Impact Express Parcel Delivery

Impact Express offer a number of services to the USA, UK and over 220 countries. With a solution for all parcel delivery requirements, get a quote today.

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With Parcel Delivery, you will only find the most reliable and conscientious couriers by using our easy to use online comparison system. We only recommend companies we trust with all types and sizes of parcel, whether you are a business or an individual.

Just as we have invested heavily in creating an advanced quick quote tool for you to use, we only suggest companies who have developed the most up to date operating systems. They also offer you a wealth of experience in intuitive and cost effective parcel delivery, none more so than Impact Express.

The following information introduces this courier service to you in more detail, and provides insights to enable you to choose them for parcel delivery or collection with 100% confidence, especially if you need a next day parcel delivery.

Impact Express parcel delivery is the first choice for many businesses, but also offers its services to the general public, too. This means they handle thousands of items going worldwide, each and every day, all year round. Their experience dates back over 30 years, and includes handling deliveries for wholesale and retail clients, as well as individual customers.

This means the company boasts tried and trusted operating systems, skilled staff and a strong network of colleagues and partners. Impact Express can provide wholesale parcel delivery, international parcel delivery, and even cost effective delivery of one-off items that are staying in the UK.

The way Impact Express parcel delivery describes their service is from ‘small packets to pallets’, and they can handle everything from documents and gifts, to valuable laptops and exhibition equipment, right through to dangerous goods. There really is very little that an Impact Express parcel delivery service can’t collect and deliver on your behalf. They also offer many fast or even next day options, even for addresses in the USA.

This highly responsive level of service is possible because Impact Express parcels has formed alliances with other top names in the parcel delivery sector.

How Impact Express Parcel Delivery Works

Impact Express couriers are a DHL partner. This means the company can offer both express parcel delivery and economy, for taking your item or items across Europe. They can even deliver across the globe – to a far flung list of 240 countries.

Impact Express parcel delivery service offers the extra convenience and speed of having your parcel collected directly, which means your European or worldwide parcel delivery service can start from your home or work address. This door to door parcel delivery service is available from any address in the UK – from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the coast of Cornwall.

On receipt of your parcel, Impact Express parcel delivery will take it swiftly and safely to a DHL depot, ready for its onward journey. Or, you could drop your Impact Express parcels at one of 4,500 convenient Hermes Parcel Shop sites across the UK. These are dedicated parcel drop off points which are hugely convenient, especially if you would struggle to meet restricted opening hours at alternative parcel service providers during your working week. The parcel shops Impact Express use are often open early evenings and on Saturdays to make it easy and convenient.

So, what happens if you click through from our parcel delivery comparison system and opt for Impact Express, for an item or items that are particularly time sensitive or of monetary or intrinsic value? The company offers a range of options for tailored parcel delivery, including, of course, a same day service and additional cover for parcel contents.

But Impact Express parcel delivery service also tracks each and every parcel or pallet it handles, every step of the way, which means whether you are an individual or a business, you can have online access to real time parcel tracking updates, too. And, when your parcel or parcels arrive at their destination, you can request that they are signed for on receipt. The information about the time your Impact Express parcel arrives, and who signed for it, will be available to you digitally with immediate effect.

This level of confidence and control over Impact Express parcel delivery dovetails with their commitment to giving customers peace of mind.

Why Choose Impact Express Parcel Delivery?

One of the main advantages of opting for the Impact Express parcel delivery service when it appears on our cost comparison system is being able to rely on their considerable experience and contacts. They have finely tuned systems to support swift and careful parcel handling. This also means that the services they provide are highly flexible to what you need, including same day deliveries, in some cases.

Once you have selected them from our instant quote parcel delivery information, you can click straight through to their online booking system. They call this their ‘intuitive portal Intelligent Shipper (IS)’, which basically means that you can add additional information to further explore their services and products online.

Impact Express couriers are also the top choice for many companies who need to send commercial goods for international shipment, all with high levels of customer service on paperwork and regulations. Plus, they can help you to import goods from overseas too, for delivery to your home or workplace in the UK.

From their headquarters in the UK, Impact Express couriers can facilitate a parcel or pallet collection anywhere across the globe. This automated worldwide import service includes issuing the necessary labels and paperwork. They even offer different cost and timing tiers to make this parcel delivery and import service as cost effective as possible.

Impact Express couriers can even pick up and then deliver parcels from one country to another when the UK is not involved.

Impact Express Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

Experience, expertise and well-honed operating systems keep the cost of Impact Express parcel delivery to an affordable level.

In fact, you could have next day delivery to the UK for a very low price. If your parcel is going to elsewhere in Europe, next day delivery costs is still very reasonable. Even if you are sending an item or items to the USA, Impact Express parcel delivery service would be as cost-effective as possible.

Their economy parcel delivery service represents particular value for money. Your Impact Express parcel delivery will travel by road, at a more leisurely pace. This would be reflected in a low cost parcel delivery service – for small parcels or even large consignments of commercial goods.

As Impact Express parcels offers such a diverse and versatile parcel delivery and collection service – across the globe – the final price you pay depends on a number of factors. This includes the weight and size of your parcel or pallet and its ultimate destination.

With Impact Express parcel delivery services, you also have a range of choices on delivery timing. This can include express parcel delivery, the same day and overnight, to addresses in the UK and in some cases other countries too. Clearly the cost of parcel delivery increases if you want an urgent delivery reaching its destination in the fastest possible time.

When looking for next day parcel delivery services, remember to check with Impact Express couriers what the cut-off point is. After a certain time in the afternoon, it is not always possible to guarantee next day service.

Impact Express can even deliver your parcel or parcels on a Saturday, as one of the many options that include timed delivery.