Send a parcel to Somerset

Getting an online quote for parcel delivery to Somerset has never been simplier - just use our tool below!


    Whether you live on a city street in Wells or a farmhouse on Exmoor, or you work in the postal team at a factory in Bridgwater or a gift shop in Dunster, you have one thing in common.

    For gifts, personal effects or goods, you need cheap parcel delivery to Somerset that gets your item or items where they need to be, quickly and efficiently.

    This guide is designed to help explain some of the things you need to consider with cheap courier services to Somerset and how to prepare parcels to make sure everything arrives safely and promptly.

    The first thing you need to locate when you send a parcel to Somerset is a reliable and versatile delivery service that doesn’t charge extra for high levels of customer service. Cheap parcel delivery to Somerset as well as efficient parcel delivery in Somerset is still possible if you choose the right courier.

    This may be a company that gets you to drop your parcel off somewhere. For example, we offer a range of drop off points throughout Somerset if that suits you best. However, remember that we also offer you the opportunity to have your parcel collected from your door for extra convenience and speed.

    Whether you live in a flat in Glastonbury, a cottage in Mendip or a terraced house in Taunton, we can collect your parcel ready to take it anywhere in the world.

    This door to door service is also available from businesses from Weston-Super-Mare to Yeovil, whether it’s a massive head office or an e-commerce enterprise based at home in Wellington.

    Everyone in this South West county also benefits from highly cost-effective price quotes with our website. That always applies when you need cheap shipping to Somerset, or to any corner of the world. There is nowhere our service doesn’t extend to, which means that gifts for far-flung family members or commercial goods for your more geographically remote customers can receive the same care and attention.

    This is because the companies we quote have negotiated favourable rates with trusted partners in every country – couriers who have the same high standards and who pride themselves on local knowledge like we do.

    Our responsive and flexible cheap shipping to Somerset service is based on our own empathy with the needs of local people and companies, as well as the high volume of parcels our companies handle for wide ranging loyal customers throughout the South West.

    After all, collecting and delivering parcels in Somerset means knowing your way around its wide open countryside, and along its fascinating coastline; from the city streets of Bath to the nooks and crannies of Cheddar Gorge.

    Did you know that due to its expanse of countryside, Somerset is England‘s seventh-biggest county by area? However, as much of its area is glorious Exmoor, Somerset ranks 22nd in the England county league table for population.

    Other people may associate Somerset with the Glastonbury Festival and holidays to Minehead. We associate it with countless hard-working hospitality and leisure businesses, shops in the centres of Taunton and Bridgewater, and people in villages like Oare and Selworthy. They all need year round services and prompt collection and delivery of parcels whatever the weather or season.

    All of this is why we offer to find you Somerset parcel delivery companies with streamlined systems and well-honed working procedures, as well as friendly, professional staff who take their responsibilities seriously. All of this, for as low a price as possible, even for delivery via the quickest routes possible.

    Parcel Delivery to Somerset

    Cheap delivery to Somerset is available to any destination in the world. A lot depends on the weight and size of your delivery, and the ways you choose to customise cheap delivery to Somerset to suit your requirements.

    As a starting point though, delivering a parcel from Somerset to another address in the UK is typically inexpensive. Don’t hesitate to get a quote for your item, to see what the delivery price is and to find an on-budget solution for a cheap courier to Somerset that suits you.

    The delivery price could include, for example, additional cover that can insure particularly valuable items or commercial goods in your parcel. Or maybe you need to add the optional extra of signature tracking for a parcel delivery  in Somerset, which is always a valuable service if you have a deadline to meet.

    Also get in touch if you need regular parcel collections and deliveries from an address in Somerset, or if you are sending multiple parcels at any one time. The quote may well be less than you think.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to Somerset

    No matter how careful and responsible our Somerset parcel delivery service is, we still need you to prepare your item or items well. This means giving them the best chance of arriving in pristine condition, with no confusion or delays.

    You get your parcel delivered quickly from Somerset – intact – and we keep our impeccable track record for cheap courier services to Somerset that are swift and safe.

    It all starts with getting the destination address correct. It may sound simple, but it is something that can trip people up. For your parcel delivery from Somerset, double check the whole address – especially any unusual spellings.

    Postcodes are important and should be used. For example, there is a Clevedon Road in Nailsea but there is a Clevedon Road in Twickenham and in Weston-Super-Mare too. Getting a parcel to those streets quickly may depend on an accurate postcode to set them apart. If you are not sure of the postcode for your parcel delivery in Somerset, it is possible to check it online.

    When you are ready, add the address to the parcel clearly and legibly in a way that won’t smudge or tear off. If you are using a recycled box for your parcel, that is commendable, but don’t forget to remove previous delivery paperwork, addresses or data that could cause confusion.

    A cardboard box is often the best thing to use to parcel up your item or items. You could use multiple plastic wrappers for soft items such as clothing or soft furnishings, and some items fit better in cardboard tubes. Find a box that is a good fit for your Somerset parcel delivery. You don’t want your item putting a lot of pressure on the sides or moving about too much in a large space.

    Try to pack around your item or items with a material that cushions and fills the gaps. This could be bubble wrap, packing beads or “peanuts” for example. For an environmentally-friendly option, use shredded newspaper or even popcorn. Filling the spaces stops items from moving or rubbing against each other, but it also helps make the exterior of the box more resilient. A full box is stronger and less liable to dent or distort.

    Tape the box up with good quality tape and add the address. Do one last check for any loose pieces of tape, sticky patches or anything else that could snag or tear. With that all done, you are ready to arrange a collection for a convenient time for you.

    Finally, enjoy the peace of mind when it comes to a cheap courier to Somerset that also gets your items to their destination quickly and carefully. So, to limit the stress and worry wehn you send a parcel to Somerset or internationally, visit Parcel Delivery now and find your ideal courier service.