Send a parcel to Isle of Wight

Depsite being overseas, parcel delivery to Isle of Wight is easier than you think, especially with us!


    Although the Isle of Wight is separated from the rest of the United Kingdom by The Solent, when you send a parcel to the Isle of Wight it is simple, easy and cheap to do. Parcels sent from the Isle of Wight are given exactly the same fast and efficient service as packages sent from everywhere else in the country. As long as you know what you are sending and where you want to send it to, parcel delivery in Isle of Wight could not be easier. Just make sure that you have all of the following information to hand before you begin the process.

    How big is your parcel?

    Before starting to look for quotes for cheap small parcel delivery to Isle of Wight, you should make sure that you know the exact size of the parcel or parcels that you want to send. Take a tape measure or ruler and accurately measure the length, height and width of your parcel, taking care to remember which measurement is which. The dimensions of the package are crucial to providing an accurate quotation for Isle of Wight parcel delivery, so the more accurate you can be, the better. It’s not worth guessing the measurements as getting it wrong could cause problems further down the line, and will definitely affect the accuracy of the quote you are given.

    How much does it weigh?

    The weight of your package is just as important as the dimensions when it comes to cheap parcel delivery to Isle of Wight. Providing an accurate weight for each parcel is vital if you want to ensure that the items you are sending conform to regulations as well as giving you an accurate quote for your cheap courier to Isle of Wight. If the parcel you wish to send is relatively light then ordinary kitchen scales should do the job nicely. If it is heavier then you can try measuring it on its own using the bathroom scales, or you weigh yourself holding the package and subtract your own weight from the total.

    Delivery address

    As soon as you have accurate dimensions and weights for your parcels, you need to provide information of where they are going to be sent. This sounds like a fairly obvious step but it is amazing how many people are unable to provide a complete address when they are looking for parcel delivery in Isle of Wight. Make sure that you know the postcode, as this is key to determining exactly how cheaply and how quickly a parcel can be delivered.

    Sender’s address

    Regardless of the method you choose to send your parcel, you’ll need to provide a sender’s address. This is firstly a step to ensure that door-to-door quotations for cheap delivery to Isle of Wight are accurate and secondly is important in case there are any problems with receiving the parcel at the other end. If the parcel needs to be returned to the sender for any reason, the Isle Of Wight parcel delivery service will need to know where to send it back to. So don’t be worried if you are asked to provide your own address when send a parcel to Isle of Wight.

    Special services

    Once you know how big your parcel is, how much it weighs and where you would like to send it to, the next step is to think about any special services you might require. Are you happy for the Isle Of Wight parcel delivery service to take the standard number of days to arrive at your chosen destination or do you require an express or next day delivery service? Is the package you are sending fragile and will therefore require special handling? Do you need to be able to log on to see tracking details for your package so that you can check up on the delivery whenever you need to? If you require any of these additional services for your cheap delivery to Isle of Wight, make sure that you specify this at the beginning of your enquiries. It may not be possible to add these services on later down the line, so double check that the service you have chosen caters for all of your needs.

    Parcel Delivery to Isle of Wight

    Although the Isle of Wight is an island, it is still classed as part of England and is treated, in most cases, as an extension of the mainland. This means that the Royal Mail and most other parcel delivery companies will not charge you a premium for sending a parcel to or from the Isle of Wight. Regular ferries cross The Solent many times a day so there are plenty of opportunities for your parcels to make their way across the sea. The ferry times will of course dictate exactly how quickly your package is able to make the crossing, and this could affect the next-day delivery services between the Isle of Wight and the mainland if parcels are posted after a certain time each day.

    Sourcing cheap courier services to Isle of Wight is simple. We provide an affordable and reliable way of sending essential packages between the mainland and the island, whether you’re sending the parcel to the coast of Shanklin or Ryde.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to Isle of Wight

    Can I send anything I want to?

    Certain goods are restricted in packages as they are deemed to be dangerous to handle, and different parcel delivery companies will have different specific rules regarding such objects. Generally speaking, restrictions apply to corrosive materials (including some batteries) as well as liquids packaged in aerosol cans, nail varnishes, alcohol, perfume and aftershave. You are able to send all of these items in packages via cheap shipping to Isle of Wight as well as from, but you may have to meet certain conditions in order to ensure the safety and security of the people who will be handling and transporting your parcels.

    You cannot use cheap shipping to Isle of Wight as a way of moving anything illegal as you would still be prosecuted in much the same way as you would if you were in possession of the items yourself.

    If you are worried that there may be restrictions surrounding one or more of the items in your parcel, it is best to check with your chosen parcel delivery service before your parcel is dispatched.

    International delivery

    If you send items for international delivery from the Isle of Wight, they will usually have to return to the mainland to be processed before they can be dispatched to their international destination. This is simply for logistics reasons as there is not a major international airport on the Isle of Wight. Sending the parcels back to the mainland first should not affect the cost of sending a parcel internationally, as the Isle of Wight is still part of the United Kingdom, however it can affect the amount of time it takes for the parcel to reach its final destination. This will mean that there might be a smaller list of countries which are eligible for next-day delivery from the Isle of Wight and that it might take a day or two longer for international parcels in general to arrive if they are sent from the Isle of Wight. If you have any questions about how long your parcel will take to arrive at its international destination, this information should be made clear when you ask for a quote from one of the many cheap courier services to Isle of Wight.

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