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    USPS Parcel Delivery

    We’re sure you’ve heard of the United States Postal Service, commonly known as USPS. It dates back to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General. Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of America. So, this company was founded a year before America itself! USPS is America’s independent federal agency. They deliver parcels and letters the entirety of the USA – over 155 million homes, businesses and P.O. boxes. They’re a hugely popular service in the States, delivering 47% of all mail worldwide and having a staff of over half a million. This includes a huge number of dedicated USPS couriers who know their local area extremely well.

    The vast size of USPS delivery enables them to offer a fast and reliable service to people all over America. They are an innovative company, using advanced technology to support USPS tracking and information systems. This allows them to increase the speed and turnaround of their deliveries. It also ensures better USPS customer service for all senders and receivers.

    However, did you know that USPS isn’t limited to America only? In fact, USPS UK services are a great option. When sending parcels from the UK to USA, USPS can often offer the quickest delivery times. This is because of their huge coverage of the whole country. They’re able to quickly and efficiently sort deliveries and send them all over the States. USPS tracking makes this great service even better. If you need a quick Transatlantic parcel delivery, USPS could be the perfect solution for you. Here at Parcel Delivery, we’ll help you find the best USPS prices for your parcel.

    How Does USPS UK Delivery Work?

    Of course, USPS couriers don’t operate in the U.K. They’re a federal service in America. So how is it that you’re able to get USPS delivery and collections here? Well, the company partners with a UK-based courier, such as Hermes, in order to collect on this side of the Atlantic. It is then shipped via Airmail to America. Once it passes through US customs, USPS delivery drivers will take care of it from there. Sharing a delivery in this way means that you get the best possible Hermes and USPS customer service throughout the entire journey. And with two trusted and reliable couriers handling your delivery, you know it’s safe the whole way. You can make use of the great USPS tracking service to make sure of this.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we compare USPS prices for the parcel you have. We’ll look at the different United States Postal Service options available. We’ll also compare them with other couriers who operate in the part of America you’re shipping to. We help make sure that you get the best possible USPS quote for your delivery.

    USPS Courier Services

    USPS delivery is available at a wide range of different service levels. The length of your USPS UK to USA delivery takes will depend on a number of different factors. These include:

    • The size and weight of your parcel
    • What level of service you choose
    • The distance between collection and delivery

    Of course, you might think that sending parcels to America would take ages. Sending parcels via USPS parcel delivery from the UK doesn’t take too long. Your USPS parcel delivery will usually be completed within 5-8 days with a door-to-door service. USPS tracking allows the recipient to follow their delivery. This makes it really easy to send gifts to friends and family living in America. Forgotten a birthday and need to send a parcel in a rush? You can usually find even quicker options for sending parcels to America using USPS couriers. This service uses some of the most reliable couriers in the UK and USA. So, you may be able to have your parcel delivered as quickly as possible.

    Do you have a heavy or large parcel that you need to send to America? Sending a parcel like this as far as the USA will of course be more expensive than sending something smaller or lighter within the UK. However, here at Parcel Delivery we can help. Use our comparison tool to find the cheapest USPS quotes for large and heavy parcels. We’ll even show you other couriers so you know you’re getting the best price around. With all the different options available, you can decide whether you’d like to have your heavy parcel shipped by Airmail to get it there faster, or whether you’re happy to wait it out. It will be cheaper to send it by sea although it could take longer.

    Find Low USPS Prices at Parcel Delivery

    Prefer to get the cheapest USPS delivery possible and aren’t too worried about speed? We’ll help you find the best USPS prices. Save money by selecting a USPS quote for Smartmail Expedited or Smartmail Plus Ground. Both are fine choices when you are sending non-perishable goods. USPS customer service standards means it’s unlikely that they’ll be late. These options also great if you’re organised enough to send gifts ahead of time. The United States Postal Service’s affordable shipping options include:

    • Smartmail Expedited. If your parcel is very light, such as a set of documents weighing under 0.45 kg, your best bet might be this economical option, which takes 7-10 days.
    • Smartmail Plus Ground. For parcels weighing up to 5kg, you can save money by sending a little more slowly. This service takes 9-11 days.

    Both of these options allow you to keep costs of sending via USPS UK as low as possible. They still include USPS tracking even with low USPS quotes. While USPS prices are often very competitive. However, it’s always nice to save a little extra on top. Here at Parcel Delivery, we compare USPS prices and give you the cheapest possible USPS quotes for your parcel.

    Get an Accurate USPS Mail Quote

    Before you can get a USPS quote, you’ll need to take some quick measurements. It’s quite straightforward. Get your kitchen or bathroom scales and weigh your parcel in kilograms. It’s a good idea to do this will all packaging materials already assembled and the box ready for delivery. If the courier turns up and your parcel is heavier than expected, they might not be able to take it. Next up, provide the height, width and length of your parcel in centimetres. This is just so that the couriers can make sure there will be space in their van to accept your parcel.  Try to enter these as accurately as possible. This is because if you go slightly over the threshold of a price bracket, you could end up paying more than necessary.

    Use our comparison tool at the top of this page. You’ll need to enter the weight and measurements. We’ll also need the collection postcode. This can be your home or work address. Finally, the destination postcode. This will be a series of nine numbers. It is formatted as five numbers, a hyphen, then four numbers. For example, 12345-6789. Remember that in America, postcodes are known as ZIP codes. This is an acronym for ‘Zone Improvement Plan’. ZIP codes were actually introduced by the United States Postal Service!

    Once you’ve given us the details of your parcel, we’ll get back to you right away with your USPS quotes. From here, you can choose the service you require. This will be easy with all different options laid out in front of you. You can consider the price, speed and add-ons such as signed-for delivery and insurance. You can double check that USPS tracking is included. We’ll also include services from other couriers who can complete your delivery. This means you know you’re getting the very best USPS prices and quotes from other couriers. Go ahead and book your chosen USPS delivery service. You’ll receive an email with the shipping label for collection. Securely attach this to the box and it’s ready for collection.

    Collection & USPS Tracking

    With USPS UK collection carried out by a local courier such as Hermes. This makes it really easy to arrange collection for your USPS parcel delivery on a day that suits you. The Hermes courier will collect the parcel from your home or work address. If you know you’ll be at home on a certain day, this is a great option. Hermes will be in contact with you on the morning of collection. They’ll let you know a short timeframe during which the courier will arrive. This is usually between one and two hours long. It means that if you need to pop out, you can do so knowing you won’t miss them.

    However, if you won’t be in, you can leave your USPS delivery in a safe place. Simply let them know where you’re leaving the parcel. It should be a dry and secure place for you to leave the parcel. The courier should still be able to easily and safely access it to find the USPS parcel. This can be in your shed, greenhouse or porch. You could also leave the parcel with a neighbour if you’re sure they’ll be in. You’ll know it has been collected when you receive a confirmation email. It will include your USPS tracking number. Your courier will also leave a slip in your letterbox. We think this is great Hermes and USPS customer service!

    Can’t arrange a suitable time for collection and don’t want to leave it in a safe place? You can select to drop off your USPS delivery at countless ParcelShops. There are more than 4,500 locations throughout the UK. You can find the closest one to you on Hermes’ website. Many of these are within newsagents and supermarkets. This means you can easily drop off your USPS delivery while running errands. It’s practically effortless to arrange this around even the busiest of schedules. In our eyes, this is a big win for USPS customer service. You will get a receipt for the collection which will include your USPS parcel tracking details.

    USPS Parcel Tracking Service

    Once the USPS parcel has been collected or dropped off, you’ll be provided with a USPS parcel tracking number. You’ll get this on your receipt, or have it emailed to you. This allows you to follow your parcel on the whole journey. There’s no need to switch tracker once it crosses through the US border. Use our tracking tool with the same USPS tracking number. You’ll get real-time updates, so you know where it is at all times. Our tracking tool can be used with any courier’s tracking number. This makes it much easier to keep on track of all deliveries if you’re using more than one company. Our fast and easy to use tool brings USPS parcel tracking together with all our other couriers.

    Why Use Parcel Delivery for USPS Mail Quotes

    Here at Parcel Delivery, it couldn’t be easier to arrange USPS delivery. We bring together the exact USPS prices for the parcel you need to send. With the weight, size and distance details we give you accurate USPS mail quotes. You can save so much money and time by using our service. And it doesn’t cost you a penny! So whenever you need to send a parcel to America… use Parcel Delivery to arrange a first-class service with the United States Postal Service. Get started now… use our handy comparison tool at the top of the page.