-use website. We will then search our price lists to find you a selection of the best deals available so you can choose a cheap courier to Vanuatu to suit your needs. We update our prices daily, but if you do happen to find a cheaper price online, let us know. We have built some great relationships over the years and in many cases, couriers will offer us preferential rates.

    When you send a parcel to Vanuatu, the great service starts as soon as you decide where to have your parcel collected from. You will be given the option of a home or work address, but many couriers are also able to collect your Vanuatu parcel delivery from a local pick up point such as a Post Office or convenience store. As soon as the parcel is collected, the courier will scan the parcel’s barcode onto the tracking system. This means you will know exactly when your parcel delivery to Vanuatu will begin its journey. It will also be scanned as it reaches and leaves each leg of its journey, giving both you and the recipient peace of mind. If there are any hold-ups along the way, you will both be able to log in and see exactly where the parcel is and what the estimated delivery time is. This also reduces the chances significantly of your parcel delivery to Vanuatu becoming lost in the post.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Vanuatu

    Cheap shipping to Vanuatu does involve customs clearance. This means your parcel delivery to Vanuatu from the UK may be delayed by around 4-6 weeks for customs clearance and there could also be import taxes to pay. Unfortunately, when you send a parcel to Vanuatu it is impossible to predict how long the process could take and the cost of taxes, as these are determined on arrival of the parcel in Vanuatu. The process is very simple, even if it is your first time sending a parcel via cheap delivery to Vanuatu. The courier will send you a customs declaration form to complete. You will be asked what the contents of the parcel are and their value. Try to describe in lots of detail and be as accurate as possible. This will ensure there is less chance of any hold-ups when being processed. You will also need to include a commercial invoice, even if you are sending the parcel as a gift.

    When packing your parcel, you should use a very sturdy box which can be easily stacked for transport – it is also a good idea to ensure the parcel tape you use is very strong. It is possible to buy boxes with arrows and the word ‘FRAGILE’ printed; this will encourage the manual handlers to take care when moving your parcel around. If the items in the parcel are delicate, you should secure any moving parts and also protect your items with lots of bubble wrap. This will help provide protection from knocks along the way. It is important to attach your documents to the parcel using a document holder. Lost documents are the main reason for a parcel not arriving into a country.

    There are a number of prohibited items which you should not send to Vanuatu. Many of the items are familiar restrictions, such as aerosols, money, weapons, ammunition, live animals, fish, mobile phones, drugs and anything radioactive. Nonetheless, there are a number of items which may catch you by surprise. It is worth speaking to HM Revenue and Customs who will be able to provide you with an up-to-date list. For example, there are a number of plants, fruit and vegetables which are not permitted for entry into Vanuatu.

    When you are finally ready to send your parcel, ensure you address the parcel correctly. It is very easy to make a mistake, especially when writing unfamiliar place names or writing in another language. If you do want to double check before posting, the Universal Postal Union will be able to provide correct spellings and also how to format and position the address. For many rural deliveries, it can be helpful to include the coordinates, as this will enable the delivery driver to pinpoint the exact location they need to deliver to. It is also a great idea to include a contact telephone number when possible. If there are any difficulties in finding the recipient’s address or if they are not home, a quick phone call can solve the issue.

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