Top 10 Hardest Places To Deliver To In The UK

For some people, a home far away from everyone sounds like a dream. It’s peaceful, quiet, independent and private – a tucked-away life that some can only dream of. But what happens when these secluded, out-of-the-way dwellings are in need of mail? Even the best parcel delivery companies UK can struggle to deliver to the most remote of places, but where are the worst culprits? Here at Parcel Delivery, we’re taking a look at the top 10 hardest places to deliver to in the UK.

Mersea Island

Mersea Island is an island in Essex in South East England. Nestled between the Blackwater and Colne estuaries, this island isn’t that far away from Colchester. The island itself is split into two main areas – West Mersea and East Mersea – but what makes this island so difficult to deliver to, is the fact that the Strood, a causeway connecting the island to the mainland, floods at high tide. This flooding means that access to and off of the island is cut off, leaving visitors stranded and mail delivery a time and tide sensitive situation!

The Old Forge, Knoydart Peninsula

The Old Forge in the Knoydart Peninsula of Scotland is a pub that isn’t accessible by road. In fact, you’ll have to go on quite the demanding 18-mile hike over Munros, or a 7-mile choppy crossing. Whether it’s worth the trip for a pint is entirely your decision, but what about parcel delivery companies UK? How do they get their deliveries to this charming Scottish bar? It’s a mystery to most. For visitors, however, it’s even been named as one of the best places for beer, and the best bar to drink in according to the 2014 World’s Pubs Hierarchy! So if you can take the trip, it could be worth stopping by this stubborn little pub.

Dartmoor, Devon

While Dartmoor isn’t difficult to get to at all times, this wild moor is prone to fickle weather that even the most efficient parcel delivery service UK can struggle navigating! The moors are notorious for fog, but they can also envelope the landscape at barely a moment’s notice. It’s quite the sight to behold, but getting caught in amongst this can make navigating difficult. There aren’t many people living in Dartmoor, but even those on the outskirts can become victim to the thick fogs from the moors!

Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Barra is the southernmost inhabited island in Outer Hebrides. Despite the fact that this island has accommodation for visitors, and a castle to enjoy, it can only be reached by a flight in a twenty-seater propeller plane. Romantic and dramatic for some, but a potential pain for parcel delivery services! Add on the fact that the landing strip is inaccessible twice a day due to the tide coming in so even the timing of deliveries has to be carefully organised!

Foula, Shetland Islands, Scotland

The isolated inhabitants of Foula might search for ‘parcel delivery services UK’ but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easily arranged. Foula is the most isolated island that is actually inhabited in all of Britain. It is currently owned by the Holbourn family, and was even the location for the film The Edge of the World. You can access this island by sea or air – BK Marine Limited operates a ferry service from Ham to Walls and Scalloway on Shetland Mainland, and then The New Advance carries 12 passengers at a time from there to Foula! If you want to fly, flights take off and land from Foula’s airstrip to Tingwall Airport. There is a mail boat, but speed and efficiency is questionable!

Assynt Peninsula, Highlands, Scotland

Assynt, another Scottish treasure, is one of the least populated areas in the whole of the UK, but even little-populated areas need parcel delivery services UK. Assynt is a region and a parish in the south-west of Sutherland, Scotland and before counties were introduced in the 19th century, it even counted as a province! It’s famous for its dramatic and challenging landscape, as well as the stunning mountains such as Quinag, Cansip, Suilven, Ben More Assynt and more!

The Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons are notorious for being difficult to trek and The Black Mountains are no different – but the landscape is home to tiny villages and isolated churches. Parcel delivery services UK are a must here as much as anywhere! The mountain ridges are made from sandstone, except for the peak of Pen Cerrig-calch, which is a 2302ft high outcrop of limestone! For those wanting to visit, you can take a trip to the prehistoric burial cairns, or even the Iron Age fort.

Carreg Cennen, South Wales

Another location within the Brecon Beacons, Carreg Cennen is a privately owned castle. This stunning sight sits in the far west of the Brecon Beacons National Park and sits atop a 300ft rocky peak, all above a complete drop down into the green valley of the small River Cennen. This castle is open to the public for tea rooms and can even host weddings, so parcel delivery companies UK can access the castle… but not without quite the journey!

Bishop Rock

Bishop Rock is the smallest inhabited islet in the whole world, holding only a single, automated lighthouse. Although this lighthouse can run itself, it can also hold people! The structure of the lighthouse is built to cater for inhabitants. The first floor holds a water tank to provide fresh water for the lighthouse keeper, the second floor holds an entrance room, the third a store room with a window, the fourth holds the first oil room with oil tanks formerly used to light the lamp and the fifth holds the second oil room. The sixth floor is where liveable space begins, with a living room for the lighthouse keeper with a window, and the seventh floor holds a bedroom. The eight is another store room, the 9th is a service room and then finally, the 10th floor holds the lamp! Can you imagine delivering here? In fact, it was so difficult that a helipad was installed on the top in 1975.

Lundy Island

Lundy Island is only home to around 20 permanent residents, with 23 self-catering properties for visitors. This 400-foot granite outcrop in the Bristol Channel is a sight to behold, but also difficult to get to. Lundy does have its own postal service, and has done since 1929. This private postal service can deliver to the UK mainland, but it has only been since 1974 that there wasn’t an extra charge for this, as you used to need a UK mainland stamp as well as a Lundy Island private one!

Do you live somewhere this remote? Have you ever thought about living somewhere so secluded? There is plenty to think about, but luckily with the constant advances in technology and equipment, more and more locations are becoming more easily accessible! Only time will tell us whether these 10 locations will become easily reachable in the future.