Top Tips For Packing Your Parcel

When looking for a courier service to deliver your parcel it is important to ensure that you have packaged it to have a sufficient amount of protection to ensure that your parcel makes it there safely. Whether you are looking to send an item with special delivery or pallet delivery for your furniture to your dream home, Parcel Delivery have a service for you.

Do Not Leave Empty Space

When organising your parcel to be delivered, it is important to make sure that you have no empty space within the box as this could cause your parcel to become damaged during transit. It is vital to find the right sized box so that you can place your items within it with just enough space for inner packaging to protect it during transit, this could be either bubble wrap or air pockets as they do not take up much space and keep the overall weight of the parcel as light as possible.

Label Your Parcel Properly

Additionally, it is also important to ensure that you label your parcel properly so that it does not get delivered to the incorrect location. The labelling on the parcel should be as clear as possible, either in a printed form or handwritten so that your chosen courier can read it without difficulty ensuring it reaches its intended recipient. It is also important to protect this label from water damage as it can become blurred and the courier will not be able to deliver your parcel to the right address.

Make Sure It Is Weather Resistant

In addition to the label being water resistant, it is also important to ensure that your box is protected in some way from water damage as this can weaken the box and cause your parcel to become vulnerable to damage. However, this can be combatted with the use of plastic wrap around the box or a bag to place the box in so that it is protected from any weather conditions that it may encounter. This is particularly important if you are looking to send a parcel with a shipping service as it is unknown what weather conditions t your parcel will encounter.

Make Sure Packaging Is Strong

It is also important to be careful of the box that you are using to house your items. If the box has been used before it can be weaker than a brand new cardboard box and therefore may need some strengthening to provide the sufficient amount of protection. This can be done with the use of strong tape to secure the edges of the box and also the corners to ensure that the crumple zones on the box are protected in case they are knocked.

There are many ways to package a parcel before you send it off to your required destination, however, the way you package it is mostly down to personal preference, but with these simple tips, you can package your parcel sufficiently to make sure it gets to its final destination safe and sound, every time!