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Asendia is the UK's largest specialist when it comes to international parcel delivery. Premium service around the world.

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    Asendia is a world leading international goods and mail shipping company. The Asendia parcel delivery service began in July 2012 when two companies, Swiss Post and La Poste, who were already specialists in local parcel deliveries, formed a new partnership. The partnership between Swiss Post and La Poste created the company we know today as Asendia.

    Several years on, the Asendia parcel delivery operations includes the handling of business mail and direct mail. Asendia parcel delivery handles the shipping of everything from parcels to documents and packages.

    Employing over 1,000 employees and working across 15 countries, the Asendia couriers can be trusted to successfully deliver parcels across the globe and in a timely manner.

    How Asendia Parcel Delivery Works

    Asendia parcel delivery works in a straightforward manner. Business mail and business correspondence of all sizes, and for international businesses, can be handled. Asendia couriers offers solutions that are targeted as either economy or priority, catering to mail with either a delivery deadline or a budget restraint.

    Tracked parcels and goods can delivered to mailboxes or they can be marked for personal delivery, where the customer will need to sign for the delivery. The Asendia parcel delivery service is made easy with a free IT app.

    The free IT app aids in the preparation of parcels and offers two beneficial services. The first service is tracking, so that both the client and customer can see exactly where the parcel is along its delivery route. The second service of the Asendia IT app allows the client to set up free email notifications, which keep the customer up to date on the delivery process.

    Non-tracked parcel delivery is an alternative to tracked deliveries and offers a cost-effective solution for parcels with low value content, or for parcels that simply do not need to be tracked. This Asendia couriers service covers sending parcels to destinations around the globe. There is the option here to get quotes for priority delivery, as well as a quote for economy delivery.

    The direct mail service from Asendia couriers has been designed to enable businesses to undertake marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way. Direct mailing campaigns that are large or small can be instructed and this courier service can be used for cross border campaigns as well. Typical marketing mediums include brochures, catalogues, leaflets, postcards and promotional letters.

    The return of goods can also be handled by Asendia couriers. This solution works with low value goods through the standard returns system. Standard returns are typically for parcels and products that weigh up to two kilograms. A more in depth service can be chosen with premium returns, covering the comprehensive tracking of returns, from pick up to delivery.

    Even if Asendia is not present in the country of the client, they can still organise collections from the client’s premises. Asendia parcel delivery service covers more than 200 global destinations in this way.

    Tracking a parcel is easy with an online Track and Trace tool, available on Asendia’s website. Packages are issued with a package ID and this simply needs to be entered into the Track and Trace tool.

    In the event that the Asendia parcel delivery service is unable to make the scheduled delivery, they will attempt to reschedule the delivery. If it is not possible to rearrange the delivery, then the package will become available for collection at the nearest pick up station or at the nearest post office.

    Asendia courier services can also be selected to cater for timed deliveries and it is possible to select premium insurance options, when getting a pricing quote.

    Why Choose Asendia Parcel Delivery?

    Asendia parcel delivery can be chosen for many reasons. The company formed on the back of the two existing and long established parcel delivery companies. These two companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, were trusted parcel delivery experts in
    Switzerland and France and the creation of Asendia expanded the scope of their operations.

    Today, Asendia has a local presence and offices in
    Asia, Europe and the USA. Specifically, Asendia has offices in Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Nordics, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the United States. This gives Asendia a truly global reach for parcel delivery. Asendia is now one of the top three distributing, shipping and international mail handling organisations.

    Asendia parcels can be collected and delivered to more than 200 global destinations. The parcel delivery company is focused on making eCommerce and cross border mail delivery easy and reliable.

    Dependable and efficient, Asendia parcels can handle both delivery and returns. The couriers can accommodate existing large companies, right down to small companies that are just starting out. Asendia will provide a professional service from the outset and this will help to support young companies as they continue to grow.

    Many of Asendia’s customers are fast growing eCommerce online retailers. These include those with big name brands. This gives new and potential clients an indication that Asendia can be trusted to get the job done.

    Sustainability was a key focus of Swiss Post and La Poste and this same ethos has been passed over to Asendia. Minimising the company’s impact on the world around it, the Asendia ideals will happily sit next to the beliefs of many modern businesses, making Asendia a natural partner.

    Asendia parcels is committed to measuring, reducing, offsetting and advising in everything that they do. They have invested in transport and delivery vehicles that are energy efficient. The company has also invested in carbon offsetting, and the projects that have been invested in have now led to Asendia being carbon neutral for courier deliveries across Europe.

    Asendia parcels is currently investing in seven wind farm sites, in order to offset its carbon emissions in India. These wind farm sites have a total of 113 wind turbines and collectively, these produce enough carbon free energy to meet the needs of 600,000 people.

    Asendia Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

    Here we provide the information that you may need to know, in regards to Asendia parcel delivery times and prices.

    Parcel delivery times usually happen during standard working hours. When needed, it is possible to get a price for a timed delivery, which is often necessary for
    large parcels that can’t be delivered through a letterbox. Timed deliveries are also often chosen for packages that have a high content value.

    The Asendia parcel delivery price varies on the service needed. The parcel delivery quote differs depending upon where the parcel or mail is being sent to and under what terms. The terms can be signed for or not signed for. The parcel delivery price will also differ based upon whether it is to be a priority delivery with a deadline, or whether it is for a non time sensitive economy delivery.

    Prices for Asendia courier deliveries are typically available for parcels and packages that have a maximum size of 900mm, for the length, height and width. These limitations may differ for certain destinations and a price may be offered through the premium solutions service for extra-large or unusually shaped items.

    The same pricing options exist when considering the weight of a parcel or package. Standard pricing is offered for packages that weigh up to two kilograms. A premium solutions price may be offered for packages that weigh up to 30 kilograms.

    To conclude, if you’d like to find out more about the courier service that Asendia provides, click through to Parcel Delivery now.