Send a parcel to Cardiff

We have a range of delivery services available if you'd like to deliver a parcel to Cardiff - take a look below.


    Due to its location near the coast, Cardiff is an ideal place to send a parcel. This is due to the vast number of international shipments processed every day. With Queen Alexandra dock acting as one of the main ports, your parcel is sorted quickly. This is great for those living here as well as the local businesses. In addition, there is Roath Dock and Bute East Dock organising international delivery. This is great for businesses as imports and exports can be sorted with ease.

    In addition to the dock, there is a vast rail network. This provides parcels to be sent all around the UK. In addition, there are a number of same day couriers Cardiff has to offer working in the area.

    These couriers are beneficial for businesses in the area as fragile items can be sent with ease. A courier is one of the best same day delivery Cardiff options on offer. If you are an individual looking to send a parcel, this can benefit you. Whether you take advantage of the networks or a courier service, your delivery will be successful.

    With each courier providing insider knowledge into the area, delivery is made easy. They will collect the parcel from your office or home and deliver it on time. There is another option to choose a pickup point for your delivery. This will ensure you can collect your parcels based around your busy schedule.

    Due to the reliance on the delivery system, finding cheap delivery should be easy. By comparing the prices of same day couriers Cardiff, you can find one to suit your budget. Once this has been completed, you can then begin to package your items.

    Parcel Delivery To Cardiff

    Due to the number of courier and delivery Cardiff services, it is easy to book cheap delivery. With standard economy options, you can send a parcel at the lowest price. It is important to remember that, this standard delivery may take longer to send. Therefore, relying on a reliable courier Cardiff has to offer will provide you with quick delivery.

    When sending a parcel to Cardiff, speed is just as important. No matter of the location, you want to ensure the parcel arrives on time. If this is the case, booking a same day courier will ensure the parcel arrives on time with no issues.

    Cost and being reliable are important as a business owner. The reputation of your business can rely on the success of your delivery. Preventing damage to all items is key to keeping customers happy with the service that they are receiving. For this reason, choosing the right delivery Cardiff service is important.

    Should your delivery be late, or package arrive broken, this could lead to refunds. Therefore, ensuring that the courier is careful when delivering parcels will benefit you in the long term. By comparing the delivery Cardiff companies beforehand, you will get the best service every time.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Cardiff

    If you are shipping an item to Cardiff, it is important to protect the item. With a strong cardboard box, you can ensure your delivery is successful. When choosing the box, it is important to base this on weight. This will prevent the box from ripping during transit. For heavier items, a wooden box is recommended as this can withstand the weight. There is also a wide range of cardboard thickness available to house your items.

    When you have chosen the box, it needs to be correctly sealed. By using packaging tape, you can seal it along the seam as well the corners. This will secure the box, as well as ensure it is watertight. This is vital when shipping an item as this will prevent damage. In addition to this, it will keep the parcel safe when using the same day delivery Cardiff service.

    Additionally, adding inner packaging to the box will also ensure successful delivery. Items such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts, provide protection without adding weight. This is important for fragile items, as this will take the impact should the item be dropped or knocked. Through this is unlikely, wrapping items in bubble wrap is advised as a precaution.

    In addition to protecting the box, you will need to clearly display the address. The clearer this is, the more successful the delivery will be. By writing it clearly on the top of the box, you are then avoiding confusion. This is vital as this will prevent the parcel being delivered elsewhere.

    If sending it by courier, it is important the address be clear to ensure successful delivery. It is best to write the address in permanent marker as this will make the large handwriting stand out.

    Finally, if you are worried about sending a high-value item, there is the option for insurance. This is will cover you for accidental loss, damage and theft. Though this is unlikely, many couriers will offer you this, as accidents do happen. With this insurance, you can pay as much or as little as you want. This will not only protect you, but it will give you peace of mind.

    So before booking your chosen same day courier Cardiff service, set about comparing prices. This will allow you to stick to your budget, without compromising on quality. Simply supply us with the dimensions as well as the weight of the parcel. We will then require the destination and delivery option, and we will handle the rest. Why not try our price comparison tool today?