How To Find The Delivery Type To Suit You?

Finding the right parcel delivery option for you can be difficult. With a number of elements to take into careful consideration including how you will package your parcel, it’s easy to select the first parcel delivery option that appears on your screen. It might be at the top, but is it really the best? With our top tips, you can rest assured that you will find the type of delivery to suit you with ease. Here’s what you need to know.

Time Frame

When looking to send a parcel, it’s important to consider how urgently you need it to arrive at the desired destination. Today, there are a number of delivery options available including the likes of Standard Delivery and Next Day Delivery. If you are looking for your parcel to arrive in a hurry, we suggest opting for Same Day Delivery or Next Day Delivery. Even though it might cost you a bit more in order to ensure your parcel arrives on time, it’s the perfect option for those who are a little rushed for time and are unable to deliver the parcel themselves.


When choosing the delivery type to suit you, it’s important to consider location. It sounds simple, but the further away you plan to send your parcel, the longer it will take to arrive. In turn, this will have a profound effect on the timeframe of your delivery. What’s more, before sending your parcel, it’s important to consider what you are able to send to that destination. While some countries permit certain items and objects, others don’t. This may result in your parcel being destroyed and so it’s best to conduct a little research prior to placing your order.

Courier Deals

Sometimes specific couriers have deals that lure in new customers and can also work to retain returning ones. For this reason, it could be something to aid your search for the right delivery service depending on your initial experience with the courier. This is also beneficial as it allows you to see the deals that they have as well as their standard prices in order to help you decide. In addition to these deals, some couriers also offer further discounts if you are sending multiple parcels at once as this is a benefit not only to you but to them and their drivers.

Size Of Parcel

The size of the parcel you are looking to send may also have a profound effect on the courier service that you choose to use, as the price for delivery can vary from company to company. Depending on the size of the parcel, your chosen courier service may also offer you the opportunity for additional features such as insurance, as this will cover the cost of your item should it become damaged.

With all this in mind it, is important to ensure that you do your research before committing to one parcel delivery service as you could end up spending more than you originally expected to send your parcel from A to B. Use our quick and easy comparison tool to receive the best quote from some of the UK’s most reputable couriers (you can thank us later!)