Send a parcel to Hertfordshire

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    Nowadays most items can be posted using a cheap parcel delivery to Hertfordshire. With so many options available it can be difficult to know which is best suited to you. Our comparison site can help you to find a cheap parcel delivery to Hertfordshire service. So whether you are wishing to send a parcel to Hertfordshire for a relative in Letchworth or you are a commercial client looking for a reliable next day delivery service, we can help find the most efficient cheap courier service to Hertfordshire available at Parcel Delivery.

    We have put together a step by step guide to help you efficiently prepare your parcel for delivery.

    1. Carefully package your items

    Begin preparing your cheap delivery to Hertfordshire by individually wrapping your items in protective packaging such as plastic bubble wrap. Next, place your items inside a strong double-walled cardboard box. It is advisable to use only brand new boxes to prevent your parcel from becoming damaged during the delivery process. Most boxes have the maximum load detailed on the side to help you select the most suitable packaging for your items. Use scrunched up newspaper or polystyrene chips as additional protection for your items and to avoid movement inside the parcel.

    2. Accurately measure your parcel

    Once you have packaged your items you need to measure your parcel. To help us find cheap delivery to Hertfordshire, you must accurately measure your entire parcel, detailing the dimensions and weight. If you are not sure of the exact measurements, be generous with your allowances. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this. Failing to provide accurate measurements of your parcel may result in additional costs further into the delivery process. If you are a commercial client and need to include an invoice with your parcel it is a good idea to attach the pro-forma to the outside of the box. Should customs need to check your parcel they will be able to first check the pro-forma, potentially avoiding further damage and disruption to your delivery.

    3. Choose your delivery service

    The price you should expect to pay for a cheap parcel courier to Hertfordshire will depend upon several factors:

    The size of your parcel: if you wish to send a parcel to Hertfordshire and the parcel is small, the cost of your delivery service will be less than choosing to send a large parcel.

    The delivery destination: if the destination address of your parcel is overseas you will need to use an international delivery service in Hertfordshire, and this will cost more than sending a parcel in the UK.

    The security required for your delivery: If you are sending a parcel containing valuable items or ones which are restricted you may think it best to add additional security to your delivery. Some couriers will not cover restricted items for loss or damage during the delivery process and it is therefore advisable to take out insurance.

    The time you have to deliver the parcel: The less time you have to deliver your parcel the higher the delivery fee will be. If you are not restricted to any time constraints it is best to select a standard delivery to take advantage of lower delivery costs.

    4. Create your postage label

    Once you have chosen a cheap parcel courier to Hertfordshire that is right for you, it is time to book, pay for and create your postage label. It is a good idea to create two labels, one to attach to the outside of the parcel and the other to place inside. If the copy on the outside becomes damaged and illegible during delivery, the courier can locate the destination address using the copy contained inside the parcel. If you do not have access to a printer to create your label, simply hand write two labels yourself using a marker pen when arranging cheap shipping to Hertfordshire.

    5. Deliver your parcel

    Your parcel is now ready to be delivered. Your next step will depend upon the the cheap shipping to Hertfordshire service you have selected. You may need to take your parcel to the nearest drop off point or wait in the comfort of your home for one of our couriers to collect it from you. Either way, there are plenty of accessible options available throughout Hertfordshire to choose from. Now it is time to relax and wait for your parcel to be delivered. You can track the progress of your delivery using the parcel reference number provided, whether it’s being delivered locally to Bushey or nationally to Wiltshire.

    Parcel Delivery to Hertfordshire

    Whilst we will always endeavour to find you cheap courier services to Hertfordshire, the price you can expect to pay will vary depending on a few factors, as mentioned above. However, there are different Hertfordshire parcel delivery services available to suit your postage requirements.

    Next day delivery

    If your parcel needs to arrive sooner rather than later, you should choose a
    next day delivery service in Hertfordshire. Although this service will cost more than standard delivery, it will ensure your parcel arrives the following day.

    International delivery

    If you are arranging cheap courier services to Hertfordshire or an overseas destination, you will need to select a Hertfordshire parcel delivery service for international shipments. This will enable you to send a parcel to countries outside the UK. However, before doing so you should check the local regulations of the destination to make sure your parcel will be accepted upon delivery.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to Hertfordshire

    There may be an occasion where the items you wish to send are a little more unusual and you are left feeling confused. We have put together some information on how to deal with parcelling unusual items to help get you started.

    Laptops and electronic goods

    Sending electrical goods can be an expensive and stressful process due to the fragility and value of the items. Start preparing your electrical goods for delivery by removing any additional parts such as USBs and power cables. Individually wrap the items using protective packaging such as plastic bubble wrap or similar. Once the items have been wrapped, place them inside a strong cardboard box and secure in place with additional packaging (i.e. polystyrene chips or newspaper). Make sure the items you wish to send will be accepted by the courier. If you are sending the items to a destination within the UK, most couriers will accept to deliver on a no compensation basis. Therefore you may wish to take out independent cover to protect the items from loss or damage during transit.

    Perishable food items

    Posting perishable food items such as baked goods can be a little difficult. Some couriers will not deliver such items, while others may do so on a no compensation basis. Make sure you check this before selecting a service. To make sure your cake arrives to its destination fresh out of the oven you should opt for a next day delivery service for your parcel delivery in Hertfordshire. To prepare your parcel for delivery, wrap the items in cling film before placing them in a strong cardboard box and securing in place with additional protective packing (i.e. polystyrene chips).

    Prohibited and restricted items

    Prohibited items are ones which most couriers will not accept to deliver under any circumstances. Examples of prohibited items include: animals, furs and animal skins, ivory, explosives and fireworks, currency of any kind such as scratch cards, negotiable items (stamps), payment cards or similar.

    Restricted items are ones which some couriers will accept to deliver but on a no compensation basis. Therefore, items will not be covered for loss or damage during transit. Examples of these items include: furniture, electrical goods such as desktop computers, laptops and other similar items, paintings and artwork.